My Top 10 Marvel Villains

All subjective.

List items

  • Daken comes slashing his way on my list at number 1. I love Wolverine villains and Daken is my favorite one. The son of the Wolverine that was ripped from his mother's womb and raised to be an assassin, he has an impressive resume in his short tenure in Marvel so far. The character humiliated Deadpool, slaughtered the Punisher, and at one point was said to be better than his father. Daken's eccentric personality and unorthodox methods to achieving his goals just contribute to how awesome his character is. Throw in the soft spot he has for his mother, he isn't entirely heartless and gives him some more depth. Oh, and the Assassin's Creed hidden blade like claw is also awesome.

  • When he isn't getting kicked in the face by Daredevil, Tomi Shishido is my 2nd favorite villain in Marvel. Similar to Daken, Tomi has an impressive resume without being around for so long because THE GORGON IS THAT GOOD! The character brings impressive speed BECAUSE THE GORGON IS THAT FAST, nearly unmatched combat skills, and his stone stare make him one of the most dangerous street levelers that Marvel has to offer. So the mutant that killed a god just because he wanted to easily makes a top spot on my list.

  • He may be a villain turned hero turned....villain without really being a villain nowadays, but at the time he was a villain, the Master of Magnetism comes in at number 3. I like Magneto because in his heart at the time he thought he was doing the right thing for his people. A survivor of the Holocaust that had his family ripped from him, he grew up to not only be an extremely powerful mutant but arguably the X-Men's greatest foe.

  • Time to break away from Wolverine villains (for now), the Captain America villain comes in at number 4. I like Zemo for his tactical ability, his cunning personality, his ability as a fighter, and the fact he can rock purple and a fur still be a badass.

  • The Mad Titan comes in at 5. The Avatar of Death that virtually conquered the universe just to get a date with Death. Talk about a lady's man, amirite? Thanos is just a cosmic powerhouse. Not many can say they just scoffed off lightning from Thor, pimp smack the Hulk, punch kill the Silver Surfer, or tell Odin no. Because of his mark in Marvel, I would be surprised if he isn't placed in some form in a Marvel villain list.

  • Another trademark villain in Marvel, the bad Doctor comes in at 6. Doctor Doom has it all: he is a powerful sorcerer, great scientist, and while he may be a villain, he at least loves his people.

  • Please someone make him leader of the Hellfire Club again? Seriously, I can't take a bunch of children seriously as threats to the X-Men. Shaw makes the list for a few reasons. I liked his status. I liked his class. I liked his powers. They were simple but they worked. I may like Colossus but the fact he used him as a flail was hilarious. Still, he may not be what he once was, but true Black King has what it takes to come in at number 7.

  • While not the sharpest knife in the drawer, the Juggernaut at his peak is one of my favorite villains, period. A physically unstoppable force, the X-Men buster and such a fantastic villain for the Hulk charges his way in at number 8.

  • Just to put it blatantly, Skull is awesome. A fantastic fighter in his own right, but what makes him a great villain is just his mind. A villain with a goal and the means to do it, Skull makes his place in my list at 9.

  • Back to the Wolverine villains, I know, but like I said, I like them. With that said, I pay homage to Sabretooth before he became a chew toy for Wolverine. The antithesis to Wolverine, the beast incarnate that is Sabretooth can be a great villain. He has the raw stats, the sharp claws, the fighting skills which he usually ignores, and also intelligence but also seems to ignore that at times, too. Still, Victor could potentially be higher on the list, but just due to being a neutered version of what he once was, despite being constantly upgraded through the years.