Top 10 Favorite Vine Debaters as Characters.

This list includes debaters i closely follow because of the huge amount of information about a certain character they always give out in their debates, as well as presenting such information with quite good if not exceptional debating skills. These viners are also one of the few i would take their word for it about anything relating his expertise area.

This list has no particular order.

On a side note: This list may become larger with time.

List items

  • This one is obviously Killemall. Definitely encyclopedic knowledge of cosmic tier characters with skills to be marveled at.

  • My broski Lvenger, is enough to say i once hated Superman just to later, turn out to be my 5th favorite character and 3rd favorite powerhouse just because of how awesome he presented his cases back then. Kudos, mate... Kudos.

  • Wolverine08: Young prospect that at the age of 14 it's capable to hang around 20+ dudes, let alone his extended knowledge about Wolverine. Mah broski too, bub.

  • Same as Wolverine08, YourNeighborhoodComicGeek is a young prospect as well. The picture of Deadpool is self-explanatory. *fist bump*

  • Jashro44, his debating skills and knowledge are nigh-flawless. Nuff said.

  • TheAcidSkull, the widely known Hulk expert of the Vine, which i consider my future rival in that matter. His CaV against Sherlock defending Hulk against Superman shows he knows how to handle the pressure of Speed Blitz. *thunderclap*

  • I hardly ever followed him back then, but Pope052 showed a very wide knowledge about DBZ along with very strong cases to support it without the use of powerscaling and fan-made calculations.

  • God_Spawn... It's already well known the caliber of this guy. Im guilty of assimilating way too many things about his debating style, his friendly aggressiveness and confidence about his claims were incredibly relevant in my formation as a debater. (He's too cocky to give me a follow but meh... ;) )

  • Veshark, personally, i find his debates incredibly entertaining and full of useful and mind-blowing information about Caps.

  • Beatboks1, definitely an "Ask for information" post about JSA matters in the vine, his skills shows how strong his points could be.