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Name:Kevin Richards
Weight:258 Pounds(Mass)
Eye Color:glowing Golden
Hair Color:Black

Powers:Energy Manipulation,Super-Strength,Flight,Durability,able to change his body's amount of mass,without changing his size or appearance,has an aurora of emotion that brings out the integrity and boldness of even the most evil,cowardice people around him.
Weakness's:Arrogance(Not as knowledgeable as an average person),Anger Problems,Goes into blood fury's when he sees something terrible happen.
His pod crashed on Earth seven years ago.He is of an Alien Race that died out due to a natural nuclear disaster on the ringed planet.He

Defeating Kigan
Defeating Kigan
awoke,already at an adult age.He adapted around Human Culture,becoming one.He took the name Kevin Richards,as a true name for himself.When the Alien God of the Atom,Kigan,invaded Earth,he used his abilities to aid the heroes in repelling the creature,He now new that he had to help.He crafted a simple costume,and took the name Saturn.He now protects the Earth to the best of his abilities,as a guardian of universal justice. 

 (Following is non-cannon at the moment)


During one of his many trips into space,he witnessed a civilian ship of a peaceful alien race get shot down by space pirates.He went into one of his Blood Fury's and killed the pirates.This action drew the attention of a Red Lantern Ring.The ring flew across space and plunged into his chest.,replacing his heart.He screamed in pain as his blood turned to plasma and his brain filled with rage.He was turned into a blood thirsty hound......following none.