The Crime Bible : A Joker and Harley Quinn Movie - Chapter One

Now that the Suicide Squad Movie is out . I would love a movie about The Joker and Harley Quinn .A Movie about Joker & Harley Quinn's love life and the way they run their Crime Family . Where we get to see what its like and how it works .

Then at some point in the movie they have a falling out with each other .They then have a War of the Roses type fight .With both of them Splitting up their Gangs and going to war with each other . Joker having the Joker Mob and Harley Quinn having the Quinn Gang.

With Joker and Harley fighting a war with each other. The other Gangs and Mobs in and around Gotham get the Idea to move in on and take over The Clown Prince of Crime & The Mistress of Mayhem and Mischief Territories. Starting an all out Gang War in Gotham City , Hub City , Midway City, Liberty Hill and Bludhaven over who gets what .

Somewhere in the movie Joker & Harley Quinn will reconcile with the help of Bianca Steeplechase AKA Miss . White. Then Joker & Harley Quinn turn on their Enemies ( the Other Mobs and Gangs) and the Usurpers( People within their Gang trying to take there places) . Showing them NO MERCY .Laughing all the while raining down Hell and Chaos on them.

Why so many Rival Crime-Lords because Joker and Harley are gonna kill a lotta them and take their Territories its going to be a Bloodbath.

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