My favorite superhero films

So I've never made a list before, might as well and start now. I'm going to start off with an easy list and most common for right now. Here's my top 10 favorite superhero films.

List items

  • Just a fantastic movie overall, superb acting from Ledger, Oldman, Bale and Cain; most likely the greatest comic villain on film. It's in my top 3 movies of all time.

  • Great acting from Evans and Redford. Good plot and for once a rememberable villain from Marvel that's not Loki.

  • This might be a surprise for some people but if you watch the directors cut, the movie is great. One of my favorite plot in a movie/comic. My only gripe was the acting from Akerman.

  • Again another surprise for some people. I loved Cavill's performance in this movie, he played a superman that's finally relatable for once. Also the villains in this movie were amazing Zod, Faora and Nam-Ek. Plus great action :)

  • Acting superb, plot and pacing was perfect.

  • The movie that started the dark trend. In my opinion this is one of the greatest origin story movie ever made. Their was just a couple minor problems that stops it from being higher.

  • My favorite spider man movie, had great action sequences and a great villain.

  • A couple plot holes that keeps this from being higher but the last 20 minutes in this movie are amazing.

  • Nothing really wrong with this movie besides a forgetable villain; I just don't believe it's better then any of the other movies.

  • After having two shitty fox movies in a row (X-3 and Wolvie origins) this was a breath of fresh air.