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Panthers are generally big cats, or cats that are under the genus panthera, this cats include tiger, lion, jaguar and leopard, of any type.

The black panther is a big misunderstanding, there is no actual animal named the black panther. The black jaguar and black leopard are the cats that most people refer to as the black panther. Technically they are right since they are panthers, but wrong because they refer to them as an animal on their own when they are not an animal of their own but either a black jaguar or black leopard.

Tigers can also be referred to as panthers, white tigers and white lions can be referred to as white panthers, but there is no actual animal known as the white panther, just like there is no actual animal known as the black panther, it's just a general name.

FUN-FACT: they are also called "shadow cats"

I hope this blog helps in clearing the confusion about the black panther myth. Feel free to leave your comments below, especially if you have anything contradicting what i wrote.

NOTE: This is my first blog, i don't know how i did, but i hope it was helpful. I chose the panthers because am a big fan of the big cats.