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New Rider/Midguardian Crossover

To let people know, me and TypingKira worrked on this story together, enjoy! 
After settleing in at Avengers Academy, I had been invited by some new team called the Raiders to meet with. I don't know why, Dr. Pym was very vague about it. We were gonna meet in Avengers Tower. I had no idea who to look for, I asked around a lot but nobody had an idea. I ran into Thor who seemed to know about the Raiders. 
"Ah you must be young Jacob, the new Ghost Rider that I have heard much about!" he said, giving me a great handshake. he was one of my favorites as well, so I resisted the urge to ask for his autograph 
"Um yes, I'm here to meet with the Raiders, where are they suppose to be at?" I asked, focus on why your here Jacob and you may get by without looking stupid  
"You are always so star stricken around these heroes arent you?" I heard Kale say in my head. "Not helping Noble!" I said to him in my head
"Yes, of coarse, they are in the room down the hall, second door on your left." he said, I can't believe the first time I get to meet Thor that I'm asking him for directions, I hope I can get his autograph next time. 
"Uh thanks, do you know what I'm here for though?" I was a bit curious, no one was telling me what was up. He only smiled and said "you will know soon enough Jacob, go ahead" not much help there, I still said thanks and went to the room.  
When I walked in, I saw a group of 4 girls in there talking. One of them had super long hair with a bow and arrow. She looked like some type of Greek God or something. Another was a girl floating in the air as they were talking, shhe must like to fly a lot. The other two looked more normal, except one had gauntlets on similar to the ones Iron Man has on his armor, and the other looked tomb boyish but was carrying a sword at her side. Was this who I was meeting? I walked over to talk to them, they turned to me and looked at me oddly, was I wrong?  
The girls looked over and me and the one with long hair smiled. Her looks were a bit more. . . boyish than the others, with thicker eyebrows and seemingly no makeup. The tomboyish one with black hair and the sword stood up and smiled too. The flying one approached me first. "Jacob?" she asked.  
"Um, yeah," I answered. Was she. . . glowing? Or just sparkly? Was it makeup? She took my hand and said, "it's great to finally meet you."   
The long-haired one walked up to me and took my hand, clapping me on the shoulder as she shook it. "I'm Agea Parthenos," she said.  
"You made the call, right?"  I asked. "Nice to meet you." 
"Yep. See, Jacob, Jakey," she said, in a charismatic, Hollywood-Agent type voice, throwing her arm right around my neck and dragging me down to her five-foot-two level. "We saw you on the news a while back, fighting . . . um. . . what was his name?"   
"Scorpion," said the dark-haired one.  
"Right, Spider."  
"Scorpion!" shouted the one with gauntlets. Were those. . . blue streaks in her hair?  
"What-ever!" snarled Agea. "Point is, we saw you. And we liked what we saw."   
I wasn't exactly aiming to impress anyone but thanks. wait, how did you all know that was me?" I said, I think I knew what was going on now but I'll wait and see what they have to say. I looked them over again, they looked pretty cool to me so I'll hear them out.  
"I twisted around Cap's arm 'til he told me," said Agea haughtily, looking at her sharp, black-painted fingernails.  
"You did not!" cried Katy in disbelief.  
"I did! Not, you're right. Ask Sophie about it."  
Sophie grinned. Her cute pink lips turned up in an almost evil smile. "Mr. Pym is REALLY bad at picking passwords."  
Anthy sighed and chuckled.   
 "I'm impressed and at the same time a little scared when someone figures out the codes to one of the eight smartest people in the world" I laughed. The devilish smile she let out was a bit scary and it said"dont F with me or I'll ruin your life" it was still funny tthough 
"Well since thats established, what is it you wanted from me?"  
"We want to work with you. See, buddy, it's just us gals. And imagine how boring that gets! We're looking to expand and we want You," said Agea, jabbing me in the chest with her finger. "At least on call." 
"Hmm, I have to say you guys are some interesting characters, thats for sure." I began, " Although the problem is I attend Avengers Academy right now despite... a recent revelation I came across, but thats something else. But I'll tell you what, I'll go with you girls on your next mission no matter what. But after that I would have to be a standby team member, you know calling me when you really need the help. In other words yeah I'll join your team" I have to say, risking themselves by looking into Dr. Pyms files just to find out who I was is what kinda got me. 
 "oh geez I haven't even asked for your names yet, as you girls know, I'm Jacob Anderson, what're your names?"  
 "Yaaay!" cried Sophie, jumping up with glee, and red-head clapped her hands cheerfully. 
"I'm Katy, call me Sentry, and this is Sophie, AKA Warhawk," she began, touching her chest then motioning to the Blue-streaked girl. "And Anthy, known as Asguardian," she added, motioning to the dark-haired girl.  
"It's nice to finally meet you, Jacob. So tell us, do you have a codename?" asked Asguardian.  
"Meh, I just use Ghost Rider, or you could just call me Rider since its shorter. Its nice to meet you all. Since I'm new, I'll treat you girls to some pizza if you want!" They were a nice bunch. They seem easier to get accuainted with than some of my other teammates.  
"Oh no!" cried Katy. "You don't have to!" 
"Really, it's fine!" cried Anthy.  
"He can buy us pizza," said Sophie and Agea together, hooking his arms with theirs.  
Anthy laughed and said, "I think you've been adopted by the team."  
"Why are we standing around!? He wants to buy us food!" 
I laughed and said "Alright, lets go!" we walked to the nearest pizza place and chowed down. Agea and Sophie ate there weight in pizza, but that was fine. We were just talking about our plans for the future, what kinda heroes we would be, who we wanted to be like, stuff like that. They were all really bright girls, I could tell they were already close friends with each other, and it seemed they were ready to be with me. I wouldn't mind being a full time member of there team, but I'll wait till I've graduated from Avengers Academy... or if I decide to leave early due to... certain things. I tried not to focus on that and so I asked about there team. 
"So how did you guys get your team together?" I asked now, we were about done eating.  
"Well it's all Agea's fault really," giggled Katy.  
"I'd say it's Anthy's," said Agea. "She gave me the idea. She'd been involved with the Avengers for a while, and when we met we--" 
Screaming erupted from deeper in the city, and the girls stood up and looked at Jacob, chairs screeching along the floor. "You wanna hit it first or should I?" Agea asked him, not sure what was coming for them. 
"I'll head out, cover me real quick so I can change" I said, I had the girls surround me as I transformed. I whistled for my bike and it came to me. I turned it into its fire form now. 
"You girls ready?" I said looking at them, "Or should I say teammates?"  
They grinned, and I totally knew that I wouldn't have messed with them.  
Anthy pulled off her jacket to reveal a black tunic, and Sophie was strapping red gauntlets to her wrists and lower arms. Agea pulled her bow around her torso and Katy balled her hands into little fists. They all flew forward and towards the danger, as though they were heroes much bigger and older than they were.  
"Holy. . . " muttered Agea. 
 I looked up to see what she was surprised about. I became equally surprised if not more. 
"What in the name of Hades Mercades!?!?" I yelled in surprise.  
 There were great monsters everywhere, they looked like trolls or something. But thats not what was surprising, its who some were carrying on a grand chair using there backs to carry her. she stood on top, with a black and green outfit. It was  Enchantress. Anthy walked forward. she stared at the goddess gravely. she began to yell out to her 
 "Enchantress!" cried Anthy, and she looked to Agea. "You wanna get her?"   
"Yes ma'am. Hey, Rider! first cracks?"   
"Heh heh yeah, I got her." I drove my cycle into the air and mowed down the henchmen in front of me. Enchantress shot some energy blasts at me but I dodged. I was charging at her but she jumped off skillfully and bolted into an ally way. I was a little to busy with the henchmen to stop her, but when I was done, I went after her. 
"You ladies deal with them, I'll get blondy got it?" I yelled to them and then continued forward.  
"Don't underestimate her!" Anthy yelled to me. I wont do that, I've heard of what shes capable of. 
I drove into the allyway slowly, then I saw her there, standing like there was nothing wrong. I have to be careful now, she'll try to hypnotize me or something. 
"Don't move!" I said, but she turned to me and smiled. 
"Why would I? I am not your enemy great Ghost Rider." she said with a beautiful voice.  
"I ain't stupid, I know what you can do and its not gonna work!" I said, I whipped my chain out but she had gotten very close very quickly. 
"You wouldn't hurt me now would you? Compared to you, I am helpless," she was so close she was right in my face now. 
"Your power is so beautiful, Rider. I am drawn to it, now tell me, are you drawn to me?" She said, damn it, I can feel her power trying to take over me. 
"Do you not love me?" she said, getting even closer now. I was able to say a few words. "I... I..."     
"I know you love me! now become mine forever and leave those wretches" she said, I was dazed almost, her power was overwhelming almost.... but hence the word "almost" 
"Nah, not interested" I laughed in her face. she had a disgusted face on now.I wrapped her up with my chains with a speed. I couldn't give her a chance to talk or she would cast a spell or something. 
"Haha the player got played." I said laughing again, and did she look mad. I walked back to the girls who seemed to have handled the hordes easily. 
"You guys seemed to have fun." I said while I bringing Enchantress on the back of my bike. "I caught me one beauty of a fish"  
ANthy looked over and rolled her eyes. "Dude, you're not the brightest, are you?"  
"What?" I asked.  
Enchantress was gone, and Agea was glaring up at me. "You're going to die."  
Katy flew at Enchantress as she laughed on top of an SUV. Her hands glowed with a golden energy, and she met Enchantress' blows with her own, flashes going off whenever their hands met. "Hurry it up Rider!" shouted Anthy as she ran over to help. 
Dammit, this was my fault and I need to make up for it. Katy and Anthy were pushed back by her energy bubble. I charged at her now, this time she opened up the bubble to shoot her energy beams at me. This was magic, so I did feel the pain from her attacks, but I didnt care, she needed to be brought down and I was gonna do it no matter what.   
"Fall you cur!" she said to me as she was blasting me. The girls tried to help but her bubble bounced them away, and the only way to get to her was through the spot she was shooting me through. I wasnt giving up, I was getting very close to her now, the girls were screaming for me to stop, but I kept going forward. finally I was close enough to grab her hands, but she wouldnt let me have the chance to get her. In one last ditch effort, she used more power to bring me down. I fell to my knees on the last hit. My fire looked like it was going out. she laughed now. 
"You may be an immortal in that form cur, but on the inside you are nothing but a stupid human." she walked up to me, the girls continued to try to get through but still couldnt. I was still on my knees, I seemed like just a skeleton now with a little flame left. She was right in front of me now. she put her hand on my shoulder and said "Fall". she pushed my body, and I was starting to fall back.... but I'm not giving up yet. while I was falling, I grabbed her arm. I used what little will power I had left and brought my Hellfire back up to my skull. she was trying to blast me again, but I redirected her attacks to the side now. 
"You wanna... know pain... bitch? I'll show you pain!" I grabbed her head now and looked her straight in the eyes. She escaped me earlier because Iet my guard down, but this time, she will feel the Penance Stare. She was screaming now, very loudly, with great whales of pain. I was so mad about how she hurt me earlier I almost didn't stop. But in the end, I remembered who I was, why I was here and who I was here with. I could hear them telling me to stop.I stopped before it was to late. she was alive, but uncoscious now. I dropped her on the ground and walked over to the girls. They looked a bit relieved that I didnt kill her. 
"Sorry Anthy, I should have listened earlier to you, I'm usually brighter than that." I weakly laughed, then sat down on the ground next to them. I reverted back to normal because it was only us that were around  . they walked up to me now, I hoe they weren't mad about my mistake 
"It's cool," she said, punching a henchman in the face while smiling at me.  
"Dude!" shouted Sophie. "That was so much win!"  
"Over 9000!" added Agea.  
"Epic!" said Katy as she flew close to the ground towards us. The girls all got up and though they were bruised and battered and their clothes were a little torn, but they smiled and laughed and joked about how fat Enchantress was getting, and when they offered hands to help me up, I smiled too. "Dude, you like, totally need to like. . . that was like. . . OMG!!!"  
"Sophie, calm down, you're gonna like, pop an artery or something," said Agea as she clapped me on the back so hard I grunted and fell forward a little. "Good job, Rider, you're a real hero, bro."  
"Indeed, young Rider," said Thor as he and the other Avengers showed up around us, and Thor touched Anthy lightly, holding the back of her head. "You have done well. Many have succumbed to the ENchantress' wiles, but very few have defeated her with sheer willpower."   
Good job, Soldier," said Cap. 
"And now I understand why" I laughed but still weakly, Cap and Thor walked over to me now and and shook my weak hand. I almost fell over. 
"I was informed that you decided to join there team, what about Avengers Academy?" Cap asked as we were on our way back to the tower. 
"We came to an agreement that I would be an on call member, if thats cool?" I said, because honestly, if they were gonna make me choose, I think I would pick joining the Raiders. But this helped in case they were ok with me doing both. Cap and Thor talked to each other for a bit. 
"Alright Jacob, we will allow that, now go over to them and talk about future arrangements" Cap said, good thing they chose that, because I think they knew which I would choose. I went over to the girls now, but I was to hurt to say much 
"Hey, I originally came over to talk about our future as a team, but lets talk about that when I wake up" they looked at me and said "What?" and then I fell on the ground unconscious. I woke up in the tower on a couch in the main hall, the girls were around me.  
"So, now that I'm coscious you gals wanna talk about it now?" I laughed light, still in pain, they laughed as well.  
"Let's talk about us," said Sophie, sitting next to me and resting her shaggy, blue-streaked head against my shoulder. She stared up at me cutely, and the rest of the girls giggled and raised their eyebrows suggestively.  
"Moving on," said Agea. "We'll call you if we need you."  
"Wait. . . on my cellphone?"  
"Um ok, I'll give you girls my number" Sophie was making me a bit nervous, I tried to scoot over a bit, but she held tight to my arm. Its ok Jacob, handle it like a man. 
"Here are our special Raider hot line numbers, and on the back is our personal numbers, you know just in case you want to call us for... other things" said Agea 
The other girls giggled a bit and Sophie held tighter now. I was still hurt so I couldn't fight out of it, not that it was bad, I was just getting more nervous by the second and they could tell, it took all my willpower I had left to keep my face from going red. 
"Alright then, now that its settled, I'm gonna go back to Avengers Academy to uh.. get some rest" I said while wiggling little by little out of Sophies grip      
Sophie kept smiling, and holding on tight, as Anthy walked over and whispered something in her ear. Her face turned pink, and she let go of my arm, then stood up and hurried off, out of the room.  
"I can't believe you sometimes," muttered Katy, crossing her arms and shaking her head. "He's totally oblivious to it."   
"She had the right to know," said Agea, stifling a laugh.  

"What are you guys talking about? am I missing something?" I said, I'm good at reading people usually, but whenever it came to relationship type stuff, my friends and family said I was the most oblivious. Whats up with that?

 "Her fly was down," Anthy whispered in my ear. She seemed like the one least likely to grip my arm and squeeze me to death.  
"I hate you!!!" screamed Sophie as she flew past me and almost tackled Anthy. They zipped out the door and then back in.  
"Well I seriously got to go now, but dont worry I'll come to hang out a lot when I'm done with classes." I said. I went around saying bye to all the girls but I felt sorry for Sophie, so despite the risk of getting things complicated, I went up to her specifically and kissed her on the hand and said "goodbye" softly. OMG what did I just do?       
"Kay bye!" said Agea.  
Katy and Anthy gave me hugs, but Sophie just nodded, blushing bright red and trying not to smile.  
I walked out of there and when they couldnt see me, my face turned red as an apple, I cant believe I did what I just did. 
"For someone who was flirting you seemed to be just as red as her." I heard. I looked around but realized it was Kale 
"Really? I thought you were the Spirit of Vengeance, not the Spirit of romantic criticism. I just felt bad ok?" I said to him in my head 
"Whatever you say Jacob" he said, geez, I cant believe the Ghost Rider spirit is making fun of me. 
Not a bad day when you finally get onto a trustworthy team. I hope we do this often      

One Piece: Time Skip Confirmed(Guest Blog Post)

my fears of a time skip has come to pass.  

as it turns out Zoro will be under the tuition of Mihawk while Luffy will be under Rayleigh who will teach him Haki. the message that got out was "3D2Y" that was tattooed on luffys shoulder. the other straw hats figured out it meant 3 days and 2 years meaning its time for them to get stronger and so they have two years and three days of training before they can finally set sail to the new world.
i really wanted them to stay as they were but like the Pirate Age, it was time to change,(that accidently rhymed :)) another thing is i hope that Jinbei will join the crew when they reach Fishman what do you guys think of this? will luffy and his crew act the same? will they become a serious character roster like Bleach and not be as funny or will they be the positive and funny Straw Hat Crew we know and love? post your thoughts