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Green Lantern Rumors Flying Around

Would the Ring Fit Ryan Gosling?

I've hesitated whether or not I should post this.  The rumors have been going around that Ryan Gosling may be in the running to be in the Green Lantern movie.  Nothing has been confirmed.  Even if it's true, who's to say whether the studio is interested in Gosling for the role of Hal Jordan. 

I don't think it'd be a bad choice.  He is a good actor.  He has appeal.  He's played the romantic roles (and we all know how much of a dog Hal can be).  He's also showed his acting skills in some of the different movies he's made (my wife's a fan so I didn't have much choice about seeing them). 

That's the other factor, he would be able to bring in the female fans.  The studios don't just want us comic book geeks seeing these movies.  They want our significant others and friends to see it too.  Gosling is a big name but not too big.  I think he could do the role justice. 

Although I think I'd rather David Boreanaz get the role.  Guess we have to wait for an official announcement.

Who would you want to play the role?
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