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Skrulls Infiltrate Secret Invasion: FF Variant

Here's a story, of a Skrull named...Suzie?

So we don't know the full details yet.  We don't know if Sue is dead (no way) or even missing.  The Skrull entered the Baxter Building as a tourist.  I do wonder how the Skrull was able to bypass Reed's security.  But if they can hide from telepaths and whatnot, I guess they can override Reed's elevator.  I'm leaning more towards this was the first time the Skrull entered the Baxter Building.  Just like the Skrull in New Avengers that posed as Daredevil most likely hasn't been posing as Daredevil before.  That's why there wasn't much interaction before the revelation.  The Daredevil one stumbled in his conversation with Echo.  The Sue one didn't say a word to Ben, Johnny or the kids.  All we know is the building is gonna be pretty messed up.

Either way, I'm really loving the kick ass Alan Davis cover.  I'd definitely take that over the variant.

Secret Invasion has begun and the Skrulls have landed the first blow in their war on Earth! In the first issue of Secret Invasion, a Skrull Invisible Woman had the Baxter Building sucked into the Negative Zone and Mr. Fantastic was incapacitated in the most brutal of manners. In the 3-issue tie-in mini-series Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four, it’ll be up to the Thing and Human Torch to get the building and its inhabitants back home, including the young Franklin and Val. But are any of the heroes who they say they are?
Written by Roberto Aguirre- Sacasa (Marvel Knights 4, Sensational Spider-Man) with art by Barry Kitson (The Order), Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #1 will have a very Skrully-looking variant cover by Mike McKone, seen here for the first time. Plus, this series promises the return of a very familiar Skrull from the FF’s past who’s looking to exact revenge on the First Family of Comics.
The Fantastic Four are the Skrulls’ most hated enemies on Earth so don’t miss Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four for a very important battle in the war for Earth, as Secret Invasion kicks into high gear!

Penciled by BARRY KITSON
Variant Cover by MIKE MCKONE
Rated A …$2.99
FOC – 4/24, On-Sale – 5/14/2008

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