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The Comic Vine/Giant Bomb Live Show Comic Book Trivia Challenge

This is a little overdue and I apologize. Back on September 14, we had our Big Live Show Live 3. This was basically our yearly subscriber drive showing some of the things we're capable of. After meeting with Vinny and Ryan, we came up with the idea of a game show. The premise is comic books are simply crazy. Lots of wacky things have happened. We wanted to bring in random people from the CBS Interactive office, have our "panel of experts" (Ryan Davis, Dave Snider and Jeff Gerstmann) try to convince the contestant they had the correct answer to the trivia question I came up with. Only one had the correct answer.

Let's let the videos speak for themselves.

Unfortunately the embedding is wonky so here are the direct links to the videos:



Perhaps we'll see the return of this "show"?


See, I Don't Just Write About Hulk Mustaches

I saw a comment that was sort of a dig against me for writing sometimes silly articles about things like Hulk not having a mustache. You'd actually be surprised how many people read that article. Hulk Mustaches and the lack of them is not something to take lightly.

Here's something not totally comic related I wrote about. But since it isn't directly about comics, I posted it on my personal site:

Defined by What We Think is Cool

Something I’ve noticed a lot lately is the need to broadcast what our interests are. This may apply more to the ‘geek culture’ but it’s now at the point that who you are and how you are perceived is defined by what you like and what you think is cool.

In some ways, this isn’t a bad thing. If a person has a love for something, whether it’s a comic book character or even the current video game they’re playing, the need to share with the world the joys they are experiencing is natural.

Where this becomes a problem is when the fabrication starts to take over. People will seek out or claim to have immersed themselves in something that they might not actually care for. It’s the need to be accepted by others that makes them feel this is what they have to do.


There is more. If you want to read the rest, you can read it at What it comes down to is, like what you like. Don't worry about what other people like.


Will Anne Hathaway Wear a Catwoman Mask? Stunt Double Answers

There is simply way too many spoilers and spy footage for The Dark Knight Rises coming out. I'm not a fan of spoilers but in doing my job, I unfortunately come across them regardless if I want to see them or not. That is why I'm not putting this on the news page.

When Warner Bros. revealed the image of Anne Hathaway, many questioned her costume. I said that the goggles probably have something to do with controlling Batman's bike. Either that or it's some sort of night-vision goggles, which doesn't really make sense since she's out in the daylight (unless that will be fixed with a lens filter).

As for the question of whether or not Selina Kyle will wear standard goggles, a mask or nothing at all, this image from shows an image of a stunt double and pretty much answers the question.

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Google Results For Hank Pym

Sigh...poor Hank Pym. He's never going to catch a break.

Marshal Victory made sure we caught site of this originally posted on Bleeding Cool.

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The bad thing is the number three suggestion dealt with that one incident. It's not a subject to be taken lightly and seems to be a reoccurring stain that hangs over Hank.

In case you haven't read it, check out what Jim Shooter says about Hank in his "Hank Pym Was Not a Wife-Beater" write up.

In that story (issue 213, I think), there is a scene in which Hank is supposed to have accidentally struck Jan while throwing his hands up in despair and frustration—making a sort of “get away from me” gesture while not looking at her. Bob Hall, who had been taught by John Buscema to always go for the most extreme action, turned that into a right cross! There was no time to have it redrawn, which, to this day has caused the tragic story of Hank Pym to be known as the “wife-beater” story.

Maybe this is something I should dedicate an Off My Mind to? What do you guys think?

But the silver lining in this (if there can be one), you might've noticed in the suggestions that Comic Vine came up. As Rich Johnston put it, "Yay for Comic Vine though!"


Ron Richards from iFanboy Joins Us On This Week's Podcast

Everyone loves crossovers right? Remember when Superman and Spider-Man were in that comic together? Heck, what about when Superman and Muhammad Ali were in the same comic? Crossovers are great.

What about when websites crossover? We do that often here in the Whiskey Media offices. Norm is primarily working on but he's become a pretty permanent part of our weekly podcast.

This week we did something different and it was pretty cool. Check out this little preview (from our Facebook page) first:

Comic Vine and iFanboy have finally had a crossover. As you can imagine, we had a bit of talk about the DC revamp comics. The podcast is a little bit longer so be sure to download, listen and comment to let us know how much you enjoyed this.

Head on over to the PODCAST page to give yourself a treat.


Star Wars Blu-ray Special Features Announced

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This being May the 4th and all, Lucasfilm has decided this is the time to share all the information on what we can expect on the Blu-ray releases. I don't care what people say, I will be indeed purchasing the Complete Saga on Blu-ray. Some may opt to just buy the original trilogy. Unfortunately for those prequel haters, you won't be getting all the special features. 

Bottom line, for those that don't want anything to do with re-buying the movies on Blu-ray or buying the prequels, you don't have to. It always surprises me how people complain about different versions. Buy it if you love it. Don't if you don't care. If you have strong feelings, not making the purchase will make a bigger statement than complaining somewhere. There's just too much negativity in the world. Also, that much complaining probably leads to the Dark Side.

Here's is the official list of what you can expect and not expect (like the original original versions).
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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (May 4, 2011) –  Bring home the adventure and share Star Wars™ with your whole family – when STAR WARS: THE COMPLETE SAGA comes to Blu-ray Disc from Lucasfilm Ltd. and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment! To be released beginning onSeptember 12 internationally and on September 16 in North America, the nine-disc collection brings the wonder of the entire Saga direct to your living room, where you can revisit all of your favorite Star Wars moments – in gorgeous high definition and with pristine, 6.1 DTS Surround Sound. Dive deeper into the universe with an unprecedented 40+ hours of special featureshighlighted by never-before-seen content sourced from the Lucasfilm archives.

The comprehensive collection also features numerous deleted, extended and alternate scenes, new documentaries and a cross-section of the countless Star Wars spoofs that have appeared in pop culture over the past three decades. Marking the first time ever that the full Saga is available in one complete collection, STAR WARS: THE COMPLETE SAGA ON BLU-RAY also features a coveted peek into the making of the Saga with vintage documentaries, audio commentaries, behind-the-scenes moments, interviews, prop and costume turnarounds, retrospectives and more.

Episodes I-III and IV-VI will also be available as distinct Blu-ray Trilogy collections.

Fans will get an exclusive first look at some of the collection’s extensive special features at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con International – which marks Lucasfilm’s 35 anniversary as a Comic-Con presence. In 1976, the fledgling film company was looking for innovative, grass-roots ways to promote its underdog release, a film no one expected to succeed – a space opera known (at the time) only as Star Wars. One of the first film companies to reach out directly to core audiences by way of fan conventions, Lucasfilm will return to the venue to showcase the full evolution of the epic story with a special first look at STAR WARS: THE COMPLETE SAGA ON BLU-RAY.

Special Features:

STAR WARS: THE COMPLETE SAGA ON BLU-RAY  is presented in widescreen with 6.1 DTS Surround Sound. Special features include:


o     Audio Commentary with George Lucas, Rick McCallum, Ben Burtt, Rob Coleman,  John Knoll, Dennis Muren and Scott Squires

o     Audio Commentary from Archival Interviews with Cast and Crew


o     Audio Commentary with George Lucas, Rick McCallum, Ben Burtt, Rob Coleman, Pablo Helman, John Knoll and Ben Snow

o     Audio Commentary from Archival Interviews with Cast and Crew


o     Audio Commentary with George Lucas, Rick McCallum, Rob Coleman, John Knoll and Roger Guyett

o     Audio Commentary from Archival Interviews with Cast and Crew


o     Audio Commentary with George Lucas, Carrie Fisher, Ben Burtt and Dennis Muren

o     Audio Commentary from Archival Interviews with Cast and Crew


o     Audio Commentary with George Lucas, Irvin Kershner, Carrie Fisher, Ben Burtt and Dennis Muren

o     Audio Commentary from Archival Interviews with Cast and Crew


o     Audio Commentary with George Lucas, Carrie Fisher, Ben Burtt and Dennis Muren

o     Audio Commentary from Archival Interviews with Cast and Crew


o     Including: deleted, extended and alternate scenes; prop, maquette and costume turnarounds; concept art; supplementary interviews with cast and crew; a flythrough of the Lucasfilm Archives and more


o     Including: deleted, extended and alternate scenes; prop, maquette and costume turnarounds; matte paintings and concept art; supplementary interviews with cast and crew; and more


o     NEW!  Star Warriors   (2007, Color, Apx. 84 Minutes) – Some Star Wars fans want to collect action figures...these fans want to be action figures! A tribute to the 501st Legion, a global organization of Star Wars costume enthusiasts, this insightful documentary shows how the super-fan club promotes interest in the films through charity and volunteer work at fundraisers and high-profile special events around the world.

o     NEW!  A Conversation with the Masters: The Empire Strikes Back 30 Years Later   (2010, Color, Apx. 25 Minutes) – George Lucas, Irvin Kershner, Lawrence Kasdan and John Williams look back on the making of The Empire Strikes Back in this in-depth retrospective from Lucasfilm created to help commemorate the 30th anniversary of the movie. The masters discuss and reminisce about one of the most beloved films of all time.

o     NEW!  Star Wars  Spoofs   (2011, Color, Apx. 91 Minutes) – The farce is strong with this one! Enjoy a hilarious collection of Star Wars spoofs and parodies that have been created over the years, including outrageous clips fromFamily GuyThe SimpsonsHow I Met Your Mother and more — and don’t miss “Weird Al” Yankovic’s one-of-a-kind music video tribute to The Phantom Menace!

o     The Making of Star Wars   (1977, Color, Apx. 49 Minutes) – Learn the incredible behind-the-scenes story of how the original Star Wars  movie was brought to the big screen in this fascinating documentary hosted by  C-3PO and R2-D2. Includes interviews with George Lucas and appearances by Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher.

o     The Empire Strikes Back : SPFX   (1980, Color, Apx. 48 Minutes) – Learn the secrets of making movies in a galaxy far, far away. Hosted by Mark Hamill, this revealing documentary offers behind-the-scenes glimpses into the amazing special effects that transformed George Lucas’ vision for Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back into reality!

o     Classic Creatures: Return of the Jedi   (1983, Color, Apx. 48 Minutes) – Go behind the scenes — and into the costumes — as production footage from Return of the Jedi is interspersed with vintage monster movie clips in this in-depth exploration of the painstaking techniques utilized by George Lucas to create the classic creatures and characters seen in the film. Hosted and narrated by Carrie Fisher and Billy Dee Williams.

o     Anatomy of a Dewback   (1997, Color, Apx. 26 Minutes) – See how some of the special effects in Star Warsbecame even more special two decades later! George Lucas explains and demonstrates how his team transformed the original dewback creatures from immovable rubber puppets (in the original 1977 release) to seemingly living, breathing creatures for the Star Wars 1997 Special Edition update.

o     Star Wars  Tech   (2007, Color, Apx. 46 Minutes) – Exploring the technical aspects of Star Wars vehicles, weapons and gadgetry, Star Wars Tech consults leading scientists in the fields of physics, prosthetics, lasers, engineering and astronomy to examine the plausibility of Star Wars technology based on science as we know it today.


The Return of Comic Vine!

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I'd like to apologize once again for our sites being down. There wasn't a scheduled maintenance. Basically it was the servers. They died. As soon as it happened, our Top Men overseas were all over it. Yes, we do have Top Men hidden away in another country so we're not just locked into the PST time. The main problem as you know was there really wasn't anything we could do. I won't point fingers but by now, I think everyone knows what happened.

Obviously we don't want our sites down. You don't want our sites down. It's hard for us not to have the site running since we spend so much time on it. Just as I'm sure it was hard on you guys. Thank you all so much for your patience, understanding and support. Seeing all the messages on Twitter and Facebook made getting through this easier.

Should something like this happen again, be sure to check Twitter. That's our first line of communication if the sites are down. You can reach me through @ComicVine and @GManFromHeck. THere's also our Facebook page.I usually wake up around 4:30 a.m. If the site's down and our Top Men are unaware, I will let them know right away. Thanks for your patience and understanding. I love you guys.

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