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I barely know Exodus or Candra, but if Nova can mind control Rachel or Teen Jean, then the fight pretty much goes to the villains.

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Xorn Jean has beaten 4 out of 5 once, but not all 5.

That said, normal Jean has the power of boring them to death with a monologue.

I'm inclined to think the 5 team wins by attrition really.

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Quentin and the Cuckoos win, then the Cuckoos double cross Quentin.


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Jean and Scott are the PBJ sandwich relationship. As good as normie pairings get with a tragic but pure destiny to it.

Emma and Scott are the chocolate croissant. Hard to get right, but sweet, delicious, very complicated and a guilty pleasure.

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@koays: Thats all great.

But then I consider the flip side of it all. Most of it is recent stuff, which explains why only rwcently, do I get tilted.

I only ask that her telepathy is defined better because for each high you mention, there is an equal low elsewhere.

Every interaction... no, most interactions between her and Tean Jean end up with Teen Jean beating her telepathically. Even so far as Emma goading her into a telepathic fight, to Xorn jean being defeated solely by Tean Jean, to Tean Jean wrestling conteol of Teen Scott. The only time Emma wins is by nose boop - and even then, Teen Jean has better telekinetic plot armor than Emma's Diamond body.

Don't get me wrong - I cherish emma's badassery on the telepathic level, where it goes from taking out Sinister while missing an arm, fighting a cabal of Skrull telepaths, or making Havok go super saiyan. But for me, her telepathy has been soul crushingly pointless for the past few years.

I take particular oddity with the Black Bolt and Medusa part. Is it explicitly stated that the Royal family specifically underwent telepathic resistance training? Either that happened radically off screen or I missed it, because it seems odd they specifically bothered against Emma Frost given Maximus has been messing around with them for ages. I also remember Emma and the Cuckoos mind controlled people anywhere. I don't see Medusa having mental resilience in most wikis, even though Black Bolt has always had telepathic resilience.

It just seems like the writer copped out on having Emma having free reign of her powers, despite being able to mcguffin a legion of Sentinels. It reeks of horrible, backwards facing writing.

At most, I'm asking for forward facing writing - have fights resolved with skillsets in mind, not an arbitrary least, I want clever teamwork and interesting power usage, which I barelt see telepaths doing nowadays.

Again, Emma past feats are good, but they don't mean anything if the current spate of writing isn't in line with them.

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@hawk2916: In that case, it'd be smarter to simplify the 'bad hair day'. And, as I said before, any BS that Emma faces on a regular basis is in service of another plucky hero.

I guess I don't like plucky heroes - and bad writing.

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@hawk2916 said:

My thing with Emma Frost is why not just give her Diamond hard skin from the jump. Either that or have it that she was indeed experimented on by Sublime and company and given this ability. She doesn't have to turn into Diamond or anything either just have nearly invulnerable or highly resistant skin. Just make it simple

That'd be another retcon to her origin story, which is ... probably not a good idea.

As for making her skin diamond hard as a baseline, it would take the uniquity of her power away. It's pretty rare that a hero has powers that are mutually exclusive, which actually invites clever and tactful usage of that power. Kamala Khan had to learn the interesting quirks of her powers - and now that all of it doesn't matter, she's even more boring than before. Ms Marvel Carol Danvers had interesting limitations to her energy absorption, but now most of it has fallen to the wayside for brutally simple Superman level stuff.

So for me, it's a functional, dramatic and unique factor which most other heroes utterly lack.

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2) Fair.

3) It's a fair assumption that Emma starts New Tian and Mothervine for a reason, but Scott's dream seemed to have died during Death of X and IvX. New Tian and Mothervine ultimately seem like 'mad grasps for power like a villain' because they used Emma as a villain to set up the plucky heroes.

4) Hah. Advertising an X-Men book only really happens in other Comics, so it's a closed system of sorts. I suppose there's no real solution, but X-Men haven't really been selling too well beyond the #1 rinse and repeat hype.

Meanwhile, Captain Marvel has been advertised all over the place. Go figure.

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5) Phoenix Resurrection, where Emma is sipping wine and telling the rest where to find Jean. Her face in that is ... weirdly flat. Like, no cheekbones.

No Caption Provided

And Secret Empire for reference.

And Emma sleeps. In possibly the most 180 personality position possible.

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And yeah, I do remember that portion of Jean Grey #9 now that you mention it, but it seems to be horrifically overshadowed by Teen Jean surviving the Phoenix Force. Go figure.

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1) Yeah, cliff jumping Emma is actually a really dramatic and determined style of training. Do or die. I don't expect her to be indestructible like The Thing, Wonder Man or Colossus, but yeah, I expect something astronomical to crack it.

I suppose by extension, they would have to establish Medusa's hair strength. Science is an equally weird thing to apply to Marvel comics, even moreso when each writer has an agenda and doesn't second guess themselves too harshly like the end reader.

2) Telepathy is a strange thing because very few have training against it. The X-Men seem to have a saturation of those capable of it, and have a school to train against it.

Having people manufacture Magneto helmets like POP Vinyls and giving a select few mental shields doesnt really help.

I suppose that who is better is up to the writer, but Emma is the one telepath that demands finesse, distraction and subterfuge. Psylocke has been about team coordination, Jean has been raw power, Charles via wisdom and intelligence, and Rachel in tracking.

For the most part, her telepathy has been used pretty boringly.

3) It is a lost cause, but this is a change thread.

Nonetheless, I don't recall her saying much about Scott's dream either. Neither do we have much motivation on her takeover move.

Gone are the days we can relate to characters, because there is such a huge divide between their characterization and the writers message.

4) Again, it made for quite the punchline, but it rubs me the wrong way. I doubt the writer could clarify it in Emma's mindset without it being their intent explicitly.

5) X-Men sales have tapered pretty fast. The reasons are numerous, and there are still many who buy it, but because Comichron only shows sales to stores, its very hard to tell how many actually buy the comics, especially when they're extremely expensive for the stores and the readers.

Thats no guarantee that an Emma Frost would fare any better. If written the same as the last few years, it'd probably show the same downfall.

6) The art in Ressurrection was ... traumatic. I think I remember the same artist during Secret War. Man, more nam flashbacks...

Anyhow, Emma getting a booty call at night is a weird distraction to bring up, but ... I suppose its down time nonetheless.

And the only good thing to come out of that series was the #8 lenticular cover. The rest was poor man's karate kid and 'the phoenix breakup part 1'.

As for X-Men fighting X-Men, havent we already had enough of that?

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@marvelfan1992: You know what's kind of funny? Ms Marvel Carol Danvers had interesting energy absorption powers which they've squandered making her Superman.

But ... yeah. Until they show the purple god mode having a limit, weakness or a being that can trounce it, Jean Grey is practically unbeatable unless we get into One Punch Man territory.