Do you think Booster Gold should have his own TV series?

I know we have seen the longest tv show called Smallville from 2001-2011. After Smallville ended we have this new tv show called Arrow about a young Oliver Queen who becomees Green Arrow who is hunted from 5 years being on the Island from shipwreck. I have seen some tv shows in DC Comics like SwampThing 1990-1993 and the movies. I seen the series Human Target it did not last. I know some of the DC movies where not good like Batman & Robin, Jonah Hex, etc. I know there doing there best. I know DC good at animated movies. I would think Booster Gold should get his own tv series. We had Smallville = Superman and we have Arrow tv series = Green Arrow, Swamp Thing 90's tv series = Swamp Thing.

If you have not read the Booster Gold series or the JLI series. You should read it. The Greatest Hero You Never Heard of Booster Gold a time travel hero.

Do you think Booster Gold should have his tv series?

It is up to you.

I think it would be awsome to see if they do a Booster Gold series.