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Avengers:The ultrimate Guide #1.2 0

Im not really making a review but this is actually kinda good but not that much info but there are over 200 characters and actually one character that isn't on comicvine. I'll put it up later. I even found some names that are not put on some wikis and I'll do the rest later....

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Marvel Zombies Return #2 0

When Giant -man went into a demension at Stark Industries, he infected one human being worker which who went through the building infecting everybody. Rhody was shooting through them in his way and in the bathroom found Stark's iron-man suit. He then went into Tony's office. Pepper was yelling at Tony what he was going to do about it. Pepper then got infected and Rhody was about to shoot the zombie who was biting her but it was powerdowned. Tony then grabbed a bottle with a green liquid thing. T...

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Marvel Zombie Return #1 0

When Spider-man goes to another demension which is when he was in collage. He then find out that the sinister six is going to steal this tablet. The sinister Six were then violantly eaten by Spider-Man *SandMan Ran off* he then killed and ate the kingping. Thats when the Sinister Six turned into zombies and Spider-man regret that. The normal spider-man in the demension went to fight Sand-man but died when sandman thought he was the zombie spider-man and killed him by stuffing him up with sand. T...

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Thor #3-Everything Old is New Again 0

The return of Thor. Thor returns in a town with iron-man for a little talk. Thor was mad that Iron Man created a clone of him and attacked Iron Man. Things got a little rough. Thor delivered a message to the world and have Iron Man walk back to base. Thor then talked to the man the taunted him and found him to be his friend. That man was HEIMDALL.  4/5 good...  Art Preetty good  Comments: Its fine...

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Hulk:Red & Green 0

This comicbook has lots of story in this book, so Im just going to tell you one story.  Dr.Bruce Banner then appeared in Las Vegas. Bruce then was going into a hotel until he saw a bunch of WENDIGOS!!!! Bruce panicked inside and tried to calm down. He just got more nervous and turned into JOE FIXIT. While fighting, Moon night then attacked him andlater camed Ms.Marvel and the sentry. Joe then threw moon night in the air. Sentry went after him while Ms.Marvel Take on Joe Fixit. Ms. Marvel then pu...

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Civil War #1 0

Hey! another review from me. Hey, did you guys notice that before this happend, hulk was sent to another planet? then after the Civil war, there was world war hulk. Then the story goes on with Red Hulk. Short story plot: It all started when    The producer confirms that Cobalt Man, Coldheart, Speedfreek and Nitro all broke out of Ryker’s prison three months ago, and all of them have records that go as long as a person’s arm. He mentions that Coldheart fought Spider-Man a couple of times, and...

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Freindly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 - The other: Evolve Or Die 1 0

It shows a bank with a new burglar named Tracer. who was probably half machine and half human. He then have the bank worker to take out the blue dye in the bag. Then walked out and found spider-man. He then shot at spider man. Which off course, missed. But the bullets came back and Tracer went in front of it. It went around him because it was target locked. Tracer then got away while Spider-Man was swinging away from the bullets. He then remember what Captain America taught  him and was about to...

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Tomb Of Dracula #64-Life After Undeath 0

Little summary of the story              It starts with Dracula with Rachel Van Helsing to Satan. Satan summoned them to hell to talk about Dracula being able to kill Satan.  Satan then talked to Rachel and said she would posses a power that would kill Satan. He decided to eliminate her too. She said she lost her powers but Satan didn't believe her and would take her to hell for all eternity. Dracula then try ran off but then got tazered. Rachel asked why had  Satan killed Dracula but Satan said...

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The Amazing Spider-Man #519- Moving up 0

The book starts with Aunt Mays house burned down. May then went inside the burnt house with peter getting a family album. Tony Stark then invited Peter,MJ, and Aunt May to his building. They then meet the New avengers, Captain america, Luke Cage, Spider woman, and wolverine. Mj and peter went alone quietly into their bedroom. It the shows the Hydra talking about the avengers defeating them everytime they fight the avengers that had Thir and hulk. They then create clones of Captain America, Thor,...

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The Invincible Iron Man #12 0

Review plot/story Namor was told by Norman Osborn to KIll tony stark,He gladly accepts. While tony was in his deep sea laboratory, creating a suit that can go under water, Tony then heard a boom and quickly wore his old suit. Namor then came in with his three soliders with him. Tony quickly shot a laser a flew off. Tony then walked into a room with the three soliders behind him.Tony then shot them from behind and laser then dropped them into a pit he made.Later Tony was then shown fighting Namor...

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