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Holy Batman, Batman! 0

So apparently I'm pretty dense because it took me up until now to realize the naming conventions at work in these issues.Issue#1 Tainted Love, a song by Soft Cell.Issue#2 Girls Just Want to Have Fun, a song by Cindy LauperIssue #3 Numb, a song (I'm guessing, but probably right) by PortisheadIssue#4 In Between Days, a song by The CureIssue#5 Gouge Away, a song by The Pixies.It wasn't until #5 that it really clicked in my brain and I thought, wait a minute, why would they name this issue after a P...

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Good Filler 0

In this issue, some additional characterization is added to Andrew and we get a little bit of background on Tig, the vampire hunter who joined up with the team last issue. Also, John Constantine.The Good1) The art continues to be absolutely amazing in this series.2) Andrew is getting to be a really cool character. His interaction with another vampire in this issue is both interesting and saddening.3) I'm not a huge Constantine fan, but I read silk cuts' review up there and can understand why som...

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2+2=4 0

Under the leadership of Boomerang, the squad is on a mission to recover the scientist responsible for the nanite virus from issue #2.The GoodHonestly there wasn't much great about this issue. Some of the art is decent, though there are far too many flat color backgrounds for my taste, and there's the occasional decent one-liner.The BadThis issue feels a lot like #2. In fact, save for a few minor details, the twist is strikingly similar. In the end it just winds up being a complete waste of a goo...

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Who will defend me against this writing!? 0

The Defenders #1 is your basic team book start-up. A threat is brought to the attention of one of the team members (in this case, Dr. Strange) and it is up to him to collect a rag-tag bunch of misfits to put a stop to it. Sort of the Marvel B-team, I wasn't sure what to expect from this book going in and I'm not quite sure I liked what I got.The Good1)The story moves a long at a brisk pace. This isn't like the current JLA series where we're 3 issues in and still we don't have the team all put to...

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Ekaw Pu! 0

Shade the changing man recruits an ally for the team while John and Zatanna mill about and Deadman comforts June Moon.The GoodThank God for Deadman, because if it weren't for him this book would be a complete dud. Deadman gets to know June Moon a little better in this issue and even winds up possessing her in an impressive display of his former training as an acrobat.The art on this book is a little hit and miss, but generally very good, especially the drawings of Enchantress and Deadman. I'm no...

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Comfortably Numb 0

The story backs off the conflict between Andrew and Mary and introduces us to some of Andrew's allies in the war against Mary's vampire army.The GoodWe finally get a little bit of a breather. The last two issues were basically just a sparring match between Andrew and Mary, with each side sort of sharpening their claws and testing the defenses of the others. I felt like the story wasn't really going anywhere, but now that Mary is out of the picture for one issue and we're introduced to some of th...

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Dog Will Hunt 0

Issue #3 features the squad trying to maintain a low profile while protecting the package they recovered in the previous installment. An enjoyable issue, but it doesn't do much to raise the bar back to the quality of issue #1.The Good1) This series could very well be titled Deadshot, since he's really the center of this team. That's not a bad thing if you like Deadshot at all.2) I feel like Harley was fleshed out a little more in this issue. Her interactions with Deadshot highlight the fact that...

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Great Issue 0

90 issues in and this series continues to deliver great characterization of memorable characters within the context of a zombie-survival-horror story.The GoodThere's a lot of good character development in this issue, with Rick and Carl making a lot of progress dealing with the problem of staying tough while still trying to maintain some semblance of humanity. Rick is especially troubled, but the support of his inner circle seems to perk him up by the end of the issue. Great (not so) surprise end...

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Pretty but slow 0

This is an issue that does very little to advance the first issue's plot. In issue 1, we had a brief introduction to the characters of Mary and Andrew, as well as a setup of the major conflict between them. It ended with Andrew encountering Mary his sort of wayward lover and her army of vampire minions. In this issue, there's a confrontation between Andrew and Mary.The Good1) This book is gorgeous. The sepia coloring of everything really fits the art quite well, and both Mary and Andrew are illu...

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Slow to Start 0

This issue doesn't really progress the story that's set up in #1. Enchantress is still nuts, and this is causing weird shit to happen. A variety of mystically themed DC heroes are all being drawn into the mix, and really nothing is actually happening thus far. I'm a little curious to see where this goes, since I get that Peter Milligan is building up to something with June Moon (who is seperated from the enchantress here, not sure if that's always that way or what, not super familiar with the ch...

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For Madmen Only 0

What can be said about Neal Adam's Batman Odyssey. Really, does anybody know what the hell is going on in this book?The GoodEvery issue thus far has started with a rambling shirtless Bruce Wayne. This is by far the best part of this series. He spends a solid page talking about how good his goddamned coffee is in this issue, and the next three pages filling us in on what he believes is going on in the story at this point. This is Bruce Wayne after doing 2 bumps of cocaine and accidentally running...

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Suicide Squad #2 - Bloodbowl! 0

So we're on issue two of suicide squad now, and if you didn't like the first issue, you probably will still not like this one. However, if you did like the first one, this one continues to deliver the same kind of wacky faced paced story telling you got from the first one.The Good1) Like the first issue, it seems as though you have complete resolution packed neatly within one issue. this one has a beginning, middle and end that work well enough on their own as a self contained story, but still m...

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Suicide Squad #1 - A Good Start 0

Most of the discussion surrounding suicide squad seems to have been centered around Harley's redesign, so I'll hit that first and say IT'S NOT THAT BAD. In the context of this book, her current look works totally fine. Now that that's over with, I'll go ahead and say that I have no prior experience with Suicide Squad or Secret Six or any of that stuff, so this is the perspective of somebody with absolutely no expectations.The Good1)This issue does a fine job of introducing who the squad is, what...

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