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ComicVine Is Making Plans For San Diego Comic Con

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Sure Comic Con isn't until July but now is the time to start thinking about it.  This morning at 9 am PT, the hotel booking site was opened.  Even though I was on my computer and got into the 'queue' before 9 am, I still had to wait for an hour and forty minutes.  (The system was upgraded this year so I just had to keep a screen open and could still work). 

The good news is, I was able to get some rooms.  Yes, that was plural.  Last year I went solo (you can see my coverage HERE).  This year I will have some company.  As far as who, I'm not going to reveal that just yet.  We do have some surprises in store.  We will be there full force.  We will give you the coverage that you'll want to see.

It's going to be crazy.  Four day passes are already sold out.  If you plan on going, get on it now.

Stay tuned for more information.