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The birth of Comic Vine

In the Fall of 2006, something big was about to happen. Ethan Lance and Dave Snider decided to build the website they always dreamed of having, a comic book website. They had just finished building countless other sites and now it was time to do what they wanted to do. Tony Guerrero, a high school math teacher and life long comic reader was recruited to handle the content side of things. From that day, Ethan, Dave and Tony became known as Red L.A.M.P., Captain Cascader and G-Man.

Creating a website may be easy. The trick is creating a great website. As Ethan and Dave started writing the codes that would make the site have life, Tony spent his time collecting and writing data. As a huge part of the site would be its wiki components, the goal was to create bios for as many characters as possible from October to December.

On December 6, 2006, the site went live. Immediately a strong following developed. This was a precursor to how strong the Comic Vine community would become. Users soon became active editing character pages and issues, creating battle threads and even partaking in RPG battles against one another.

Ethan and Dave joined with some former CNET co-workers and created Whiskey Media. Tony quit his job teaching in order to run the site full time. Whiskey Media eventually created other sites such as Giant Bomb and Anime Vice.

In February of 2009, Sara Lima (Babs), an active Comic Vine community user became a contributor to the site and in June of 2009, made the move from the East Coast to California to work full time on the site.

Comic Vine continues to move forward in covering all comic book and superhero content and continues its goal of becoming the best comic book web site available.