John Egbert Respect Thread

Pre-God Tier feats below

One-Shots an Imp with his Pogo-Hammer

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Easily defeats an army of Enemies

Catches a PDA in Slow Motion

Uses his Wind Powers to blow out a fire that was burning an entire village

Conjures Planetary level Winds

Post-God Tier feats below

Drills a Planet to it's core using his Wind Powers

Levitates a Battleship using his Wind Powers

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One-Shots Several building sized Monsters

Resurrects after Jack Noir kills him

Manages to fight evenly with Jack Noir (Although he didn't have his First Guardians powers here)

Whenever John hits somebody his hammer generates a random result based of the "roll" of it's dice

Phases through Rose's attacks

Almost kills God-Tier Caliborn

Ultimate Weapon Feats Below

In Act 6 John merges with one of Lord English's JuJu's

The Result is John becoming "Unstuck" in Canon/Paradox Space/Multiverse

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John can be seen retconning entire parts of the story and altering both Minor and Major events

John disperses all Oil in his planet into Various locations in Paradox Space

Plays the Breeze which clears up all Glitch Artifacts and teleports his planet outside the Multiverse

Brushes off Caliborn's Creation erasing Glitches

John performs the Same feat again, proving this isn't an outlier or anything

Is one of the only beings in Paradox Space who is a threat to Lord English

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