Top 15 Most Overrated Characters in the Vine.

This is a list that includes characters that are consistently overrated by a significant portion of users in the vine.

This also includes 2 honorable mentions to people that could fit in place 15 but didn't quite make it by a slim margin.

On a side note: I know i'll have some people that will disagree with me, but it's my list, so deal with it :P

List items

  • Walking no limits fallacy with no legit feats rather than beating people that could be associated with plot purposes. He makes the non jobbers, job for no valid, elaborated reason. Just... Cause...

  • Supposedly can beat nigh-omnipotents. Nuff said.

  • Really, im a HUGE Hulk fan, but Hulk blatant fanboys are inexplicably irritating.

  • Another No limits fallacy when not holding back.

  • Same as Hulk.

  • She's always FTL... Even though people like Batman can notice her. She can harm Superman therefore she beats anybody.

  • Just look at Thanos vs H'el thread.


  • Give him 10 minutes prep and suddenly he becomes omnipotent. By that logic he would've killed everybody in the Marvel Universe by now. *sigh*

  • Even though he has a LOT of legit feats and it's indeed utterly powerful... He tends to be overwanked in the vine.

  • She can beat literally ANYBODY with her magic dyslexia attributes... dias ffun.

  • He can cut metal, apparently, that means he can cut anything in existence.

  • This list wouldn't be complete without Goku, really, powerscaling is BROKEN.

  • -He's immune to everything, he can't be stopped, but he can be beaten.

    -Wait what?

    -You heard me.

    -That doesn't even makes sense!

    -He's immune to logic as well.


  • He's always 400x the speed of light... WHAT THE F!?

  • Very similar to Superman. *Honorable Mention*

  • A few issues, but that Gog feat is overwanked horrendously. *Honorable Mention*