Top 15 Most Underrated Characters in the Vine.

This list includes characters that are consistently downplayed and or get little to no attention and care whatsoever, even though they have extreme potential.

List items

  • Horrendous potential. No attention whatsoever and people tend to put her as a normal heroin.

  • Even though he's also awfully overrated sometimes, people that don't want to overrate him recurs to downplay him and makes him look like a mere mid tier.

  • Same problem as Hulk. SHE IS a high tier.

  • People tend to forget he has shields that can withstand nukes and his armor is even worst than Adam West's utility belt.

  • Lacks of ABC feats. Still, shows a great potential to be able to support his title if the opportunity is given.

  • I think everybody knows why...

  • Many people are not versed with her, that the reason she gets no respect. Not to mention she hosts a Herald Level being in her persona.

  • So BAWS! yet he gets no respect. He's indestructible and literally immune to TP.

  • Lord of Apokolips also known as Jobberseid. Posses incredible potential, many people discards him.

  • He's a 100+ toner let alone underwater, people treat him like he's some chippendale with no powers.

  • Even Marvel itself lowballs poor Ben. He was Hulk's rival in classic days after all.

  • He started as the epicenter of what is known as Batwanking later explained in the Higgs Boson documentary in National Geographic. However, since it was hard attacked and mocked, it turned into a wave of hate towards the character. Batman is Batman, and he's indeed a TOP fighter and very smart.

  • She KNOWS how to fight. And She's hot, you green haters go eat more vegetables...

  • He's not very famous, not very popular... But GOD that's an awesome power... He's virtually un-killable.

  • Even i myself underrate her sometimes. But DEM gadgets R DOPE!