Top 8 Comic Book Movie Theme/Score

I always wanted to do a Comic Book movie theme songs, because I felt that this is the way to really translate a fictional character to the big screen, make it more believable. This is list is solely based on my opinion and the how well the tone relate to the character or the movie.

8) "Main Theme" , by Craig Armstrong(The Incredible Hulk)

IMO, this is the most underrated Marvel movie, but never mind, lets talk about the theme song. This is the main theme of TIH, composed by Craig Armstrong. The reason it's up here it's because the tone started at 0:07 . When I listened to this, I felt the vibe of Bruce Banner, unstable emotional state, boiled with angers and about to transform into the Hulk!. Especially at 1:26 .

7) "Main Theme" , by Danny Elfman (Spider-man 2002)

This is the first Spiderman movie, and honestly, the 1st Marvel movie I paid to watched in Theater. The movie is mediacore, casting is weak, but what got me so hype up is the Main Theme itself. Pay attention starting at 0:26 , you can imagine Peter crawling on walls and leap through buildings. In fact, I used to playing this music in the background when I crawling on the floor pretend to be Spidey :)

6) "Training" , by Henry Jackman (X-men 1st Class)

I know, I know, X-men trilogy should be the X-men theme in this list, but hey, if you really listen into this score, you would be real surprise. The tone is great, the rhythm is just right for the movie. You can feel the Training scene.

5) "Rise" , by Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight Rises)

Of course, TDKR theme song. Although the movie is filled with plot holes, the theme managed to bring audience to join Batman into a noble mission to save Gotham City. As brilliant as always, Hans Zimmer composed the score so good that the tones can communicate with the audience. I felt the Score is more about Gotham City rather than the cape crusader. Nevertheless, this score deserved to be on 5th.

4) "Driving with The Top Down" , by Ramin Djawad (Iron Man)

Okay, Okay, This is my favorite Movie theme song. I used to play this music at the black ground when I am doing homework (very efficient btw) At 0:07 , you can really picture Stark in his lab, designing the Armor and stuffs or doing some cool tech. The tone is so attractive that make you believe that you actually in the Lab! and make you want to enroll in Engineering. At 0:32 , you can imagine Stark is suiting up the armor, and shit just got real!.

3) "Arrival to Earth" , by Steve Jablonsky (Transformers)

If you're listening to this, the Score sounds ordinary at the beginning, you will start to doubt why it deserve to be on the list. But then at 0:48 , BAM! the tone starts. Suddenly you'll feel the whole Apocalypse thingy. It definitely deserve to be 1 of the best.

2) "Batman" , by Danny Elfman (Batman 1989)

You're not a real comic book movie fan if you haven't heard the original Batman (1989) theme by Danny Elfman. This score is composed by Danny Elfman, again...yes, that guy is a music prodigy, he composed the best Batman theme, the one that represent the Cape Crusader. You can picture Batman chasing bad guys in the score, the tone, the rhythm...and anything from the score is so perfect, that I had heard it almost a hundred times. This score definitely be the 2nd place on this list.

And the 1st Place goes to.........


"Superman" , by John Williams (Superman)

Nee I say more? The 1st superhero in the world, one of the strongest superhero in fictional history. This theme is composed by the Legend, wait for it....Dary... John Williams. This is the best movie score of all time. Whenever you heard this tone, you think of Superman or Vice Versa.

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From Panel to Channel (5 comics series that should be on TV show)

Comic books are invading your TV screen! I rounded up a list of comic books we would love to see on TV.

It's a great time to be a comic book fan and a TV addict. With the phenomenal success of the Walking Dead , the rising popularity of Arrow and the upcoming S.H.I.E.L.D TV series, it seems TV show producers are now recognizing the potential for great TV shows in comics. While they have been live-action TV treatments of comic books in the past, most of these have fluctuated between pretty good (Smallville), cheesily iconic (Incredible Hulk with Lau Ferigno, Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman, and Adam West-starring Batman series) and plain bad (Mutant X, Swamp thing & The Amazing Spiderman).

Well, the problem is most have focused on trying to bring popular Superhero to the small screen, while only recent attempt to adapt a more mature and edgier comic I can think of is the rather uninspiring Human Target (Vertigo Comics). But that was way back in 2010, the same year they released the Walking Dead, which is pretty cool for a non-superhero TV series. With that in mind, here are 10 non-superhero comic series that can be turned into TV screen.

1) B.P.R.D (Dark Horse)

No Caption Provided

the Premise: Remember that big red guy with horns and a big stone hand whom you might have seen on the big screen couple of times? Well, this is the story of the guys he hangs out with. the organisation called Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense, which investigates Paranormal activities.

Why it would work: Well, Hellboy got his own movies, so why can't Abe, Johann & Liz have their own show? It could be like a Fringe or X-Files-like show where the team investigates a Monster of the Week, and the central plot could be based on one of the long time stories, like the Plague of Frogs and War On Frogs sagas. And if the special effects budget goes overboard,well, the current BPRD: Hell on Earth stories do focus a lot on the agents without "Enhanced Talents".

This show is definitely on the top of my list.

2) Gotham Central (DC)

No Caption Provided

The premise: It’s not easy being a cop in Gotham City. Besides the sky-high crime rate, the detectives of the Gotham City Police Department’s (GCPD) Major Crimes Unit also have to contend with an insane number of super villains like the Joker, the Riddler, the Mad Hatter, Killer Croc and so on. And if wasn’t bad enough, they also have to contend with Batman swooping around and dispensing his own brand of justice.

Why it would work: Yes, we mentioned that there wouldn’t be any superheroes in this list. But the idea of a dark, gritty crime procedural drama set in Gotham City, and focusing on the GCPD’s Major Crimes Unit is just too awesome to let it pass. The comic series alone has a wealth of great stories that a potential TV show could draw upon (one, involving the Joker going on a murderous spree during Christmas is just brilliant), plus Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies has already set the tone for a grittier and more realistic Batman universe that the show could be set in. I want this TV show to be made so badly.

3) Transmetropolitan (Vertigo)

No Caption Provided

The premise: Spider Jerusalem is an almost insane celebrity journalist in a futuristic City, who constantly sticks his middle finger up at the government. He affects change in the city by.... writing a column.

Why it would work: Eat your pen, Carrie Bradshaw. This is how a TV show about a journalist/columnist should be like. With such a thoroughly bada$$ character whose vocabulary has more swear words than actual words at its core, this could work as a hard-hitting, no holds barred, edgy, R-rated version of The Newsroom, with Spider Jerusalem tackling a different social, political or economical issue in each episode. We could do without the scenes of him running around naked all the time though.

4) HellBlazer (Vertigo)

No Caption Provided

The premise: John Constantine is many things – a Scouse scoundrel, a lovable rogue, a chain-smoking conman, and above all, a powerful magician. Although he tries hard not to show it, he’s got a good heart, and also an eye for getting into trouble with all sorts of demons, ghouls, and even the Devil himself.

Why it would work: Yes, he already has a Hollywood feature film, but as entertaining as it was, it just didn’t capture the spirit of Constantine (plus Keanu Reeves was just too American to be Constantine).

Besides, it’s John Constantine. Besides Batman, I can’t think of any other comic character I would love to see in a TV show than him. The awesome (and sometimes downright scary) supernatural situations that Constantine gets into would make for an awesome TV show. And with the character’s profile set to go up further with his impending return to the main DC Universe, this would be a great time for him to get his own show. Heck, there could even be a crossover with the Sandman series!

5) Y: The Last Man (Vertigo)

No Caption Provided

The premise: The entire male population on Earth has been wiped out by a strange phenomenon, except for Yorrick Brown and his pet monkey Ampersand. Despite being the only male human being left in a world full of women, Yorrick only wants one woman – his girlfriend Beth, who is stuck halfway around the world.

Why it would work: Seriously, all you need to make this show a hit is get a really good looking guy to play Yorrick, and fill the rest of the cast with lots of hot babes. Preferably in bikinis. Oh wait, that didn’t work out for the recent Charlie’s Angel’s remake either.

I put quite a lot of effort in this list, in fact, this is the first blog post I am satisfied. Hope you all will like it.


Top 8 Prep King in Comics (Marvel&DC)

This list only consists of people who are dangerous because of their prep ability, and born genius-intellect....therefore, no mutant(Forge, Prodigy), no chemical enhanced metahuman(Deathstroke, Leader)

8) Tony Stark - Probably the 3rd Smartest man on Earth, Super-genius, but alcoholics costed him a lot of trouble. He is smarter than most people on this list...but just not as dangerous as they are.

7) Black Panther - stealing the cosmic power, crazy advanced tech. Slight edge over Stark.

6) Ozymandias - defeated a god-like being who can foresee the future.

5) Batman - World recognized "King of Prep" , defeated countless of powerful opponent, He maybe not as smart as Stark in pure scientific knowledge, but his dedication and his obsession over perfection making him the most The Most Dangerous Man on DCEarth. "Always few steps ahead"! BATMAN!

4) Reed Richards - Arguably the Smartest Man on Earth, taken down God-like being, "Mad-Scientist" , He is definitely deserves this place on this list.

3) Lex Luthor - He is one of the best scientist in DC, built all-kind of stuff to allow him to go toe-toe with Superman, Became the President once, even though he is widely recognized as villain. Almost become a God. He is truly the Greatest Criminal Mastermind in DC.

2) Dr. Doom - He has the scientific knowledge of Reed, the inventing ability of Stark, the Resources of Black Panther, the Strategical mind of Batman....and also master in Mystical Magics, making him one of the most powerful sorcerer on Earth, only second to Strange. Stole from Omnipotent. Trust me, He can conquer the Earth whenever he likes.

1) Thanos - the reason is obvious. He is on this list not because of his superhuman power, in fact, his mind is what makes him so dangerous. He preps for preps, he would makes Batman feels like a little boy scout when it comes to Prep.

This is all based on my own Opinion, I hope you all too can make your own list. ALL CRITICISMS ARE ALLOWED.


Top Ten Most Dangerous Men on Earth (Marvel & DC )

I am intended to create this for a VERY long time, but I need more information to fit in before I publish this post. The intention is to compare all the characters in both Marvel & DC the most dangerous men on Earth. The Most Dangerous Man Doesn't necessary to be the most Physically strongest or any terms of physical attributes to make them on this list. Over the years, both Marvel and DC have proven that one does not need to be a superhuman or some giant-monster to become the most dangerous man, but instead, there are plenty of characters who processes superior intellect could be the Most Dangerous Man. The list includes Villains and Heroes(if their intention is bad).

10) Red Skull - The Head of Nazi's science division, Hydra. Besides that, he is also a scientific genius who mastered in multiple field. He is definitely the MOST dangerous man in 40's

9) Hugo Strange - He is both a scientist and a super-villains. He is the first one who is able to know Batman's true identity by simple deduction (although he later fooled by Batman), that is very impressive. But also, He have access to all sorts of resources and sponsor by many other villains...combined with his intellect, He will make a mess to this World.

8) Norman Osborn - Once the Head of ThunderBolts, Norman has seized control of many United States resources, including what's left of Tony Stark's SHIELD and Avengers teams. He have access to all secret information and resources which enable him to strikes every deadly moves if he wants.

7) Ra's Al Ghul - He tears down societies to have them rebuilt in a more ideal fashion, bent on crafting his version of a utopia. "The Demon's Head" has spent centuries slaving away at this vision, and even he has lost track of his exact age. Fueled by the life-giving Lazarus Pits, which have the side effect of driving a person mad, Ra's will likely haunt the DC Universe for centuries to come.

6) Ozymandias - The Smartest Man in the World, Adrian Veidt felt that the normal kind of physical super heroics he'd engaged in for years were not enough to truly change the world. No, he plotted to do something much grander. The fact that this grand plan involved killing millions of people is of course what makes him such a chilling character.

5) Tony Stark - You'd be surprised that Tony would be my choice of one of the most dangerous men on Earth, but the fact is that Tony 's indeed a very dangerous man. He is very good at what he did---able to create a man-sized armor with built-in supercomputer which powered by Nuclear energy, The armor can level a building.

4) Batman - The King of prep, no doubt...with enough preparation time, he can defeats the entire JLA and even the Superman. He always thinks few steps ahead of everyone, and his access to multi-billion dollars company allows him to buy all sorts of Toys he wants. He'b been called The Best Detective for a reason.

3) Reed Richards - He is the Golden boy of sciences , I mean ALL Sciences! He is able to build a device that can defeat Cosmic Entity, with prep time. By all means, what if one day, Reed goes crazy, and builds a Giant-Android like AMAZO and destroys the Earth...We are lucky to have him on our side.

2) Dr. Doom - Sciences, Engineering, Politics and even Magic ...he is really a Polymath but with extra devilish traits.He owns a COUNTRY and can even steals from a GOD...That just explained itself.

1) Lex Luthor - Like Doom, he is a World Class Super-Genius, he can creates whatever he wants, and can processing a 12th -level intellect...that guy can hangout with Brainiac, and he can manged to fooled him. Lex had been against Superman for many years, despite the facts that they are plenty of villains like DarkSied or Doomsday who can do great harm to Superman, Lex Luthor is able to secure his place in Superman's top villains.