I think it's not a good idea because higher D beings have beat lower D beings. VSbattles is very bad and has bad mods that ban ...

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Jack Noir Respect Thread

3X Prototyped feats below

Stalemates Dave and Bro

Defeats the Prospitan and Dersite armies with ease

Tears apart Prospit

4X Prototyped feats below

Defeats an Army of Aradia Bots

Lights the Planet on fire

No Caption Provided

Casually destroys Prospit

No Caption Provided

Easily destroys the 12 Planets of the Trolls Session

No Caption Provided

Destroys a Planet and is unaffected by it's destruction

Blitzes and One-Shots John Egbert

Defeats Grimdark Rose

Fights evenley with Max-Luck Vriska

Destroys a Genesis Frog by using the Red Miles


John Egbert Respect Thread

Pre-God Tier feats below

One-Shots an Imp with his Pogo-Hammer

No Caption Provided

Easily defeats an army of Enemies

Catches a PDA in Slow Motion

Uses his Wind Powers to blow out a fire that was burning an entire village

Conjures Planetary level Winds

Post-God Tier feats below

Drills a Planet to it's core using his Wind Powers

Levitates a Battleship using his Wind Powers

No Caption Provided

One-Shots Several building sized Monsters

Resurrects after Jack Noir kills him

Manages to fight evenly with Jack Noir (Although he didn't have his First Guardians powers here)

Whenever John hits somebody his hammer generates a random result based of the "roll" of it's dice

Phases through Rose's attacks

Almost kills God-Tier Caliborn

Ultimate Weapon Feats Below

In Act 6 John merges with one of Lord English's JuJu's

The Result is John becoming "Unstuck" in Canon/Paradox Space/Multiverse

No Caption Provided

John can be seen retconning entire parts of the story and altering both Minor and Major events

John disperses all Oil in his planet into Various locations in Paradox Space

Plays the Breeze which clears up all Glitch Artifacts and teleports his planet outside the Multiverse

Brushes off Caliborn's Creation erasing Glitches

John performs the Same feat again, proving this isn't an outlier or anything

Is one of the only beings in Paradox Space who is a threat to Lord English

No Caption Provided


Dave Strider Respect Thread

Pre-God Tier feats below

Holds his own against his older brother and becomes a blur of motion

Defeats several Large Monsters

Summons enough Alternate Timeline versions of himself to fight evenly with Jack Noir

No Caption Provided

Post-God Tier feats below

Destroys a building sized structure with a casual sword swing

Nearly Rips out Aranea's Soul

Holds his own against Jack Noir and Peregrine Mendicant simultaneously

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Mobster King Respect Thread

In his Base Form shrugs off Knife and chainsaw attacks.

No Caption Provided

Once Ascending into Demonhood rips the Universe in half. He is also unaffected by the destruction of it.

Pulls his Magic Corset and weighs as much as the Earth

No Caption Provided

Pulls the Corset again and his Mass exceeds that of the entire universe

No Caption Provided

This Blackhole causes every future event in the Universe to happen all at once

No Caption Provided

Pulls the Corset one last time and the previous weight is multiplied by a Googlplex

No Caption Provided

This Blackhole destroys the afterlife

No Caption Provided

Kingpin ascends to his 3rd form and he can instantly regenerate from damage, and nothing can hurt him except the burning fires of charisma. He is also completely unaffected by his Final Blackhole sitting on the top of his head

No Caption Provided

The Black Brier of Cruelty is another impenetrable barrier that he has. It can also be used offensively

No Caption Provided

Has an Infinite amount of Instantly regernerting health bars that go all the way down to Hell

All these defenses together let him narrowly survive a full on bloodlusted assault from Sepulchritude weilding the Fires of Charisma who dwarfs DMK in power


Lord English Respect Thread

Breaks into the Realm of Andrew Hussie and Despite Hussie having Prep and his weakness ready he still fails to defeat him

Hussie is the creator of Homestuck. He has shown Author Authority in it as well

Time Travels Prior to his own existence.

Vriska Mentions he is the big bad of the story, the one who was destroying Universes and Slaughtering Dark Gods

No Caption Provided

Universes in Homestuck would be considered Multiverse in Marvel/DC. This is because they refer to Genesis Frogs which contain all Possible Instances of each Universe.

No Caption Provided

Dark Gods are beings that control the "Infinite Space that is Untouched by any Universe in existence"

No Caption Provided

Destroys a Dream Bubble and Cracks Creation

He has Unconditional Immorality and Unlimited Power gained from clearing the Dead Session

No Caption Provided

Countless Incarnations of him have spawned in Countless Universes.

No Caption Provided

Omnipresent. You can't outrun him because he is already here

He possesses Fate Manipulation. "He Prevails through the Simple Inertia of inevitability that has always been on his side."

No Caption Provided

Has the Ability to kill Ghosts

No Caption Provided

Can also kill God-Tiers and bypass their Immortality

No Caption Provided

Easily Defeats the Ghost Army. Displays Amazing h2h skills and Combat Speed

Caliborn/Kid English feats below

Chews off his own leg in his weakest form

Breaks the MSPA Website because he doesn't like the Music.

Defeats Yaldabaoth who is the God of All Monsters and the Strongest of all Denizens

Gains Author Authority and mastery of all events in reality and retells the story as Homosuck.

Gains the Skeleton Key Badge which can Unlock any Lock. It even lets him Unlock the Narrative.

No Caption Provided

Becomes a God-Tier off-panel and proceeds to climb the God-Tiers.

No Caption Provided

Corrupts Hussie's Expansion Story

Traps the Souls of 4 God-Tier Kids in his JuJu and banishes it to the Furthest Ring

Manhandles the remaining God-Tiers

Tanks Jake's Hope-Field with no Physical Damage

His Soul can't be destroyed by Dirk

Destroys Universes just by Powering up into his Adult Form

No Caption Provided

Causes the MSPA Reader to have a Mental Breakdown