My perfect Avengers line up

This is what i think the new Avengers line up should be
1) 2) and 3) Obviously they have made a big deal about the "Big 3" so they have to be on there
4)Hank has been through a lot and i think hes earned a place on the team
5)Scarlet Witch with her temper and wild personality not to mention her powers make her great for a team book, plus i just miss her
6)Beast used to be an Avengers years ago and had a solid "best friendship" with Wonder Man which sorta just fell off the map so that would be fun to see again
7)Ms Marvel has stuck through all the House of M/Civil War/Secret Invasion/Dark Reign craziness and i think she really deserves a place on the new team
8) and 9) Wonder Man and Vision have always had a complicated past so putting them on the team WITH Wanda will add the fun drama of a love triangle.  It also put Beast and Wonder Man back in the same book again.

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