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My Idea of a DC relaunch title

My idea for a new book is JSL, or Justice Society Legacy, which focuses around the children and grandchildren of the original members of the Justice Society. Now I know that according to the relaunch, the Justice Society never existed, but what if it actually did, just no one on Earth remembered it? That’s the beginning of the premise of my book. Someone finds out that a team of heroes existed before Superman’s debut, most likely during the Vietnam War era to fit more into the new timeline, and they set plans in motion to track them down and abduct them for unknown reasons. The first person this happens to is Langford “Happy” Terrill, the original Ray (Since my idea involves all of the golden age heroes being on one team and not several, which they kind of already were), but before he’s taken away, he’s able to get a message out to his son, Ray, about what happened, that he needs to find Uncle Sam, and that he’ll need help. Happy had previously told Ray able the Society, so he uses his computer skills to track down and invite several of the descendants of the JSA, who he somehow finds out have powers or skills that could be useful, to the old Brownstone in Civic City, which was abandoned years ago, but never renovated or torn down. However inside the Brownstone are the remnants of the old JSA, like the meeting table, their costumes, etc., but certain parts of the costumes seem to be missing. Once they agree to work together, there first mission is to find and free Uncle Sam from some secret based. Once they do that, he reveals to them that he is the cause of the world forgetting the original JSA, on their request to that they could have families without any of their old enemies coming after their loved ones, meaning that the members of JSA are the only one who know that they were a team together, but it also means that any of the members with powers either lost them, or lost the source to them (the GL’s ring)(but members who had skills and not powers, like wildcat, clearly still have those). Doing this caused Uncle Sam to forfeit a lot of his power, so he can’t undo it to give them their powers back to protect themselves from the people hunting them down, but he does reveal that when he made the world forget, he maintained it by transferring parts of his power into item the society owned (like GL’s ring, Flash’s Helmet, Atom’s mask, etc.), meaning that if they find those items, they can give the power back to that society member who owned the item, and if they find all of them, they can transfer Uncle Sam’s power back to him and he can undo what he did. From that point the books focuses around searching for those items while trying to keep the old society members safe, and the interacting between the children of the first society. A lot of this means changing the characters backstories, and the nature of Uncle Sam’s powers in the DC universe, but I feel it could work, if not for an ongoing, than for a limited series.

The Main Team consists of:

The Ray II – Ray Terrill, Son of The Ray I – Who’s superhero career in Philadelphia in his late teens is still canon, so he is the most experienced hero, and de facto leader, as well as fillinf and Oracle type role using his own impressive computer Skills

Jade - Jennifer-Lynn Hayden, Daughter of Green Lantern I and Harlequin I, Twin Sister of Obsidian

Obsidian – Todd James Rice, Son of Green Lantern I and Harlequin I, Twin Brother of Jade – sort of hold the rival/wolverine role for ray due to the light and dark thing.

Jesse Quick – Jesse Chambers, Daughter of Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle

Tomcat – Tommy Bronson, Son of Wildcat

Cyclone – Maxine Hunkel, Granddaughter of Red Tornado I

Fate – Kent V. Nelson, Grandson of Dr. Fate – He doesn’t have the Helmet of Nabuu throughout the series, but still has his own magical skills, which are impressive but not as powerful.

Tigress II – Artemis Crock, Daughter of Tigress I/Huntress I – Huntress was originally a golden age hero before her turn to villainy, and if there’s anything comic companies love more than promoting obscure characters in their TV adaptations, It’s promoting obscure characters used in TV adaptation in their main titles.

Possible Later Members include:

Damage – Grant Emerson, Son of the Atom I – Joins later due to him no one having the knowledge of his connection to the Society until later on.

Troia – Donna Troy, Sister of Wonder Woman and Daughter of Hippolyta – Joins later due to a quasi-plot point of no one fully remember that there was a Wonder Woman of the original team, Hippolyta, similar to the old universe (I haven’t fully thought it out yet I just want Donna in it)

Silver Scarab – Hector Hall, Son of Hawkman and Hawkgirl (and Hawk and Dove) – Joins later because everyone believed that the Hawkman from the Society had died years before with his family, but they didn’t know about their reincarnation cycle. He won’t be Dr. Fate due to Kent already filling the role on the team.

Recurring Characters include:

Uncle Sam – Serves as a mentor to the team.

Black Canary – Dinah Lance – Most readers already know she has her own connection to the Society, and I hope at one point she could have the same role in this as she currently holds in Young Justice.

Mr. Terrific – Michael Holt – He was deemed important enough by the powers that be to get his own book, so why not include him in a new Society title, just not as a full member due to the lineage theme I have working.

The Ray I – Langford “Happy” Terrill – The catalyst of the events of the books, who would appear in both Ray’s flashbacks, and some scenes of his captivity.

And of course the original Society Members like Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, Ted Grant, etc.

So that’s my idea anyway, tell me any thoughts you have on it or questions you have about anything I presented here. Enjoy!


What if there was an Amalgam Comics animated tv show/movie?

About a week ago (it took me a while to get through the entire list I'm posting) I was pondering about the idea of seeing Amalgam comics in animation.  From this idea, I came up with the idea of which voice actors would voice each of these given characters.  Now I gave myself a limit on who I could choose for the actor, in the fact that they had to have voiced one of the two characters that made he amalgam character (though you will see that a pattern in who I chose if you're observant) or someone similar if neither had voices or was another gender.  Now on some characters I gave two option when I couldn't completely decide who to choose (or If I didn't want two characters to sound similar, not that it really mattered).  The list consist of who ever spoke, and not just appeared (and I did check this by looking at the four amalgam trades I have):

Amazon – Susan Dalian

Poseidon – Alfred Molina

Diana Prince – Susan Eisenberg

Hippolyta – Susan Sullivan

Catsai – Adrienne Barbeau

Dare – Gabrielle Carteris

Lethal – Eric Vesbit

Jimmy Ulrich – Jack DeSena

Big Question – Roscoe Lee Browne

Wired – Lawrence Bayne

Abominite – Robin Atkin Downes

Dr. Strangefate – Jim Ward

Myx – Paul Nakauchi

Bruce Banner – Gabriel Mann

Skulk – Mark Hamill or Fred Tatasciore

Jade Nova – Tara Rosling

White Witch – Jennifer Hale

Super-Soldier – Tim Daly

Captain Marvel – Jerry O’Connell

Angel Hawk – Liam O’Brien

Goliath – Kin Shriner

Canary – Morena Baccarin

Clint Archer – Chris Cox

Dark Claw – Steve Blum

Nightcreeper – Liam O’Brien

Firebird – Jennifer Hale

Apollo – Nolan North

Runaway – Kieren van den Blink

Mariner – Scott Rummell or Michael Adamthwaite

Wraith – Phil LaMarr or Tony Daniels

Mercury – Jason Spisak

Mr. X – Carl Lumbly

Will Magnus – Alastair Duncan

Jocasta – Hynden Walch

Hyena – Mark Hamill

Sparrow – Alyson Court or Danica McKellar

Huntress – Amy Acker

Jimmy Olsen – David Kaufman

Green Skull – Clancy Brown

Sharon Carter – Rachel Davies

Madame Cat – Vanessa Marshall

Baron Zero – Jim Ward

Deathlok – Jensen Ackles

Nuke – Henry Silva or Danny Trejo

Nick Fury – Scott MacDonald or David Kaye

Bruce Wayne – Kevin Conroy

Tony Stark – Ed Loomis

Black Bat – Tara Strong

Moonwing – Loren Lester

Trevor Castle – Nathan Fillion

Monarch – Bumper Robinson

Big Titania – Farrah Forke

Mad Harriet – Andrea Martin

Granny Harkness – Ed Asner

Kanto – Michael York

Thanoseid – Michael Ironside

Highfather Odin – Mitchell Ryan

Kokoro – Grey DeLisle

Iron – Brian Bloom or Michael Dorn

Nickel – Mark Hildreth

Cobalt – Campbell Lane

Antimony – Kate Higgins

Bismuth – A.J. Buckley

Sinistron – Clancy Brown/Tom Kane

Magneto – Tom Kane

Madman Jordan – Adam Baldwin

Uatu the Guardian – Laurence Fishburne or Phil LaMarr

Speed Demon – Michael T. Weiss or Billy Zane

Puck – Dick Miller

Ms. Miracle – Kim Mai Guest

Blob – Stephen Stanton

Wally West – Michael Rosenbaum

Blaze Allen – George Eads

Two-Faced Goblin – Steve Blum

Silicon Man – Tom Kenny

Night Spectre – Mark Hamill

Harvey Osbourn – Richard Moll

Merlin – W. Morgan Sheppard

Kid Demon – Dave Fouquette or Nolan North

Spider-Boy – Josh Keaton

Bizarnage – Josh Keaton or Nolan North

Guardian Angel – Crispin Freeman

Rocky Grimm – Fred Tatasciore

Red Storm – Quinton Flynn

Doc Richards – David Naughton (subject to change)

Ace Storm – Danica McKellar (subject to change)

Doc Connors – Dee Bradely Baker

Ray Palmer – John C. McGinley

Hank Pym – Wally Wingert

Doc Octavius – Efrem Zimbalist Jr

Thunderbolt Ross – Keith Ferguson

Betty Brant – Grey DeLisle

J Jonah Jameson – J.K. Simmons or Darren Norris

Jack Ryder – Jeff Bennett

King Lizard – Dee Bradley Baker

Brooklyn Barnes – Joseph Bologna

Flash Thompson – Joshua LeBar

Insect Queen – Vanessa Marshall

Elasti-Girl – Colleen O’Shaughnessey

Beastling – Fred Tatasciore or Greg Cipes

Shatterstarfire – Adrienne Mischeler

Ferro Man – Phil Morris

Dial H.U.S.K. – Meghan Black

Niles Cable – Robin Atkin Downes

Dr. Doomsday – Paul Dobson

Polaris – Liza del Mundo

Mary Marvel Girl – Tara Strong

Detective Clark Bullock – Robert Costanzo

Detective Montoya – Ingrid Oliu

Bat-Thing – Marc Singer

Lady Talia – Helen Slater or Olivia Hussey

Ra’s-A-Pocalypse – David Warner

THX-1138 – Dale Wilson

Bat Trask – Ben Browder or John Novak

Jono Hex – Adam Baldwin

Madame Banshee – Jane Carr

White Whip – Kari Wahlgren

Aurora Trigger – Jennifer Dale

Northstar Trigger – Rene Lemieux

Savage Shaw – Graham McTavish or Phil Morris

Mistress Maxima – Sharon Lawrence

Lord Maxwell Hodge – Tim Matheson or Stephen Ouimette

Fin Fang Flame – James Sie

Iceberg – Jennifer Hale

Chaos – Matt Hill

Lobo the Duck – Brad Garret

Ambush the Lunatik – Tracy W. Bush

American Belle – Kathy Garver

The Whiz – Andy Milder

Human Lantern – William Katt

Lois Luthor – Dana Delany

Young Brooklyn Barnes – Scott Menville

Major Zemo – Robin Atkin Downes

June Masters – Pauline Arthur Lomas

Silver Racer – Paul Essiembre

Galactiac – Corey Burton/Gregg Berger

Brother Brood – John DiMaggio

Jericho – Dee Bradley Baker

Raveniya – Tara Strong

Artemisty Knight – Tamera Mowry

Terra-X – Ashley Johnson

Niles Dayspring – Yuri Lowenthal

Oa the Living Planet – Roy Lewis or Larry Drake

Iron Lantern – Christopher Meloni

Stewart Rhodes – Phil LaMarr

Pepper Ferris – Dawn Olivieri

Happy Kalmaku – Alistair Abell

Kyle O’Brien – Will Friedle or Michael P. Greco

Madame Sapphire – Olivia d’Abo

Gardner – James Arnold Taylor

Gyrich – Don Brown

Mandarinestro – Ted Levine or Xander Berkeley

Mister Mastermind – Greg Ellis

Soniklaw – Mark Hamill or Stephen Stanton

Kultron – Arnold Vosloo

Vance Cosmic – Chad Lowe

Deathborg – Khary Payton

Black Vulture – Jason C. Miller

Quasimodox – Wally Wingert

Scavulture – Robert Englund

Vance Cosmic – Wil Wheaton

Living Lightning Lad/’Lectron – Andy Milder

Psi-Girl – Kari Wahlgren or Melissa Joan Heart

Martinex 5 – Matt Czuchry

Universe Boy – James Arnold Taylor

Frightful Five – Joanne Whalley, Kin Shriner, Thomas Clifford Arana

Lady Bug – Kari Wahlgren

Phantom Cat – Danielle Judovits

Molecule Lad/Nucleus – Fed Stoller

Chameleon – Jason Priestley or Alexander Polinsky

Multiple Maid/Myriad – Kari Wahlgren

Kang – Jonathan Adams

Spider-Boy 2099 – Christopher Daniel Barnes

Thorion – Rick D. Wasserman

L’ok D'saad – Graham McTavish

Bald’r – Nolan North


 Posssible Other Voices:

Cannonfire – Travis Willingham

Bouncing Ball – Michael Cornacchia

Growing Boy/Living Colossus – Adam Wylie

Fantastic Lad – Hiro Kanagawa

Invisible Girl – Lara Gilchrist

Dream Date – Tara Platt

Timberwolf by Night – Shawn Harrison

Paste-Eater Pete – Alexander Polinsky

Star Charlie/Mass – Bumper Robinson

Phoenetix – Venus Terzo

Living Lighting Lass/Sparkler – Kari Wahlgren


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