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Hawkeye Family

Hawkeye is one of the most premiere heroes in the marvel universe, but sadly his supporting cast isn't quite as well known as others. So in Bat-Family fashion, I've decided to make a list of who is in the hawkeye family.

List items

  • Clint Barton, The World's Greatest Marksman, and the man that is list centers around. He has held the Mantles of Hawkeye, Goliath, Ronin, and Captain America at different times.

  • Kate Bishop, The second Hawkeye, Clint's former successor and current protege/partner. Based on her appearances in his current solo series and her leadership of the Young Avengers, those titles are well deserved.

  • Bobbi Morse, Clint's ex-wife and former partner and teammate. She's a former SHIELD agent and a superb hand-to-hand combatant. The two work well off of each other and hopefully Marvel will get these two back together someday, though that may be a pipe dream now.

  • Barney Barton, Clint's older brother and current deadly enemy. After being thought dead, he was found in stasis by Helmut Zemo and sent against him brother as revenge. The two have been rivals ever since. He was the second Dark Hawkeye during the Dark Avengers second run.

  • Lucky, Clint's dog who used to belong to some small time enforcers until Clint treated him with some decency and he turned on his former owners. After that he was kicked into the street and hit by an oncoming vehicle, but was saved when Clint rushed him to the vet and has been with Clint ever since.

  • Natasha Romanova, Clint's on-again-off-again love interest who is one of the greatest fighters and spies in the Marvel Universe. She was a former villainess, who started Clint out this way as well, but Clint helped in bringing her to the good side where's she's been since.

  • Jessica Drew, One of Clint's, and probably current, love interests. Though they didn't start off on the best of terms due to Clint not trustung her after the events of the Secret Invasion. She has superhuman strength and agility, the ability to produce bio-shocks, wall-crawling, and pheromone manipulation. She is also a highly trained secret agent having worked for both HYDRA and SWORD.

  • Buck Chisholm, The man who taught Clint archery during his time at the circus. He would later become a freelance assassin who gave Clint trouble from time to time as well as also training Barney in archery, though that time he was forced to do it.

  • Francis Barton, the third known Hawkeye the possible future son of Clint and Bobbi who grew up in a word destroyed and controlled by Ultron after Ultron killed all of the Avengers except Iron Man, Vision, Hulk, and Clint. Clint raised him and taught him archery, making Francis the only Avengers child to not be raised in safety by Tony Stark, but was eventually killed by Ultron as well. After meeting the others Children and the Hulk, they worked together to take down Ultron and start rebuilding the future. A regular chip off the old block.

  • Jacques DuQuesne, Clint's former mentor, enemy, and teammate. After Clint discovered him trying to steal money from the circus the two worked at, Jacques attempted to take Clint out. However after some time as a villain, the Swordsman repented and joined the Avengers alongside Clint.

  • Brandon Cross, The protege of Clint and Swordsman from the MC2 universe after the tragic event that wiped out most of the Avengers. He later became as member of A-Next alongside American Dream, Bluestreak, and Crimson Curse.

  • Clint Barton Jr., the possible future son of Clint and She-Hulk on Earth-9811. He was born after the two and others were trapped on Battleworld after the death of the Beyonder. He has his mother's strength and his fathers proficiency with a bow.

  • Jennifer Walters, The mother of Clint's child on Earth-9811.

  • Ashley Barton, The daughter of Clint and Tonya Barton-Parker from the Old Man Logan timeline. After being saved by Logan and her father, she killed the Kingpin and became the new Kingpin of Crime.

  • Tonya Barton-Parker, the youngest daughter of Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Clint's third wife from the Old Man logan timeline.

  • Yondu Udonta, The resident bowman of the future/original incarnation of the Guardians of the Galaxy. He was a game hunter of the primitive Zatoan tribe who were native to Centauri IV, the first planet system to be colonized outside of the Sun's solar system. He has limited empathy with other lifeforms, the ability to heal himself through meditation and special yaka arrows that respond to different frequencies that he whistles after firing. I can see him being a part of the Hawkeye family, even if their only connection in the bow. Sometimes that's all you need to make a great team.

  • Tony Stark, Clint was originally a member of Iron Man's rogues gallery alongside the Black Widow, but after he reformed the two have been partners on several different incarnations of the Avengers.

  • Steve Rogers, One of Clint's most trusted allies and the leader of the first incarnation of Avengers to feature Hawkeye. Clint was also briefly Steve's successor after his death, but gave up the shield feeling it was too soon to replace him. James Barnes then took over Cap's Mantle with Tony and Clint's blessings.

  • Hank Pym, He has been Clint's teammate on several different versions of the Avengers, including being the scientific advisor on Clint's own team, the Avengers West Coast. He also handed over his Mantle as Goliath and Pym Particles over to Clint for a time.

  • Maya Lopez, The original Ronin who handed over her Mantle as Ronin to Clint at the start of the Secret Invasion.

  • Unknown, Bullseye is a villain with superhuman aim. During Dark Reign he took Hawkeye's role on the Dark Avengers until the team was arrested in disbanded following Seige.

  • Clint's Bow, what would and archer be without one? It's changed over the years but it's user hasn't.

  • Natasha's wrist-mounted weapons famous for delivering her signature Widow's Bite.

  • The famous circular shield of Captain America. Clint is one of the few people who can successfully use it without the need of enhancement. He briefly used it during his stint as Captain America.

  • Clint's home from his teenaged years to adulthood before becoming Hawkeye. Clint and Barney ran away and ended up at Carson's Carnival where they met Swordsman and Trickshot, who ended up training Clint.

  • Clint is on of the longest running members of this premiere Marvel super team.

  • The team that Clint founded and lead that eventually became Force Works.

  • Clint is the current leader of the Secret Avengers.

  • Clint was the leader of the first generation of Thunderbolts for a while after the broke off from Helmut Zemo.

  • Clint's Ultimate Universe counter part is a long running of this team.