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The People I want in a New On Going Hero Hotline. If DC Comics Ever does another I really hope they do something with it. It would be a great way to use Underutilized & Lesser-Known characters . I came across this comic mini and I just like it a lot . I think Hero Hotline could handle big and small cases in the DC world and Beyond. I also think that Hero Hotline can and should go International with the Hotline. So no matter where you are Hero Hotline can and will be there to help you.

The Hero Hotline should have their own massive Campus with Labs, Housing,Medical Center , Satellite Campuses and everything that comes with a Top of the line HQ.

The Hero Hotline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and handles calamities beyond the range of normal emergency services.

( Notes I make by names is the way I would like to see their story go)

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