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185406 New Character Character The size of Fate/Stay Night as a franchise should allow Gilgamesh to have his own page given his role as main antagonists, and that other, much more minor characters already have pages whilst he doesn't. His name shouldn't be an issue since there are multiple characters with the same names already. 03/01/19 04:23PM 0 denied
133622 Bill Cipher Character 11/19/18 02:20PM 16 approved
128728 New Character Character He hasn't had his own page yet, and given the popularity of Gravity Falls, and how all the other characters have wiki pages as well, it feels only natural Bill should get his own. 11/14/18 04:53AM 50 approved
116513 Ryuunosuke Akutagawa Character 10/28/18 08:01AM 25 approved
56898 Ryuunosuke Akutagawa Character 08/06/18 04:39PM 6 approved
38093 Kyouka Izumi Character 06/30/18 01:08PM 6 approved
32467 Lemillion Character 06/20/18 08:04AM 14 approved
27792 Kariya Matou Character 06/13/18 04:54AM 8 approved
20875 Lemillion Character 06/02/18 04:28PM 2 approved
14041 Viral Character 05/24/18 08:48AM 4 approved