My guilty pleasures

  • I've never made a blog before, so why not start now?
  • I'll list some of my guilty pleasures in movies, tv shows and music.

For those of you who don't know what a guilty pleasure is, a simple definition is that you like something that most people don't like.


  • Battle: Los Angeles
  • I'm a sucker for sci-fi war movies
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  • Transformers 1
  • Perfect mix of comedy and action imo
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  • TV Shows-
  • Teen Titans go
  • yes I know it's not as good as the originals.
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  • Tower Prep
  • Now this is more of underrated show, sadly this freaking amazing show only had one season because no one watched it. I highly recommended this show.
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  • Music-
  • Maroon 5
  • Now this is actually more than a guilty pleasure, well....... their older music is. Their new music is more of a guilty pleasure.
  • Their older music so much better

or even before they were Maroon 5