My Top 10 DC Villains

This list is subjective to various incarnations of the villains, not just New 52 versions.

List items

  • A son charged with the sins of his father, he grew up to become a powerful, smart, and very cunning man. While he may not be as skilled as his post crisis counterpart, Bane is still very dangerous. From ripping heads off of Talons, to still being able to fight the Bat, the man who literally broke the Bat makes his mark as my number one villain.

  • Uxas, one of the most powerful villains in DC comes in at number 2. Between his various powers like the Omega beams to raw his physical stats that can even top Superman's, the Lord of Apokolips has made his mark in history.

  • SHAZAM! Number 3 is Black Adam. His initials give him the appropriate acronym, BA. His ruthless attitude, magic, and pure physical power give a near leading position on my list.

  • A wicked ring-slinger, the leader of the Yellow Lantern Corps comes in at number 4.

  • I know he didn't last too long, but the new 52 villain Nobody was one I really liked. I liked how he tried turning Damian Wayne against his father, but to no avail. Between his tech and skilled fighting abilities, Nobody was definitely somebody.

  • Someone that I used to not really like until I got more into the character and appreciated him a bit more. The man that has challenged the Titans for so long with his skills, physical abilities, and tactical intelligence, the Terminator comes in at 6.

  • Ra's comes in at number 7. A character that has many credentials: so much wealth, a brilliant mind, a skilled combatant, and his honor even as a villain gives him a place on list.

  • Zoom is just too OP but he is awesome. Someone that even the Flash can't see due to his powerset and simple goal of making heroes "better", Hunter Zolomon makes the list at 8.

  • Shiva comes in at number 9. She places the list due to her skill alone.

  • What respectable DC villain list would this be without the Clown Prince of Crime? A bad one. Probably the most well known villain in comics, period, the Joker and his unique arsenal of weapons closes the list at 10.