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My Review of Superman:Man of Steel 2013 film. 0

When I was young I read the Action Comics of Superman and also it back up story of Congo Bill\Congorillia in Congo Africa. I stopped reading Action Comics in the year 2000.13 years ago. I came back to reading Action Comics in 2011 the DC New 52 series. The movie was awsome to watch and one of the best that I have seen in DC Movies in all the years. I know that there where some bad DC Comics movies and good ones like the reboot of the Batman Series 2005-2012. That was awsome. Man of Steel reboot ...

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TeenTitans: Battle of Superboy and SuperboyPrime 0

I just picked up this issue today and I wood like to say about this issue was it was awsome to read and see a big battle happen before the 52 relanch is comming.   The Teen Titans are in a aftermath flashback fighting off a High School student who has power and he was Superboy Prime?? I was in shock to missed that part of the story and interesting to read where Conner Kent and the Teen Titans figthing off Prime and there where the clones of Conner Kent from the 1993 Death of Superman storyline a...

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Batman:Part:3 Pieces 0

I like this Batman series when it started a long time ago and since Richard Grayson is leaving as Batman and back to Nightwing. Richard Grayson has been Batman from 2009-2011 in Batman, Batman and Robin and JLA. I have been reading Bruce Wayne Batman up from 1997 to 2011 and all the events from Batman and Son up to RIP and Final Crisi and even today.   I will be glad to see Bruce Wayne as Batman and helping his son as Robin in September. I was a bit upset theat Batman was going back to number on...

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Batman: Comics Review Part 1 0

I enjoy reading all the Batman series. Up to the events in Batman RIP to now and Batman and Robin series. I know that Richard Grayson was Batman for a short time in the DC Comics from JLA to the ending of the Batman # 714 before the DC Recap. I was very happy to hear that Bruce Wayne is coming back as Batman again since his death in time from RIP to Finsal Crisis in 2008. I hope DC Recap will be good. I will take my sometime  to adjust everthing back to a new begining in DC but this Batman comic...

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Action Comics Doomsday's War 1

I enjoyed this issue and bring back all the main charters from the 1992 and 1993 Death of Superman rerun of the series and diffrents Doomsday's to fight off but that Cyborg Superman is a bit of a pain in the butt. I enjoyed reading Action Comics and wow even today it is still going on 900 was awsome to read. The last time I read Action Comics was in 1993 time flys so fast these days. I was glad to see Superman and his cousin Supergirl and his clone cousin Superboy and Steel also Eratcater on the...

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The Good Book 0

I enjoy reading House of Mystery Vertigo series but it is also hard for me to find the DC Comics old series but this is a fun book to read and enjoy but there are  some things that I like about storyline. I like the part when they blew up the old House of Mystery  and the storys about people lives from the past and etc. When I read #35 to the ending it was good and a bit gross when they talked all the events that happened like the plane in the Huson River and all the outher events that happened ...

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