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The Conclusion of Breaking Point 4

We know Uncanny X-Men is coming to an end but this conclusion to Breaking Point makes it feel like this was the end.The GoodIf you've been wanting any loose ends from Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men/Breakworld storyline, they pretty much are all tied up here. If you didn't read last issue, here's a little spoiler, Kitty Pryde gets killed. For real. But you'll still see her in this issue. I have to admit, in the opening pages, I almost felt like I missed something between this issue and the last ...

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What Happens When Batman's Secret is Revealed? 2

Batman has always been careful about protecting his secret identity...but nobody's perfect. Not even Batman.The GoodI may have mentioned once or twice that I stopped being a fan of Superman/Batman a while ago. To be fair, I'm sure there have been some well crafted stories involving the two big DC heroes but when they stopped being tied directly to current continuity, I started losing interest. There is a need for stories that new readers can easily jump into but with all the comics there are to ...

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The Cover Alone Is Reason Enough to Pick This Up 1

Welcome to the world of Flashpoint where we can experience and explore alternate versions of the characters we know.The GoodI have to begin with the cover. It's important to have a great cover and I often tend to forget to mention them. With a comic focusing on the circus life of the Flying Graysons and Deadman, it makes perfect sense to have a circus poster themed cover. And it looks pretty dang cool, as well.With these Flashpoint tie-ins, we're seeing what happened to the other characters in t...

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Ron Marz & Bart Sears on Conan? Sounds Good to Me! 1

Before Conan gained the respect and reputation for being savage and formidable, we see him on the run from guards for some activities he was involved in.The GoodWith the different Conan comics and miniseries that come out, it can get difficult to keep them straight. When I saw Dark Horse was putting out a new Conan miniseries, I was willing to check it out. Seeing the credits caught me by surprise. Somehow I had missed the fact that Ron Marz wrote this while Bart Sears did the pencils. This made...

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Give Me More! 6

What are the Mystery Men? What is this comic about? It's about the damn comic you'll be reading this week.The GoodWe didn't have very much information about this book prior to its release. Marvel fittingly kept it a...mystery. Set in 1932 New York City, it's a different world than what we read everyday in comics. When I started reading, I actually forgot who was writing and drawing the book. I left it that way so I would fully be unbiased by anyone involved.This isn't a world full of superheroes...

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Is This The Return of Dark Phoenix? 2

What happens when you have a story involving Iron Man, Dark Phoenix and Doctor Doom's Time Platform? Here's a hint, it's not going to be good for Iron Man.The GoodThis is a story that feels like it could be a mini-event in itself. With Fear Itself, X-Men: First to Last, Death of Spider-Man, etc, it's a story that could easily get overlooked. Iron Man's made a lot of enemies over the years but what happens when he doesn't remember making one of them? You know it's going to hit the fan when Dark P...

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Does Spider-Man Die In This One? 3

The epic craziness continues as Norman Osborn and the Sinister Six fight a gravely wounded Spider-Man which could make the title of this arc come true.The GoodI have to mention again how great it is having Bendis and Bagely back together for this arc. With the way it appears to be headed, it's fitting that they are both involved to tell this story. We're all leery of death stories but this story has been more than that (probably because the death hasn't happened...yet). Bendis is doing a great j...

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A Miniseries You'll Want To Sink Your Teeth Into 3

With the main series running just past a year, do we really need a spin-off miniseries already? If it's by Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy then you know the answers is a heartfelt "Hell yes!"The GoodWhere should I begin? How about the opening lines?There is a world behind the one we know. A shadow world, where monsters walk among us. Hunting from the shadows. And if you look hard enough, closely enough, you can see it.That is the feel of American Vampire. I've said it before and I'll say it again, ...

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Time to Journey Back to the Old Republic 0

Fans of Star Wars and the Old Republic games are in for a treat as a new series related to the game begins here.The GoodThere's no denying the appeal of anything Star Wars. As a huge fan, I have seen a lot during the time of the movies as well as the expanded universe set after the events of Return of the Jedi. As for the time period of The Old Republic, I'm not that familiar as I haven't had a chance to play the games.With The Lost Suns, those familiar with the period as well as those like me, ...

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Crazy Moon Knight Action 2

Moon Knight is in Los Angeles fighting a new evil along side Captain America, Wolverine and Spider-Man...or is he?The GoodHave I mentioned I really really dig Moon Knight? I love Moon Knight having his own series and a high profile one at that since it's by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev. In a brilliant move, Moon Knight has decided to fight crime Los Angeles. We all know the Marvel Universe is more than just New York City. Being part of the Secret Avengers, Moon Knight has learned to be a...

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He's Alive? 3

Abin Sur's still alive so you know this is going to result in some gigantic differences in what we already know.The GoodIt's so weird seeing flashbacks to a young Abin Sur. At the same time, it is so awesome to see him going toe-to-toe with a Manhunter. This is a book that will completely take the idea of Flashpoint to a different level. We know things in the universe are different but imagine the possibilities with Abin having survived. What does that mean for Hal Jordan and all the events he w...

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Eddie Brock is Back and so is Jean DeWolff? 0

We are getting closer to Infestation and Eddie Brock returns as Anti-Venom to create more problems for Spider-Man.The GoodSince his last appearance, I have been waiting for a rematch between Anti-Venom and Spider-Man. Eddie Brock is still a little messed up and seems to be getting the hang of his new powers but what happens when the "ghost of Jean DeWolff" shows up? Will that stir up old memories? Eddie is also determined to deal with Mister Negative who he also owes for his second chance on lif...

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Oh Man...What an Issue! 6

With the second issue of Flashpoint and recent news, there seems to be a lot riding on this series and its outcome.The GoodHow great is it to have an event book on a consistent schedule? Before I get into anything else specifically, I just want to reiterate my joy and thankfulness for Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert being on this book. We know there are big things happening and big things that will be happening. The two added to this has me even more excited. I could stare at Kubert's art all day.Ev...

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Almost Like Two Stories in One 1

Plutonian is still on the insane asylum planet as we see a little more character development with members of the Paradigm.The GoodThankfully, month after month, we've had a great consistent comic book. I'm sure I've mentioned before that even though I was enjoying this series from the beginning, I always wondered how long it could last. Mark Waid took the concept of ultra hero turned bad and has taken it far beyond what we could expect. Clearly that was just the beginning.What we have in this is...

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The Mystery Continues... 1

Set 1200 years before the original movie, the groundwork is being set to show us how man- and ape-kind got to where they were in the movies. After the assassination of the ape Lawgiver by a human, the hunt is on for answers before a war explodes.The GoodThe first issue had me curious and now that we're in the second issue, you can see we're starting to get somewhere. Essentially we don't start at the beginning of the story. We already know what happens way before and way after the events occurri...

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The End is Near But Not Looking Good For The Lanterns 7

Krona's control of the Green Lantern Corps continues. With more mindless and violent Lanterns being created, is there any hope for Hal, Guy, Kyle and John?The GoodWho doesn't like reading a comic where the odds are stacked against the heroes? The great thing is seeing the heroes overcome those odds. It's still a kick seeing Hal and the others wearing the rings of the other Lanterns, trying to control their abilities. Will they be able to return to their former selves after harnessing the powers ...

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Can Flash Thompson Keep His Sanity In The Venom Suit? 3

Last issue Flash Thompson was caught in a battle against Kraven the Hunter in the Savage Land and has gone beyond his 48 hour safety window. Whether or not he can complete his mission and maintain his sanity remains to be seen.The GoodThe suspense gets amped up this issue. After Flash's battle with Kraven, he took a little break from the suit. Unfortunately the mysterious Crime-Master had surveillance cameras everywhere and has uncovered Venom's identity. As you can imagine, this will have some ...

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How Will Vader End This Mission? 2

Darth Vader has been sent to find Moff Tarkin's son, has been seeing visions of Padme, been betrayed and finally captured. But this is Darth Vader we're talking about so you have an idea what he's going to do.The GoodThe entire series has dealt with this version of Darth Vader that we haven't seen before. He may be Vader now but he's not the one we know. He's also no longer Anakin Skywalker either. We're seeing him in his transformed state but he hasn't quite achieved the level of being the bada...

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More Pieces Are Coming Together 4

We are in the middle of Scott Snyder and Jock's "Hungry City" storyline and it looked like Dick Grayson's career as Batman was about to be cut short.The GoodLast issue my complaint was the villain,Roadrunner, that Batman (Dick) went up against and how easily he was trapped. After reading this issue and thinking about last issue some more, it does make sense. One of the things I always commend Scott Snyder on the way he writes Dick as Batman. Too many times we see a generic Batman in comics and e...

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There's Some Crazy Stuff Going On Here. 0

The pieces continue to fall in place as a group of survivors band together to take on the Cenobites.The GoodWhat's one of the problems with horror movies is you have a good idea how they're going to end. Everyone does with the occasional survivor left to tell the story. In the Hellraiser movies, Kirsty Cotton was the only survivor after the Cenobites claimed their victims. If you've read the first issue, you know she's in this series.Adding to the Kirsty's story, we see there are other survivors...

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Here's Another Story That Happened That No One Remembered 5

It's time for another blast from the past. The X-Men learn of an event that occurred years ago but it was wiped from their memories...until now.The GoodBack in 2006, we had X-Men: Deadly Genesis, a story describing events that occurred but was erased from Cyclops memory. Normally I'm not a fan of new events getting inserted into past events but that story worked and made sense. Now we have another similar occurrence.Set in both the present and the past, we see the X-Men fighting against a group ...

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Good Old Fashioned Rocketeer Adventures 5

IDW brings back the Rocketeer with an army of incredible writers and artist. Get ready for some great fun.The GoodI like the Rocketeer but I can't say I'm a huge fan. I really enjoyed the movie and even had the theatrical standee (from when I worked in a movie theater). That doesn't mean I don't have incredible respect for the character. If you weren't a fan before, this issue should do the trick.The first story is written and drawn by John Cassaday. What more needs to be said? It's the perfect ...

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Is He Going To Die In This Issue? 0

The Death of Spider-Man storyline is underway and we're left on the edge of our seats wondering when and if he's actually going to die.The GoodThis isn't your regular Spider-Man comic. Through Bendis' writing on the series, Spider-Man has done some...amazing things and has had incredible battles and adventures. What really makes this feel different from the first issues of Amazing Spider-Man is you really get the feeling that he is just a kid under the suit. Thinking back to those old issues of ...

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A Space Adventure for the Family 0

What happens when you have the world's most boring dad but he turns out to be an intergalactic hero?The GoodKickstart Comics have recently started putting out self-contained stories by different comic book veterans. With Endangered, Joshua Williamson gives us the story that all kids could imagine happening. When brothers Chris and Mikey discover their boring dad is really a space hero, they get pulled into an incredible and dangerous mission that could affect the fate of the galaxy. The story ha...

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More Vampirella Action For Your Enjoyment 0

Vampirella is back in another new series along with the Scarlet Legion. Question is, are they on her side or trying to kill her?The GoodVampirella is such a bizarre character to me. I know bits about her history and creation but haven't really read any Vampirella comics. What better place to start than in a number one issue? If we're going to have an issue with Vampirella running around, you absolutely have to have really good art. Or at least, you have to have someone that can draw Vampirella l...

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Who was Qui-Gon's Padawan before Obi-Wan? 2

Taking place twenty-one years before Episode I, we get to see a younger Qui-Gon and find out more about his previous padawan.The GoodStar Wars comics are hit or miss with me. I'm a big fan of the movies and novels but it's been hard to get into some of the comics. With this one, we're at a time just before Episode I. Knowing that Qui-Gon would play a role had me curious since we didn't get to see too much of him before he met his end. I have read some other comics with Qui-Gon and a young Obi-Wa...

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What are the Secrets of Gotham City? 9

Time to explore the past of Gotham City and some of its most prominent and notorious citiezens.The GoodWhen I first heard about this miniseries, I was both excited and skeptical. Skeptical even though Scott Snyder was involved. The series is diving into the past of Gotham City, Batman and several other characters in the Bat-universe. It sounds cool, right? The tricky part would be in the execution. Will any revelations here pay off or will they come across as a way to exploit the untapped histor...

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Bridging the Gap Between Arkham Asylum & Arkham City 3

This is a comic book based on a video game based on a comic book. Set between Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, we will discover how things got so bad in Gotham.The Good Batman: Arkham City is a highly anticipated video game. The idea that Gotham will be partially turned into a block off prison for inmates is pretty drastic, even for a Batman story. What's great about this series is we're going to see just how something this extreme can happen. It's something that players might simply accep...

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Mega Man Gets A New Ongoing 7

Lots of people know who Mega Man is from the video games. Now Archie Comics reintroduces him to a new generation.The Good Mega Man has been around since 1987 but not everyone might now his full story. Given that he now has a new ongoing title from Archie Comics, the decision was made to start from the beginning. If you're wondering who exactly Mega Man is or members of his supporting cast, you can find out here. This issue is new-reader friendly and not having read Mega Man comics in the past, i...

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Will This Issue Indeed "Change Everything"? 11

Are you ready for the big event taking place in DC Comics? The word is this will "change everything." Is that actually the case? Do not flip through the book before reading! The Good   Like most readers these days, I am extremely reluctant when publishers announce the next big event. We've heard the promises before how things will never be the same. Despite having event-overload, I was excited about this. With Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert part of the creative team, along with all the teaser...

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The Final Issue of The Flash 8

Flashpoint has arrived and part of the result is the end of Barry Allen's The Flash. You should read this before reading Flashpoint #1.The Good What's been going on with Barry? While he's been back in Central City for a little while now, it almost feels like he hasn't been back. It's pointed out to him that he's becoming more distant. With Reverse Flash making his intentions clear, Barry will in be in for the fight of his life. And it's not just his life at stake. Knowing that this leads directl...

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Sherlock Holme's Greatest Enemy Takes Center Stage 1

What does Sherlock Holmes' greatest enemy do once his nemesis is dead? Moriarty gets unwillingly pulled into a crazy adventure. The Good  From the very first pages you immediately get sucked in. Everyone loves a good villain. Too often, villains come across as too two-dimensional. They're just bad guys that want to rule the world. Having Moriarty narrate the issue allows us to get into his head. He could have had anything with the wealth he accumulated. After Sherlock Holmes was dead, he realize...

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Find Out What Happens After The Movie 0

It's crazy to think it's been twenty-one years since the movie was released. Now we can find out what happens next...The Good Arnold Schwarzenegger movies have always been hit or miss with me. Total Recall was one that I liked but surprisingly, I haven't seen it since it was in theaters. Doing a quick search, I was able to read up on the plot of the movie and it all came back. This comic picks up exactly where the movie left off. There are many times after watching a film that you do wonder "wha...

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Will This Movie Tie-in Comic Be Worth Reading? 0

Now you can find out who Steve Rogers was before he became Captain America.The Good Let's be honest, comics that are tied to movies usually turn out to be turkeys. Let's think about this, a comic that tells us about Captain America before he becomes Captain America. We all know the story and realistically, how much of a story could there be? What makes this work is Fred Van Lente's writing. With a mix of Steve in action as Captain America during the war and flashbacks to his childhood, we do get...

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What Does Spider-Man Fear? 2

Spider-Man enters Fear Itself, Marvel's current major event. This miniseries shows his involvement without interrupting the flow of his regular series.The Good Spider-Man has always been a hero for the people. He may be an Avenger and a member of the Future Foundation but when New York City starts going wonky, it makes perfect sense that Spidey will be there to help out. Fear is something we all have from time to time. No matter how safe or comfortable your life may be, there's always the uncont...

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Time For Another Moon Knight #1 7

Moon Knight has had more comic series than I can keep track of. Being a big Moon Knight fan, I always cringe a little with each one, fearing the inevitable cancelation. I can only hope this one will bring an end to that trend.The Good  Going into this comic, there was no way I could not be extremely skeptical. Moon Knight in L.A.? Marc Spector as a television producer? Sounds a little weird but because it's something different, and that's what might be needed to keep this series going where as t...

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Is This The End For Axe Cop? 1

The final issue of Bad Guy Earth is here. Will this live up to the other two issues? What will the ending bring us?The Good This being the third issue, you know to expect the unexpected and the absurd. That still doesn't prepare you for the random events that occur. Right away I snickered out loud reading about the woman riding a gorilla riding a lion. Think about that. Something like that can only come from the imaginative mind of six year old writer, Malachai Nicolle.To save the universe after...

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A School for World Conquerors? Sign Me Up (for the comic) 3

You really need to keep an eye out on the folks at Image, they keep pumping out these interesting comics. A school for world conquerors? How the heck could I not want to read this? The Good It's a new title with no prior history. That means anyone can easily jump in. What is Gladstone's School for World Conquerors? Who is this Gladstone fellow? These questions and more are answered in this very issue. The first third gives the background on where the school came from and why. The rest of the iss...

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Guess Who's Coming For Dinner? 6

Why is the Silver Surfer and Galactus in a Thor comic? What reason could they possibly have to be here...?The Good This is a stand alone Thor series. Matt Fraction has promised that despite the fact he's writing Fear Itself, the current big Marvel event, this series will not be tied to it. When Fraction first mentioned that Galactus would be interested in Asgard, I couldn't believe it hadn't been done or addressed before. The first shot we see of Galactus commands respect as Olivier Coipel does ...

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DOOM Comes to the FF 6

In a brilliant move Hickman hinted at in Fantastic Four #583, Doom has arrived and some members of the Future Foundation are not happy.The Good Can Doctor Doom work side-by-side with the FF? There has been moments in the past but from the opening pages, you see what a jerk Doom can be, especially when bantering with the Thing. Doom is their #1 enemy and now they are forced to work together as a result of a deal made between Doom and Valeria. Hickman shows us that this is clearly a different book...

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