GS' Top 10 Favorite Mutants (Updated)

All subjective.

List items

  • The number one spot belongs to Cyclops. Mr. Scott Summers has guided his race from the brink of extinction and has continuously gotten them out of their toughest spots with his incredible strategic prowess and willingness to make the tough calls when no one else could have. He has always been the X-Men's golden boy and continues to prove it even after decades of being on the team.

  • The former leading X lady comes in at number two. Emma IMO has done more for Scott's development as a character than Jean ever did. Emma is b*tchy and intelligent and can kick your ass with some class. If someone asked me who my favorite character was I couldn't say just one. I would say Emma and Scott as a unit take it. I feel both when written properly bring out the best in each other and have a great character dynamic.

  • Wolverine is my original favorite X. His unbreakable skeleton and tough, yet caring attitude combined with his powerful healing factor, claws, and premiere martial arts prowess make him one of Marvel's deadliest creations. Hopefully upon his death and return, he goes back to his once proud status.

  • The Ragin' Cajun comes in at number 4. Gambit's smooth charm and cool attitude and mixed with his explosive powers and cunning wit will always put him in my top 5.

  • The purple ninja who's badass with dat ass comes in at number 5. Betsy is just too awesome not to have as a top 10. She can beat you up with a simple thought in her head or go the cool route and slice and dice with a sweet katana or some good ole hand to hand combat.

  • This farm boy comes in at number 6. Piotr Rasputin is one of the X-Men's powerhouses and his firm on the battlefield style belies his gentle giant attitude.

  • The former master of magnetism still has his people's best interest at heart. From villain turned hero turned anti-hero, Magneto has had many roles over his illustrious career. No matter what role he is in, he gets the 7th spot on my list.

  • Magik. The crazy powerful, teleporting, demonic sorceress comes in at number 8.

  • A character with possibly one of the most tragic back stories, X-23 has tried very hard to show she is not just a weapon. Despite that, she has no problem showing extremely smart, cunning, and deadly she can be. And the foot claws are awesome. The Wolverine clone makes the list at number 9.

  • Kurt bamfs his way in at number 10. One of the kindest characters and often one of those "heart of the team" sort characters, how can you hate Kurt? The agile, blue furred, swashbuckling character seems like a good choice to end the list.