ranking the strawhat pirates (MY OPINION)

I love all the strawhat pirates, i do not hate any of them, this is just me ranking them from greatest to least greatest

List items

  • I just love sanji. thats all I have to say about that

  • nami feels real, her story with arlong, her battle with mrs double finger. She has some of my favorites scenes in one piece

  • Franky is underrated, i just find him very enjoyable to read

  • Waterseven made Usopp a fan favorite for me, we know when he is on panel that it will be entertaining.

  • Robins arc in Enis lobby is the best character writing that Oda has ever done. Super underated

  • Hes the MC, super enjoyable when ever hes on the page.

  • Zolo easily has the best moment in one piece, hes one of the most popular characters in the series and has some of the best fights in the series, super badass

  • Jimbeis placement will change when he gets more screen time, he is only this low because we've seen the least of him.

  • Chopper was very compelling character in drum island but his character hasnt had his time to shine in the new world

  • Brook was put into the story right before the best part, Thriller bark and brooks story was overshadowed by marineford and impeldown