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Mad bit o' Fun! 0

Birds of Prey #120. Another solid, interesting issue of Tony Bedards run. Questions are raised, and a possible new Bird?The dialouge was mainly good, but I did have a problem over why the whole Babs/Dinah conflict started (prev issue), and why Oracle would even be doing what she did. Is she on to Sin's fake death? Or was that just a theory? Manhunter, who gets her butt kicked, is quick becoming one of my favorites and a regular on the book. That aside, my only other problem was the art. I don't ...

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Laugh Out Loud Funny! 1

I'm tempted to put LOL above, but I've got no idea how mods would respond, sorry, back on topic. The DC/Vertigo Magical Universe and its charachters usually don't get much attention or readership from me. I mean, I've checked out The Books of Magic and a few Hellblazers, but I've never really gotten into them. This book....oh wow. While I have no outstanding super awesome etc. comments about the art, it's okay, and maintains a cartoonish, but still realistic style. Now the writing, you ...

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