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Trinty War Heroclixs Series

Did any one get the new Heroclixs series called Trinty War?

I got half of the series so far and pulled some good hero's and villains in the booster packs and also the 7 deadly sins stones and 7 deadly sins as Heroclixs. I have the Earth-3 Ultraman, Superwoman, Owl Man, Atomica, Power Ring, etc.

The other harder ones to find are Black Adam and Mazahs = Alexander Luther Sr, White Rabbit.

I do play Heroclixs once in a while at a event game stores but its hard to get people to play the game because they want to play MTG more then Heroclixs. Hero clixs can be very pricey to buy so that's why people don't want to buy the series and update the series etc. I stopped playing MTG in 2002 to many cards to collect in the series. I prefer Heroclixs its fun to play and learn about the new powers and meet experience players that have played the game in the past 13 years.


Has anyone got the new Flash series in Heroclixs for the Christmas Holidays? and New TV Shows.

Just in Time for the Christmas Holidays.

The biggest series in Heroclixs has happened called the Flash Series. I have all the Flash family from Barry Allen the Flash and his kids the Tornado Twins and his grandson Bart Allan and the new updated version of Ralph Dibny. Its a fast game if you want to uses the whole Flash Family in battle. What ever your doing around the Christmas Holidays buying your comic books at the comic book store . Ask for Heroclixs or go to a Heroclixs event it is a very popular game. They where released because of The Flash TV Series.

If anyone is watching The Flash TV Series good job. I am enjoying it and pretty awesome to see Flash and Green Arrow team up in the crossover series to stop Captain Boomerang. I would like to see Bart Allen on the TV Show meeting his young Grandfather like they did in Young Justice TV series. That would be awesome and funny to see Barry Allen say What? Bart Allen would say to slow Grandpa you can't beat me in the race around the World. If they did that episode I would be laughing so hard. That might happen in season 2

Is anyone watching Gotham. That is a awesome show to watch about the life James Gordon and Young Bruce Wayne and the Origins of Gotham City how it all happened. In season 2 I hope they put the Crimson Avenger as a superhero to protect Gotham City.

Is anyone watching this new TV show called Forever. I find it interesting to watch and also very sad that DR. Henry Morgan 200 years old cant die and everyone around him moves on. WWII he a medic and has a adopted son and his wife's passed on so on so forth about his life. Dr. Henry Morgan gets shot, hit by a car, stabbed etc. He come back from the water and he has to find pants and a t-shirt. I enjoy the show and how he solves the mystery of the crime scenes and finds the murder and old school technology from the 1880's and 1900's.


Anyone played Heroclixs before? Are you good at the game?

As for me as a comic book collector. I only collect DC Comics only and I also collect DC stuff in Heroclixs. I have been playing Heroclixs for 12 years all the way up to the updated stuff and cards and powers. I enjoy the game it is a fun game. This year I cant wait for the Green Lantern series called War of the Light. I also have the Heroclixs from the movie Green Lantern. It took me a long time to get a Green Lantern Army. The cool thing was the 1966 Batman Heroclixs from the TV Show. My favorite one is Damian as Batman. When he gets to black on his dial he can get healed back to full health while in Battle. I am kinda good at the game but they keeping changing the rules over the years and etc. Its a fun game and if you have not tried the game buy it at you comic book store or board games near you. Find people that play the game and join a group and you can win prizes at tournaments or just play for fun.

My favorite packs series are

Justice League

Teen Titans


10 years pack 2012

Superman and Legion


New 52 Justice League

Green Lantern-Movie pack

Superman-Man of Steel Movie pack

Batman-1966 TV Show pack.

What is your favorite Heroclixs series? DC, Marvel, Deadpool, etc.


Dose anyone like Adam Strange as a Canadian Superhero in the JLC? Or should he be American Superhero?

I just read the first two of the Justice League United. I find it a good series with Animal Man and Adam Strange, Green Arrow,Stargirl, John Jones, and the rest of the crew. As for me having two Canadian superheros that is cool and Having are JLU in Canada. Booster Gold and Adam Strange are from Toronto. I find it interesting in the New 52 Series that we have two heros from Canada.

What do you think? Do you want more DC Canadian heros or just American Heros it is up to you.


DC is kicking there foot in the door. There will be two new TV series will be realease next year.

Have some of you have head the news on Fox or on the web?

The good news is the DC Comics will be doing well next year because they will have two news shows to come in 2014-2015. So here are the news shows that are coming next year.

Gotham- Its about Commissioner Gordon younger life working his way up to Gotham Detective. The show Gotham is about James Gordon younger life and work his way up to Gotham City Police Department. In this series there will be no Batman or Bruce Wayne because he is traveling the World. It will have some Gotham villain's in the series.

The Flash- There have been newsflash about the Flash having his own TV show next year and also that Flash Barry Allen will be in the Arrow TV series to help Green Arrow. It would be cool to see Barry Allen the Flash on his own TV Series.

DC Comics now will have 3 shows on the air



The Flash-2014.

They might be filmed in Vancouver, Canada.

If DC Comics are doing a good job here are some of the one I want to see on TV that are based on DC Comics.

Challengers of the Unknown.

Ambush Bug.


Booster Gold.

The Sea Devils- That would be a good series. Scuba Divers exploring mysteries and cities underwater.


Justice League of Canada? or America

I have only read some of the Justice League of America series in the Trinty War series but I was very happy to heare that it is changing to Justice League of Canada? I am a Canadian and I think it wood be nice to see this change in DC Comics. We do not have any canadien hero in the DC but now we do two of them you all know.

1 Booster Gold the time traver is from Toronto.

2 Adam Strange from the Planet of Rann will be from Canadain the DC New 52 series. It wood be cool that he was from Vancouver. Adam Strrange will be part of the Justice League of Canada.

How do you all feel that you have two DC heros from Canada now?

I think it is a good idea and its cool to see happing for a change beside there orgins story will change and I get use to it.


Why Is DC Comics and Vertigo Comics not making more movies for?

I have seen some very good DC Comics movies and Vertigo movies in the past years of 2000's to 2009 and 2010 and 2012 and 2013.

I thought DC Comics and Vertigo comics was doing well in those years and they there picking up all the pieces to the puzzle. I know that there are some good and bad DC Comics films and Vertigo films. So here they are the bad ones and the good ones.

The Bad Ones

Batman Forever

Batman and Robin. I saw that movie when I was 10 years old at the movie theater and yeas later in 2007. I found out that was a horrible movie ever made. I wish I went back in time and got me $8.00 back.

Johah Hex. I saw this movie on TV I head reviews of the movie where bad and that it was a terrible ever made. The comics are better then the movie.

The Good Ones

Batman Begins

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight Rises

V for Vendetta

The Losers


Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing II



Red 2

Tank Girl

I would like to see DC and Vertigo do more better movies likes for DC I would like to see this movies to be made if they work out or not as a movie or TV series.

DC Comics film want to see being made:


Challengers of the Unknown.

Swamp Thing Remake

Justice League

The Flash

Unknown Solider.

Vertigo Films want to see being made:

100 Bullets

Punk Rock Jesus

House of Mystery

The Wake

There is one more thing I also like to see Vertigo do is a Fables TV series that would be cool and awesome to se based in the longest comic books series that is still going.


What DC Animated Movies do you want made to see?

In 2007 when it all started the DC Animated Movies. They where awesome to watch. I have seen stuff from Batman Gotham Knight tied in to Batman Begins and the Dark Knight in the films. Justice League: The New Frontier 1959-1960's the history of the JLA and events. That was a good series to read and the movie was awesome. Superman and Batman Public Enemies and Apocalypse was awesome. Justice League; Crisis on Two Earths and Justice League Doom where good to watch.

There are some things that I wanted to see in years to come in the DC Animated Movies so here they are like

1 Swamp Thing

2 Infinite Crisis 2005-2006 series. That would be a big project to do. It would be awesome if they did that in animated.

3 52 the missing year.

4 Countdown

5 Batman RIP

6 Final Crisis

7 The Return of Bruce Wayne Batman.

8 Doom Patrol

9 Challengers of the Unknown

10 Ambush Bug

11 Animal Man.

12 Teen Titans.

They would be a good animated movies to see.

What DC Animated Movies do you want to see ?


DC and Vertigo Movies we want to see in movie theaters.

There have been some good DC and Vertigo movies. I know that Batman and Robin was the worst movie ever made in 1997 and it took 8 years to bring back

the Batman series from 2005-2012. I know that Jonah Hex was not a good movie and V for Vendetta and Watchman where good movies and also The Losers.

Swamp Thing was good movie to watch and the TV series from 1990-1993.

I know the DC Comics are good at Animated movies and storylines. Now with better high tech stuff that they have for movies and backgrounds and etc.

I would like to see more DC Comics and Vertigo movies in years to come. Here id my list of movies that I want to see in years to come.

1 Justice League

2 Teen Titans

3 Sandman

4 Swamp Thing Remake

5 Animal Man

6 Captain Atom

7 Doom Patrol

8 Metal Men

9 The Flash

10 Aquaman

Those are the ones I want to see being made. I have a lot but I will leave it at that for now.


Should DC Comics get more TV series in years to come.

I have seen so many DC Comics tv series like Justice League and Justice League Unlimted, Teen Titans, The Batman,Smallville, Human Target and now Arrow. I have read some of the old school DC comics like Challengers of the Unknown and House OF Mystery stuff in the old DC 60's and 70's an 80's. I know today that do not make those series anyone and readers like to read the darker stuff like DC 52. I enjoy the new 52 since they canceled some of the good series. I am enjoying the Animal Man and Swamp Thing series and Batman series and JL and JLD with the House of Mystery as there base. I was thinking they should put more tv series shows. I have a few ideas so here they are.

1 Challengers of the Unknown- I would think that would be a good tv series to explore and travel place in the world and find artfacts that are good or evil That travel as a team and fight off evil where ever it is.

2 Ambush Bug- I know people never heard of him and that DC use him and he a pest in the DC Comics. He was a movie actor who put on a green suit and it had powers and it was stuck on him forever. His coustume can telaport him anywhere he goes. I am just saying. I think they should have his tv series. If anyone douse not know who Ambush Bug is ? read the comic book series. Ambush Bug, Doom Patrol, Ambush Bug Year None.

3 Booster Gold- I know everyone has heard that Booster Gold is getting is own TV Series but they are still working on it. If anyone douse not know who Booster Gold is read the comic book series anyone would work Booster Gold 2007-2011 series or JLI in the new 52 series. Booster Gold would be good to seen on TV since Smaillville and Batman: Brave and the Bold and Justice League Unlimted. Who knows it might be Booster Gold from U.S.A or he could be Booster Gold from Toronto Canada in the DC 52.

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