On the eve of the DCnU: T-Minus 7 days

I figured to countdown to the release of Justice League #1 and the New DC universe, I'd make a post a day until the release of things I am looking forward to, things I don't look forward to, and things I hope to see, one of each a day. I figured my hopes for Lantern comics would be most appropriate to start with.
What I hope to see: 
Plain and simple, what I want to see is something new. Green Lantern titles are definately giving me what I wanted with 5 new titles, and new directions, I mean, yes I want to see the characters we all know and love, but to delve deeper into some characters will be fantastic. For example, Sinestro, it was pretty exciting to see him as a Green Lantern again, and is gonna shake things up in a serious way, I always loved Sinestro so this is gonna be a fun ride. Another great new direction for Lantern-ology is the creation of the Red Lanterns comic and New Guardians, to understand the Red Lanterns, a potentially violent or evil corps, will be made into something good will be interesting. New Guardians, well I just wanna see more corps action.
Later on: What I am not looking forward to! (jeeze, sounds pretty negative)

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