Greatest Comic Book Characters of All Time!

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  • I've expressed my views in discussions and blogs, and yet it's here again... Neil Gaiman's run was an exceptionally great series driven by it's intriguing themes and expertly handled development and characterisation of all his creations, particularly the series protagonist - Dream. The reimagined characters development throughout the series is a masterpiece and unparalleled in comics.

  • There's some gravity surrounding Colonel Fury thats magnetic. He's definitively not a hero, nor a villain - and he doesn't fit the generic anti-hero profile. Nothing sums it up better than Secret Warriors, Fury does what he does because "Someone has to be willing to do the hard work. Someone has to make the impossible decisions". Nicholas Fury is grounded to reality in an aspect of fiction that aims to explore and expand, he holds the place as one of the most unconventionally realistic CBC's. When Captain America said he believes just one man has the power to change the world, he wasn't talking about a superhero - he was talking about Nick Fury.

  • Greatest comic book villain of all time! That's not just my opinion either, Magneto is consistently taking top places. What grabs me about this Magneto is contrary to my usual interests in that Max Eisenhardt is a villain, but understandably so. There's no insanity card, just a raging vendetta, hate and resentment unavoidably crafted by his world of oppression and evil.

  • Another Vertigo reimagining of a long lasting and potentially controversial character/concept masterfully handled. Lucifer wasn't given a 2 dimensional persona, on the contrary, Vertigo's Lucifer brought a relatable characteristic to the series protagonist that remains refreshingly unique.

  • John Constantine, maybe it's just my inability to reject a character based so close to home however John is something special. For nothing else than he is nothing special. He's washed up and broken, fighting every day of his life to keep his head out the water against impossible odds - with nothing but his wits and acquaintances. He'll always find a way to slip out, but someone he cares about will undoubtably pay the cost, while he continues to survive.

  • Despite his over-saturation Logan still holds high. Captured best under great writers like Chris Claremont the conflict of the man vs the beast and delving deep into the dark past of a wounded man while exploring his future - Wolverine, if you can call him one, is, in my opinion, the greatest superhero.

  • He suffers from Wolverine syndrome more than Wolverine however Batman is at his best when taken away from the crossovers and major events, right back to the core of Batman. The Detective, the crusader, The Dark Knight. He's dark, gritty and can make for great stories like Hush, The Long Halloween and The Killing Joke

  • Spider-Man, awesome (if straight forward) concept for a superhero and yet Peter remains remarkably relatable. He struggles, like the rest of the world, with what life throws at him. He falls and stumbles but he's always trying to get by while doing the right thing. Superman is often considered the definitive superhero however I feel Peter Parker has him beat. And to top it off - Spider-Man actually threw in the towel and quit, powerful and down to Earth! Exactly what Spidey is all about...

    "With great power becomes great responsibility"