Marvel Ultimate Alliance team vs a Huge team of Sony characters

Spider-man vs Nathan Drake
Iron Man vs Cole Macgrath
Captain America vs Nathan Hale
Wolverine vs Jak
Thor vs Sora
Hulk vs Kratos

Nathan Drake-advanced hand to hand combat and armed w/beretta 9mm
Cole Macgrath-electric based powers, enhanced durability and strength, and minor regenerative properties and  has parkour skills
Nathan Hale- advanced hand to hand, has enhanced strength, durability and speed, armed with laser assault rifle and 1911 colt
Jak- armed with a gunstaff (shoots plasma beams), Light Jak form (regeneration, slowing of time and ability to make force fields) Dark Jak form ( super strength, invisibility, and raw dark energy projectile powers)
Sora- armed with kingdom key keyblade, has short burst of super speed and is skilled with his blade
Kratos- armed with his choas swords and has super strength and durability and minor fire based powers

I figure that everyone knows what the marvels have. Note this is in cinematic form and takes place in NYC
If you questions about the sony guys google them  Win by death or knockout

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