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Favorite Anime

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  • What perfection looks like in anime form, filled with memorable characters, action, themes, you name it. Doubt anime will ever top this in my eyes.

  • A Brutal take on what makes a Righteous person in the shape of an unpredictable death game with some truly jaw-dropping scenes. The best Greek tragedy Shakespeare wish he wrote.

  • A fun, Bombastic spectacle mixed in with the best individual character arc i've ever seen in a piece of media. A show which literally anyone can enjoy.

  • A light hearted adventure story slowly turns into a dark tale of death, morality and humanization. Combined with the best power system in shonen jump and you get a marvelous watch. Yorknew>Chimera Ant

  • A twisted sci-fi police drama world deconstructing the role of technology and free will in exchange for happiness, shaping in my favourite villain in anime alongside a setting which feels truly alive.