Top 10 Favorite Avengers

This list is purely subjective and not limited to just current rosters. And I'm going to be sticking more towards actual Avengers here. Certain characters that I have preferences for that also happen to work for outside teams may or may not be taken into consideration. So say someone like Wolverine, who works for the X-Men as well as Avengers, is one of my top 3 fave characters. I'm not going to include him on this list.

List items

  • The Mighty God of Thunder strikes his way in at number one. Thor makes the number one on my list for his power, nobility, and warrior's spirit. Wielding the plot device hammer, Mjolnir, Thor is an Avengers staple and one of their heaviest hitters.

  • Steve Rogers comes in at number 2. Another noble Avenger, Captain America is a pure hero and just wants to do good in the world. Between his skill as a fighter, his strategic mind as a leader, and the unbreakable shield he wields, Cap earns his position near the top of this list.

  • Peter Parker swings his way in at number 3. Spider-Man is one of the most selfless characters in comics, period. The kind-hearted young man has been through a lot and has made so many sacrifices in his career, I find it hard to not like the character in some way. He is smart, strong, and fast, Peter Parker is the king of street levels and definitely deserves his status as an Avenger and position in my list.

  • I know this may be a bit of controversial one, but I have always liked the Sentry. He has been a victim of bad writing, but the character is pretty complex. What I like about him is just the good that Sentry has in him and the darkness. He represents the best humankind can be or the worst when the Void would ever take over. Ultimately, he is a very powerful character and has the potential to be one of Marvel's most powerful characters ever.

  • Holy sh*t, the Hulk on one of my lists? For those that know me well will get why I say that. The Green Goliath comes in at number 5. The Hulk is arguably the strongest member of the Avengers and just one of the strongest characters in comics in general. His power only increases with his rage and with ridiculous durability and healing, he is incredibly difficult to beat. Hulk truly has the right to be called incredible.

  • The Prince of Power comes in at number 6. Hercules is a fun character. He has invented fighting styles, is probably the biggest lady's man in Marvel. His incredible power and noble heart give him a place on my list.

  • Tony comes in at number 7. Tony is a certified genius and I do like his versatility. I like seeing what writers come up with next for him. His eccentric personality, womanizing charms, and straight up creativity gets the Iron Avenger a spot on my list.

  • An extremely underrated and underutilized character, Danny Rand takes the number 8 spot on my list. He has grown incredibly powerful over the years, and I enjoy seeing the new things he comes up with by using his chi. His versatility with it, his skill as a fighter, and just that nasty knock out punch of his grants him a spot on my list.

  • Natasha sneaks her way in at number 9. I kind of have to blame Brubaker for this one over the years, but he had one of my favorite takes on the character, especially with her and Bucky. She is solid fighter and weapons expert, the Russian female super soldier gets a spot on my list.

  • Carol Danvers comes in at number 10. Carol is one of Marvel's top female characters and a powerful one at that. I think she is a strong woman and is definitely capable of holding her own, and with a solid power set, she has a definitive status on the team.


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I was getting worried seeing no women, but you came through. Although what is up with not having Rogue there, hmm?

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@lykopis: Being eviscerated and burnt to a skeleton by a B-list villain after throwing a teenage girl temper tantrum threw her off :P.

But seriously, I tried keeping this more actual Avengers related. Otherwise, you would have probably seen Wolverine or Thing on here.

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Cruel, you are. C-R-U-E-L.

Fair enough about keeping it mainly Avengers-related-- my list would be the same.

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