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I don't know.

I don't think it makes any sense.

commenting in group

People are free to share anything that has to do with Dick/Kory, Dick, Kory

@honikerx said:

Why would Dick Grayson change his name? doing the same, kind of missions

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"Well, because Liberals in today's society are nothing, but Far-Left Leaning, Politically Correct, Whiny and Irritating Lunatics, who have nothing better to do with their lives, but constantly turning everything Popular into garbage, by injecting SJW and Feminist propaganda into it and annoy/harass other people who don't agree with them on certain topics."


not this liberal

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Kory has beaten Donna in sparring. She did that in the Judas Contract story. Donna had mentioned that Kory had already beaten her 3 times before that. After Kory beat her a 4th time, Donna told Kory that only Diana could beat her until she came along.

In New Teen Titans issue #16, Starfire Unleashed, Donna tried to stop Kory from killing her brief boyfriend Franklin Crandall's killer with her lasso which was around Kory, but Kory threw her against the wall. It was Donna telling Kory her that she would have to kill her first and that she has to follow the rules and if she doesn't , she and other Titans would be forced to hunt her down Kory responded by crying , yelling that it wasn't fair, and flew away Donna felt sorry for her but thought that it had to be this way in the epilogue, Donna covered up a tearful,sleeping Kory and kissed her head a picture of Kory and Franklin together on Kory's nightstand was shown there was a sisterly friendship between Kory and Donna in the comics

Kory is a superpowered alien warrior princess that was trained by the Warlords of Okaara she did win an amazon tournament on Paradise Island Queen Hippolyta had mentioned that she rivaled Diana

There was also a comic issue that Donna was trying to restrain Kory from attacking somebody. Mon-El had to help Donna restrain Kory, and they had difficulty doing it

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I was wrong about the Titans show being like The Inhumans show.

After I saw Titans set photos and trailers, I thought the show was going to be like the Inhumans which I didn't bother to watch. I saw set photos of Medusa and the trailers, and I decided to not see the show which turned out to be really bad and is cancelled. Medusa was the one that I wanted to watch the most, and I was very disappointed with her look. Her hair looked nothing like the comics nor cartoons at all. Her hair looked like a cheap wig. Her hair was far shorter and thinner. The special effects of her hair in the trailer looked awful. I didn't like the costume,character design of Medusa and the overall show.

I didn't like Titans set photos, trailers, Starfire for the same reasons that I didn't like the Inhumans set photos, trailers, Medusa.

Ever since reading the Wolfman Titans run, Starfire is my favorite female DC character and Dick/Kory is my favorite DC couple. My level of interest in the Titans (including especially Dick and Kory as individuals and a couple) is far greater than my level of interest in the Inhumans (including especially Blackbolt and Medusa as individuals and a couple), and so I watched the Titans show.

Until 5 episodes of Titans, I was on the fence but leaning positive.

Now, I actually like Titans and think that it's a good show.

I was wrong to think that Titans was going to be bad and fail like the Inhumans.

As long as I approach the show as an Elseworld, I can enjoy the show and not be disappointed.

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This sums it up

Don't feel you have to like Dick/Kory on anyone else's behalf, but I think it needs to be understood that its not the relationship running its course and the two moving on that sits egregiously with fans--its that Barbara Gordon's romance with Dick was WRITTEN ON TOP of his very serious, very canonical relationship with Kory. It was a series of damaging retcons that began to marginalize Dick's years with the Titans, as well as treat Kory as if she was this 'promiscuous, other woman' in Dick's' life.

It was wrong and felt far too sexist in its delivery since Babs is the good/golden girl of the DCU and visually accepted by Bruce and his universe, and they were juxtapositioning her girl-next-door image against a sexualized depiction of Kory.

Honestly, I don't want Kory back with Dick, but I do feel DC got greedy and treated the idea of the Babs/Dick coupling as more important than the two's individual histories. Barbara slowly got de-aged and Dick's own continuity got altered to suit a past romance that DID NOT happen. The relationship literally became an editorial edict at the cost of treating Koriand'r like dirt.

I believe this is what is being referred to when posters comment that a return to this pairing would "only hold each other back".

Which is why my vote is for romances with new people. I'm all for Dick/Powergirl or Dick/Kate Spencer(Manhunter) and Babs is more than welcome to explore the playing field.

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This is a good explanation of what had been done to Kory to prop up Babs

by fearlesslydrifting tldr: Dick ‘chose’ Babs since most of his writers either are more familiar with that relationship, prefer that relationship, put them together because DC editorial wanted them to, think that Babs is his default love interest or just don’t know much about Dick and Kory and assume that the DickKory relationship is pure lust (which for the record, it isn’t).This is a fairly complicated reply, mainly because the answer relies on a combination of canon, characterisation and the comics/editing outside (aka in the real world). Also I’m admitting it now that I’m much more biased towards Dick and Kory (The New Teen Titans was the first comic series I fully completed and I prefer their relationship to Dick and Barbara).

Pre-flashpoint Real World: Nightwing and Starfire were originally going to get married. When that plan failed, Nightwing's character was put into limbo for a year or so, with a couple of guest appearances, before he was finally given a mini-series and then his own proper series. Since his botched wedding was a pretty big failure and the New Titansseries had declined in popularity and general writing quality, DC and Dixon basically tried to separate the idea of Nightwing and the Titans. That's why Kory (Starfire) is rarely mentioned in that series, despite the fact that she was his canon girlfriend (and eventual fiancé) for something like five years in canon, and the fact that he was 100% fully in love with her and seemed pretty comfortable with the idea of spending the rest of his life with her. Anyway, Dixon needed to lessen the DickKory relationship, and so he did that through a series of (poor) retcons, rarely mentioning her, or belittling her in order to boost up Babs/whatever other love interest.The writers wanted to push for the whole 'Dick and Babs were soulmates from the moment they met' and so the result of that was a bunch of retcons, slowly erasing a big portion of the DickKory relationship and also making characters like Bruce and Babs hate Kory/make snide comments about her, despite it being really out of character for them.

Pre-flashpoint Canon: That's why it suddenly felt like he 'fell out of love with Starfire', because Dick went from wanting to marry her and spend the rest of his life with her (although the actual marriage was impulsive, but that's a can of worms for another day) to suddenly declaring that Barbara Gordon had always been 'the one' and was 'above the others' and barely mentioning Kory (and if she was mentioned, it was some sort of belittling comment about their relationship). Dick was retconned as always holding out some sort of hope for Babs to love him, and Kory became ‘slutty alien who got in the way of DickBabs’ :/

Post-flashpoint Real World: Dick and Kory’s history was mentioned, but since they were on different teams and the Titans had been retconned out, their relationship has barely been explored and so I can’t really help you much with that. Their relationship still had fans (mainly due to Robin/Starfire in the animated show) and so DC mentioned Nightwing and Starfire dating, but that was mainly it since most of what Scott Lobdell wrote is currently/has been retconned. Nightwing and Babs are popular, too, and since the pre-flashpoint universe ended with Babs and Dick almost getting married, it makes sense that DC would keep on pushing for Dick and Babs.

Post-flashpoint Canon: Dick and Kory presumably didn’t date that long, and their relationship has been mentioned like four times (with most of them being from Kory’s side of things; Tim Seeley has only mentioned DickKory when he needs something to compare Dick and Shawn with). Dick and Babs connection has been much stronger since they crossed a lot more in the Batfamily books. However Dick and Babs (as far as I’m aware) have romantic tension, but haven’t actually dated before (yet) so he’s presumably ‘chosen’ Babs since his relationship with Kory has currently been written as something that was one-sided and Babs has been seen as his ‘soulmate/ultimate love interest.’

(also if you got this far, props to you! personally I find Dick and Babs too similar in the fact that they both repress their emotions too much, and so I think their relationship wouldn't work out/would suffer as a result of that. Babs always struck me as the kind of person who didn't like needing people emotionally and enjoys her independence, whereas Dick has always been the kind of character who at heart, needs people and a strong emotional connection, and therefore after a while they'd be stuck in a situation where one of them would have to sacrifice their emotional needs to make the relationship work).Edit: This is so long, yikes. Sorry about that.

fearlessly drifting also made point:

Plus the fact that subsequent DickBabs writers had to retcon so much of the DickKory relationship, just shows how much Kory means to him and how strong their love was.

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who tf cares we all know who's the hot pretty girlfriend. fuck that ugly old batman wanna be ginger bitch. she'll never be superior to starfire.

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the last picture is from Nightwing, Volume 2, Annual 2 published in 2007

it's a retcon

There were no comic pages of Barbara and Kory meeting until that retcon was made

it's obvious it was created to make Kory look like the bad girl that got in good girl Barbara's way of being with Dick

there were also no comic pages of Dick and Barbara sleeping the night before the wedding until it was retconned in Nightwing, Volume 2, Annual 2

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I like Barbara, but I prefer Starfire with Dick. It's true, Dick and Babs have had many romantic times together in his solo books, but wasn't all of that retconned into existence after Wolfman and Perez established his relationship with Starfire? Also, I read through this thread and people used the example that he slept with Babs the night before his wedding with Starfire as proof that he belongs with Babs. That doesn't establish anything but the fact that he apparently has no respect for either of them. I've said it before, Barbara is an awesome character, but she's too good for Dick.

Dick sleeping with Babs before his wedding with Kory was retconned into existence many years after Dick/Kory was broken up

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