Many people already know am a big fan of the annihilators, i just decided to make my own custom annihilators with cosmic heavy hitters from multiple universes. Am certain this team can take care of any cosmic level threat, even the combo of darkseid and thanos.

List items

  • My team co-leader

  • with parallax

  • His experience in space is very useful and he is also powerful enough to be here. co-leader

  • Access to all rings(he has worn) including indigo and star sapphire

  • co-leader. one of my best characters that is very powerful

  • will be willing to do things superman does not have the balls to do.

  • His powers would be useful in space. He is a cosmic level being (except for him being anti-matter)

  • with adaara (entity of hope). Probably the only one with a soft heart here, he can put people in check, neutralize in-team fights or quarrels.

  • She will be very useful in space

  • with access to all what he has absorbed(omnitrix, ultimatrix) granting him access to life forms like jet ray who can transverse hyper space, speedsters, like xlr8, planet bursters like waybig and ultimate waybig, and he usually carry taydenite which is virtually invulanerable/indestructible. His experience in space and with alien techs and techs in general would be useful in this team.

  • His knowledge/intelligence is definitely needed in a team like this. Would be very good for monitor duty(computers and techs of the team)

  • New52 cyborg has shown a lot of potentials. He and brainiac would be good for monitor duty(computers)

  • I wanted the batgod on this team but remembered someone. The brain of this team, and probably the guy to put them in check

  • In the new52 billy is the new champion of magc and kandaq is no more, he can join this team and take out "bullies"with them

  • strontians are good at taking orders, she just needs a good cause.

  • same thing with xenith, he needs a good cause

  • Zod's right hand woman

  • Not actually a cosmic heavy hitter, but her skills and weapons allow her to tangle with them