This list consist of children who were chosen to wield power or stumbled upon it. Any ideas and thoughts are welcomed

List items

  • first of them all, bitten by a radioactive spider, he started his career as spiderman at age 15

  • chosen by the wizard shazam to wield the living lightning, billy on one of the most powerful and oldest on this list, started his career at age 10

  • billy's sister

  • billy's close friend and brother

  • the most powerful on this list, he found the omnitrix when camping with his cousin and grandfather, started his career at age 10

  • an alien scarab fused to his spine, granting him armour with variuos abilities. started his career at age `15

  • His father left him the helmet which grant him access to the nova force, the powers wielded by intergalactic corp men, started his career at age 15

  • ronald raymond and jason rusch fuse together to become firestorm after jason was given the god particle by proffesor stein

  • Also bitten by a radioactive spider, he started his career at age 13

  • Billy's foster brother

  • Amon tomaz was empowered by black adam at a young age but after the reboot he was empowered by shazam the first to be choosen by the wizard.

  • billy's foster sister

  • Billy's foster brother

  • became cyborg during his final years of of high-school

  • The youngest member of the justice league united

  • inherited the amulet which grants her connection ton the tiger god and also her powers

  • In the new52 reboot she found the armour and the lariat that gives her her powers

  • Discovered his powers at age 15 and became a student to danny rand[iron fist], he wields the chi of new york city