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  • Greatest ghost rider of all! This was my favorite from the ones in the 90's. The blue hellfire looks pretty cool to. he could take on any villain or super hero and beat the crap out of them. this dude surpasses any one and is the ultimate BAD ASS!

  • 2nd best ghost rider. it was because of him Dan Ketch is where he is now. he would also beat any body senseless like his bro

  • Strong and noble character of Marvel who i believe could fight with superman to a standstill

  • Skaar has become the most interesting hulk ive seen so far. his raw strength and possesion of the old power is awsome

  • hes a great character with his funny puns he makes while he beats people up

  • One of the greatest leaders Ive seen in a while. his leadership surpasses many heroes including Captain America. his strength and power makes him all the better

  • the best leader of the Avengers with his great moral and selflessness. Caps death was a great loss but his return was even greater.

  • Bruce has always been a favorite of mine. his harsh nature helps him keep up with any super hero

  • Iron Fist has been a bit of a beast lately and makes it on my list

  • One of my old favs from when i was a kid. i still think hes a bad ass