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Respect Cyclops

Who better than me to make this? NO ONE!! Why? Because I am the best there is. My gift to you Comicvine. A proper Cyclops respect thread.

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Wolverine references (in a Cyclops blog?) and jokes aside, let's get down to it.

A brief explanation of his power: Quoted from me in another thread.

Cyclops' optic blasts stem from a separate universe where his eyes are portal to. His body automatically metabolizes solar energy that keeps the apertures open. Cyclops' body generates a psiconic field that helps keep them in check so when his eyes close, no energy leaks out. Cyclops' beams produce no heat, they are purely concussive force. They have been described as light speed in the past and have said so in multiple narrations. It is possible, like the power of his blasts, Cyclops can control the speed or he is seemingly aiming somewhere just near his opponent or his opponents are able to dodge his aim. It has also been stated the mechanics of his visor are much slower than light speed which also gives time for an opponent to dodge. Cyclops cannot access the full power of his blasts, he has an entire universe full of energy he can fire but due to human limitations, he gets tired and has almost killed himself when he was emitting energy at too high of an out put. Cyclops' blasts get weaker the wider they are yet he is perfectly capable of ripping apart trees and he doesn't need to go max to do so when they are wide.

No heat. Just force.

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Cyclops has buttons in the palms of his gloves to open his visor.

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Optic Blasts

Cyclops blasts have been stated to go lightspeed in a few narrations. Note: Cyclops does not move at light speed and the servos in his visor move much slower. People can aim dodge him and have done so multiple times in the past, just like trying to guess trajectory.

Cyclops' blasts have pierced the Blob.

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Cyclops can decimate entire sentinels...and the area around them.

On a wide setting (meaning his blasts are weaker) Cyclops has completely obliterated a small portion of a forest to create a landing strip.

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Cyclops has ripped through buildings.

Cyclops has carved paths into mountains.

Cyclops has decimated entire icebergs to save a ship carrying hundreds of passengers.

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He has blasted steel doors off hinges, destroyed tanks, and damage massive sentinels, even from far away.

Wolverine compares Cyclops' blast to being crushed by a mountain.

Cyclops can also produce large holes in the ground and quickly. Can be used to trap opponents and create escape routes. Note the distance created used to shred through the pavement and earth.

Speaking of crushing a mountain, Cyclops blasts the top off of one.

Some more higher powered feats. (Had to condense as comp was spazzing out for indiviual enlarged scans.

  1. Cyclops has managed to further damage Onslaught
  2. Max power: Peeled the skin of World War Hulk, which is something even Wolverine said was a bit difficult to cut. (Note that it is a wide blast trying to engulf Hulk. Slimmer the beam, more powerful it is.)
  3. Obliterate half a giant Krakoa clone.

Grounds falling debris into powder using an optic blast saving some civilians.

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Cyclops has blasted Mjolnir from Thor's hands and into Iron Man. Lol

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Cyclops' wide blast has also pushed back the Human Torch's flames.
Cyclops' wide blast has also pushed back the Human Torch's flames.

Just some more visually awesome displays of his powers.

A mixed bag of a feat.

  1. Cyclops manages to dodge some goons shooting at him.
  2. He works around their synthetic ruby quartz armor by finding its weaknesses and using the environment to his advantage.
  3. This shows his intelligence in a tight circumstance and also the power his blasts have (blowing the ceiling off) and precision (cutting the armor off and using the chemical shelf behind it).

Cyclops also has very fine control over his blasts with a couple specifics.

  1. Melts the ice off Angel's wings use a low intensity beam to generate just enough friction to.
  2. Tagging Beast in a training exercise with enough force to knock him over without hurting him.
  3. Pushes an elephant back without harming it.
  4. Knocks a briefcase out of the Vanisher's hand without harming him or breaking the case.

After having his powers altered by the Phoenix Force, Cyclops' optic blasts have seemingly been upgraded. His power output has been increased to the point that he can briefly hurt Dormammu. Despite this upgrade in power, Cyclops has lost most of whatever control he originally had over his blasts and gets exhausted much easier if he goes all out.

Cyclops saves Kitty's team from a group of house sized sentinels and destroys three of them in one blast.

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Accuracy+Spatial Awareness Feats

I have a bunch of these but as single scans so I will post them in little groups.

  1. Pins Wolverine from a tree.
  2. Tags Storm while dodging (a hesitated) hand lightning bolt.
  3. Tags Ice Man from reflecting a shot off a mirror.
  4. Hits part of a chip.
  1. Spatial Awareness allows Cyclops to perform a ricochet shot; destroying all of the Murderworld cars in a single optic blast.
  2. Throws a coin up and its it dead center.
  3. Shoots the speedster Northstar.
  4. Nails a double ricochet shot to take out 2 guards.
  5. Not a real accuracy feat. But I do believe it shows the speed of his optic blast and his intuition in an attempt to hit Quicksilver which proves successful.
  1. Another spatial awareness shot.
  2. Uses a low powered beam to sink every ball in a pool table.
  3. In the last 2, he manages to disarm people without hurting their hands.
  1. First three scans show Cyclops disarming a room full off guards in one shot.
  2. 4th scan shows Cyclops tagging Beast in a reflect shot.
  3. 5th scan shows Cyclops taking multiple missiles out of the air in rapid succession.
  4. Final scan shows Cyclops hitting multiple machines in quick succession

1. Another spatial awareness feat, blasting Beast.

2. Cyclops can ricochet blasts off stone too.

Tags Hulk mid-leap and utilizes the environment to his advantage for a nice bank shot.

Skill Feats

Cyclops always analyzes his targets which allows him to come up with plans near on the fly.

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Cyclops holds his own against the X-Men when they thought he was the Phoenix. This shows him knowing and playing to the strengths and weaknesses of his team and utilizing the environment to his advantage.

Cyclops beats half a dozen thugs with his eyes clothes.

Cyclops with his back turned, disarms and beats a gunman before he gets the shot off.

Cyclops takes on a monster blindfolded and with a sword. He does eventually resort to his optic blasts though.


Just a few agility feats.

Handstand optic blast
Handstand optic blast
dodges blasts from Black Tom Cassidy
dodges blasts from Black Tom Cassidy
Flips off of some cars and uses his optic blast to push a car.
Flips off of some cars and uses his optic blast to push a car.
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Mental Defenses

And some mental defense feats to top it off.

Cyclops manages to suppress the void in a mental box.

And Emma mentions how tough his psychic defenses are, even when he sleeps.

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