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Hi! I'd actually rather go by Golem. I'm 13, New Yorker, and an avid comic fan. I've poured over every comic site I could find, and my trivia in DC and Marvel is amazing to an alarming degree. My favorite comics are Superman, Cable and Deadpool, The Amazing Spider-Man, and The Brave and the Bold. Favorite miniseries of the year: Mystic Arcana. Ian McNee's back stories are a highlight of artistry.

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Hellfire Club
The Hellfire Club is for you. It can be a dark place but the benefits...and scenery can pay off. Get ready for some good times.
The A-Team
Welcome to the A-Team. A soldier of fortune is the life for you. You'll get to travel to different places, shoot machine guns and help polish Mr. T's chains.
Mystery, Inc.
Time to celebrate. Break out the Scooby Snacks. You now get to be one of the "meddling kids" and help stop all those spooky dudes that like to play dress up. And just maybe they'll let you drive the Mystery Machine too.
Daily Planet
Looks like you'll be interning at the Daily Planet. There'll be opportunities to move up. Watch out for any Superman battles that might come crashing through your cubicle. You might have to get some coffee for your boss at times. Just don't call him "Chief"!

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Hey chere, you da man. Dat 'tis pretty cool, mon ami. You are able to charge things up...even the ladies.
You are Thor, the mighty god. You have a big hammer. Watch out where you swing it.
Hal Jordan
Hal Jordan, Green Lantern. You have a lot of power and determination. Just try not to go crazy again. The Corps are just starting to get back on their feet.
Uhm...you're Spider-Ham. Hope you like the smell of bacon while you're fighting crime.