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He also had a brief romance with Raven...=D

Dick never had any type of romance with Raven.

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@arrowfan237: It isnt important a fight...Oracle is pretty and intelligent..I cant imagine a Batman with an orange and full green eyed Allien...she is too naive...

My stereotype of girlfriend for a Batman is Talia or Catwoman..

But Batgirl or Oracle is just OK..

Or just Dick as a single guy..mmm..That would be nice...

Kory is not that naive.

She's not like the Teen Titans cartoon Starfire

another thing, Kory was originally golden skinned

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After Lori Elton broke up with Dick, Dick got into a relationship with Jennifer Anne.

Dick had two girlfriends before his New Teen Titans days.

This is in Detective Comics issue #488

the comic issue is where Jennifer first appeared

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Jennifer Anne (DC) - Chronological Listing

March 1980:Detective Comics (1937) #488

May 1980:

Detective Comics (1937) #490

July 1980:

Detective Comics (1937) #492

August 1980:

Detective Comics (1937) #493

September 1980:

Detective Comics (1937) #494

October 1980:

Detective Comics (1937) #495

Jennifer appeared in only 6 comic issues.........not much of a love interest for Dick

2 months later, New Teen Titans was first released

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did d donna troy have a thing as well.


just friends

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@ccraft said:

She needs to be a darker orange :l

I'll probably pick this up for my sister.


I like her better as golden which was her original skin color

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I don't know why Nightwing is the main focus. Of all the non-powered beings to achieve this, Nightwing would be the last person I would imagine doing it. Someone like Batman, or Prometheus, or Lex Luthor, but... Nightwing? He doesn't have the arsenal to do it...

Batman was killed by a black Kryptonite influenced Superman.

That's why Dick got involved in the crusade against people with superpowers which ended up being the reason that his wife Kory aka Starfire left him.

Kory is the mother of Dick's son, Jake who inherited powers from her.

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@elpizo said:

Something tells me Jake or someone close to him or Dick has super powers and that makes Dick come to terms with being a dick

You're right.

Dick's son Jake has super powers. It's because he inherited them from his mother, Kory aka Starfire who's Dick's ex-wife.