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Character Bio: Erich Stachel

Name: Erich Stachel

Gender: Male

Age: 119

Species: Mutant

Alias: Stachel, Wasp, Vernichtung.

History: Former Nazi SS Leader. Former South-Central America-based Paramilitary Mercenary leader.

Psychological: Claims to not have any affiliation with his former Nazi allies, as well as a disgust towards the atrocities he has committed in their name. Also claims to have a telepathic link to insects of the Vespidae family. Has been prone to short psychological breakdowns as a result of said insects communicating back. Shows a strange, parental-type relationship with one specimen in particular, a Japanese Giant Hornet whom he has named 'Kleine'.

Division: Maverick Infantry

Squad: Vespa-3

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 225 lbs.

Erich Stachel, Agent of Maverick
Erich Stachel, Agent of Maverick


Erich Stachel was born to a non-mutant family in Berlin, Germany in 1898, barely turning 16 before the start of World War 1. Stachel eagerly joined the Nazi soldiers, and marched blindly into war alongside the invasion forces. After the Nazi's defeat in World War 1, he returned home to his mother, who was widowed by the same war Stachel returned from. Not wishing to burden her son int his time of economic crisis in Germany, she ended her own life not a year after Stachel's return home. Stachel's mutation made it difficult for him to find love, leaving his house empty, and his personality bitter. Living a degrading existence of hard work and strict law, Stachel was overjoyed when he first heard of the man by the name of Adolf Hitler. He was a fellow veteran of World War 1, and sought to return Germany to it's former glory. In time, his fame grew, and Stachel rejoined the Nazi party, ready and willing to fight his way to a better life. After the beginning of World War 2, Stachel's skill in leadership surfaced over his raw skill in combat. Despite his mutation, he climbed through the ranks, eventually becoming a major SS leader, second only to Heinrich Himmler. While he did not agree with the Nazi objective of an ethnic cleansing, he followed his path to bringing Germany out of economic crisis at all costs, and idolized Hitler for his role in achieving this goal. Stachel's men were some of the last to retreat as Allied forces attacked, standing their ground until the last second possible on all fronts possible. However, despite their efforts, the Allies claimed victory over the Nazis, and upon learning of his idol's suicide, Stachel fell into a deep depression. His men had died, his leaders had died, the only ones who were left living had fled the country. To avoid execution, he fled to Venezuela, where he lived for years peacefully, but bitterly. He began mercenary work as a way to put his skills to use, while taking out his frustration relating to the rise of Communism in his homeland. He eventually started a small group of mercenaries, which steadily grew. They began to take on contracts from as far north as Florida, and as far as southern Columbia. This progress, however, was halted in 2013 as Charlemagne LeBeau lay waste to the mutant population of the country. There were prices on his head that Stachel's men attempted to claim, but were ultimately killed. He fled North, as did many other of his kind, and immigrated to America, who sympathized with his situation despite his past affiliations. As he reached Florida, he saw the irony in this turn of events. Erich Stachel, Nazi Officer, chased out of his home in fear of an ethnic cleansing brought on by one powerful man. It did not take long for Stachel to realize something had to be done. He was an outcast, shunned, sometimes even attacked. Those who did not see him as a Nazi still saw him as a mutant. Some may say this was a form of poetic justice, but Stachel had long let go of his Nazi affiliations, despite the armband tattooed around his bicep. He had never agreed with the ethnic cleansing that had taken place. Venezuela was his home, and he would fight for it. Rallying under Xenon and his mutant rebellion, he played a minor role in reclaiming the country, sealing it's independence. There, he attempted to gather the remnants of his organization, but failed to find any who were not dead or in hiding. There were very few applicants among the new mutant population. Stachel was distraught. His home was no longer home. It was a burning husk of a land that once held memories, just as Germany was. He was accepted in Venezuela, but instead chose to return to America, mutants having newfound respect and hatred alike. Attempting to find purpose in his life once more, he contacted an organization he had heard much about, but seen little of. That organization was Maverick.


Power Grid

Intelligence: 5 (Stachel's brain functions have been shown to be far more advanced than that of an average person's, most likely as a result of his mutation. This allows him to easily telepathically command entire swarms of wasps at once with minimum strain)

Strength: 4 (Stachel has been shown capable of twisting solid steel, tearing metal doors off their hinges with ease, and dismembering humans with minimal effort. This strength is applied both through grappling and striking, allowing him major damage via concussive blows)

Speed: 3 (Stachel is much faster than the average man in both running speed and reflexes, able to run up to 30 mph and dodge fast-moving projectiles such as arrows and bullets with relative ease. This is further augmented when flying, during which his movement speed is nearly doubled at maximum)

Durability: 4 (Without Armor), 5 (With Armor)

Energy Projection: 3 (Stachel can excrete a potent toxin from his body, the lethality decided by him. This can be released intot he blood stream via a direct strike, or spat at the opponent from range)

Fighting Ability: 5 (Stachel has over the years perfected a custom fighting style integrating his stingers and ability to fly)


Stachel's physical appearance draws on multiple wasp motifs. His skin takes the form of a yellow chitinous hide which has hardened tot he strength of bone, being a true exoskeleton. Two pairs of insectoid wings jut out from his back when flying, which can easily fold onto his back as if they were never there. His eyes are compound, having the fractured appearance of a wasps. These allow him a much greater field of vision as well. His teeth are more spaced out and pointed, making them optimal for rending flesh. Multiple small spikes protrude from his forearms and shoulders, as well as a pair of 2 foot long 'Stingers' which emerge and retract from his forearms on command, the length of which determined by Stachel. He has a Nazi armband tattooed around his right bicep, as a show of respect for his former comrades. His blood is a tealish color, having a much thicker consistency than what is normal for humans. This helps to prevent blood loss.

Powers & Abilities

Tactical Analysis: Stachel is a great strategist and tactician. Using his superior problem-solving skills, Stachel can work out a battle ahead of time for many possibilities and predict enemy movements and tactics after the battle has engaged by recalling and utilizing memorized mannerisms acquired through past experience on a moment's notice. This ability extends both into his tactical ability in single combat and using mixed unit tactics, as well as commanding entire armies. He has shown capable of operating optimally in many different conditions and environments, making him extremely versatile as a tactician. This is further augmented his minor telepathy, which grants him the subconscious ability to read an opponent's moves and react accordingly.

Hand-to-Hand Combat: Trained by both the elite of the Third Reich and Maverick themselves, Stachel has become quite adept at hand-to-hand combat. He has developed a specialized martial art incorporating his stingers, firearms, poison, and ability to fly, making him as dangerous an opponent at close range as he is at long.

Enhanced Intellect: Able to think much times faster and utilize that much more of his mind than your average human for information processing and sorting, Stachel's mind is virtually a computer built for strategy and problem-solving, one that works at optimal ability even when under stress and fatigue. It has been said that his mental power rivals that of a Strigidae when focused on a single subject. He is also ingenious in devising solutions against superior aspects of opponents, can observe and exploit, and can calculate distance, speed, and time at lightning speeds; his sense of timing is superb, bordering on perfection. This is all necessary when commanding hundreds of insects at once.

Enhanced Reflexes: Stachel possesses enhanced reflexes. The speed at which he reacts allows him to dodge fast-moving projectiles such as arrows and bullets. He can usually out-react even the fastest humans, no matter how well-trained.

Enhanced Speed: Ability to run at speeds of up to 30 mph and long distances far out-performing any Olympic athlete.

Enhanced Stamina: Stachel can exert himself at peak capacity greater then any human could, due to a resistance to his own fatigue toxins.

Enhanced Strength: Stachel's entire muscular system was hardened and fortified making him many times stronger than an average human to the point of tearing metal doors off their hinges, dismembering humans, and twisting steel with his bare hands. He can place the this capability into his strikes, allowing him the augment the concussive force of his attacks. This strength also extends to his jaw, allowing him to bite through hard, solid objects and tear chunks from humans easily. His strength is sufficient to press about a ton with relative ease.

Enhanced Senses: As a result of his mutation, Stachel's senses have been enhanced greatly. Due to his minor telepathic abilities, he is given a 360 degree field of awareness, able to 'see' in all directions. His hearing has also increased, allowing him to hear a silenced gunshot from miles away and react accordingly. When focused, he has stated that time appears to move in slow motion, while he stays the same speed.

Healing Factor: With an accelerated ability to heal damaged tissue, the rate at which Stachel's body recovers from injury and capable of being repaired before death. As such, Stachel's body can take a tremendous amount of punishment before succumbing to death. Simple gunshot and stab wounds, cuts, and broken bones can heal faster than normal. His controlled insects can be used for healing purposes as well, by eating bullets and placing maggots within a wound.

Longevity: Stachel ages very slowly, being 118 years old and still in his physical prime. When he will die of natural causes is unknown, as is if he ever will.

Chemical Immunity: Stachel is completely immune to most venoms, toxins, and poisons. This allows him not only to survive attempts to kill him in such a way and an immunity to chemical weapons and acid, but also the ability to secrete his own poisons and use them however he likes.

Venom Excretion: Stachel can secrete a venom from his body, a greenish-brown opaque color. The potency and acidity of this poison can be chosen by Stachel, ranging anywhere from excruciating pain, paralysis, or near-instantaneous death. He can inject this poison via his stingers, or spit it at long distances using an abnormal muscle in his mouth, one which would not normally be found in a human. When spat, it is usually in a more acidic form than if it were released into the bloodstream, as to burn the opponent, or the object he wishes to break through.

Stingers: Stachel has the unique ability to extend 'stingers' from his forearms. These Stingers can reach up to 2 feet long, the exact length of which being mentally controlled by Stachel. They can also be extended to maximum length in under a second, and as such can be used to add extra and lethal reach to a punch which would have otherwise fallen short. He can also retract them at alarming speeds, making for a quick and easy fakeout if necessary. These stingers are one of Stachel's primary forms of poisoning, as he can release his venom through the tips of the stingers, into the bloodstream. Upon command, he can move the tips of the stingers so that they are hooked on the end, as well as adding small, downward-angled spines, making them optimal for clinging to the inside of an opponents flesh, controlling distance as well as allowing the maximum amount of poison to be released into them, as they would have difficulty removing themselves.

Claws: Stachel possesses claws rather than fingernails, which are nearly as strong as his stingers. These allow him to cling to surfaces, objects, or people he would otherwise not be able to, and also serve as an array of slashing weapons, being quite sharp.

Wall-Crawling: Stachel possesses the ability to cling to flat, vertical surfaces or hang upside down by simply placing his fingertips on said wall or ceiling. This is controlled mentally, and as such he will not always cling to a wall, but only when he desires.

Flight: Stachel possesses two pairs of insectoid wings which jut out from his back, allowing him flight at low altitudes up to 60 mph. These wings can fold down onto his back as if they were never there, not visible under clothes. Stachel his installed in his armor ports through which his wings can be extended, allowing flight while clothed.

Telepathy: Stachel possesses minor telepathic abilities. Most of these are subconscious, giving him abilities such as lie detection, move prediction, and increased spacial awareness. The main purpose of this ability, however, is his control over wasps and hornets. He can command them via telepathic link, his advanced mind able to battle on hundreds of different fronts at once, using hive mind tactics. There are clear benefits to hundreds of soldiers sharing a single mind, and Stachel has taken advantage of this by using the insects as weapons, temporary shielding, or medics. He has a special link with his 'pet', Kleine. Occasionally, this telepathic ability can overwhelm him. He can sometimes hear the wasps communicate back to him as one entity, often in a chilling manner.



Primary: MP40, upgraded and maintained since joining Maverick.

The MP40 submachinegun is an open-bolt, blowback-operated automatic arms. Fully automatic fire was the only setting, but the relatively low rate of fire allowed for single shots with controlled trigger pulls. The bolt features a telescoping return spring guide which serves as a pneumatic recoil buffer. The cocking handle was permanently attached to the bolt on early MP38s, but on late production MP38s and MP40s, the bolt handle was made as a separate part. It also served as a safety by pushing the head of handle into one of two separate notches above the main opening; this action locked the bolt either in the cocked (rear) or uncocked (forward) position. The absence of this feature on early MP38s resulted in field expedients such as leather harnesses with a small loop, used to hold the bolt in forward position. The MP38 receiver was made of machined steel, but this was a time-consuming and expensive process. To save time and materials, and thus increase production, construction of the MP40 receiver was simplified by using stamped steel and electro-spot welding as much as possible. The MP38 also features longitudinal grooving on the receiver and bolt, as well as a circular opening on the magazine housing. These features were eliminated on the MP40. One unique feature found on most MP38 and MP40 submachineguns was an aluminum, steel, or bakelite resting bar or support under the barrel. This was used to steady the weapon when firing over the side of open-top armored personnel carriers such as the Sdkfz 251half-track. A handguard, made of a synthetic material derived from bakelite, was located between the magazine housing and the pistol grip. The barrel lacked any form of insulation, which often resulted in burns on the supporting hand if it was incorrectly positioned. The MP 40 also had a forward-folding metal stock, the first for a submachinegun, resulting in a shorter overall weapon when folded. However, this stock design was at times insufficiently durable for hard combat use.Although the MP40 was generally reliable, a major weakness was its 32-round magazine. Unlike the double-column, dual-feed magazine insert found on the Thompson M1921-28 variants, the MP40 used a double-column, single-feed insert. The single-feed insert resulted in increased friction against the remaining cartridges moving upwards towards the feed lips, occasionally resulting in feed failures; this problem was exacerbated by the presence of dirt or other debris. Another problem was that the magazine was also sometimes misused as a handhold. This could cause the weapon to malfunction when hand pressure on the magazine body caused the magazine lips to move out of the line of feed, since the magazine well did not keep the magazine firmly locked. German soldiers were trained to grasp either the handhold on the underside of the weapon or the magazine housing with the supporting hand to avoid feed malfunctions.

Stachel has modified this gun to fire high-tech rounds provided by Maverick, as well as made modifications to improve the gun overall, such as insulating the grip to prevent burns to the hand, fortifying the foldable stock, adding an extended magazine (which can hold high-tech Maverick ammunition), improvements to the feed to prevent malfunctions, Maverick-designed recoil-reduction technology, a short-range hybrid optic sight, and a select-fire feature, as well as an ammo selector built-in to the side. He can now choose between Homing, Airburst, Armor Piercing, or Hollow Point (Often filled with his venom) using a small screen interface.

Sidearm: Mauser C96. Stachel has been trained with this sidearm sine it was issued to him, becoming quite skilled with it. Like his MP40, he has made major improvements to the C96 over the years, namely incorporating recoil-reduction technology and loading it with homing rounds. The Mauser C96 is often Stachel's weapon of choice when the situation does not demand heavy firepower.

Grenades: Stachel has a certain fondness for grenades, and often uses them in battle. He has since graduated beyond German 'potato-masher' grenades, and now prefers to use high-tech fragmentation explosives developed by Maverick. They remain true to the basic concept of a fragmentation grenade, only with a custom fuse length, more dangerous projectiles, and an extremely difficult to breach casing which negates nearly all attempts to detonate while still on the belt or while in mid-air. Stachel has also become quite accustomed to 'Swarm' grenades, which, upon detonation, release an abundance of small drones, some equipped with small amounts of hafnium explosive. These 'seekers' are a great minority, about 1/10, and will actively chase an enemy, detonating upon impact with the target or whatever gets in it's way. Although the targeting systems are state of the art, they are possible to fool. The rest are 'eaters', which devour organic material within the radius of the explosion. Stachel has trained his wasps to avoid the nano swarm, keeping them safe during the attack, while they are still available to attack other targets.

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Character Bio: C

"Kill what I eat, sell what I don't, buy what I need to keep blowin' shit up." - C

Name: Unknown

Alias: C

Identity: Private

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Affiliation: None

Occupation: Hunter, Arsonist

Education: High School Graduate

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Native American

Height: 6'0

Weight: 190 lbs.

Age: 28

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Unusual Features: Various Burns on Hands, Scar Over Left Eyebrow

Birthplace: New York City

Base of Operations: Adirondack Park

Family: Unknown

Marital Status: Single

Orientation: Asexual

Religion: Atheist

Political: Anarchist

Mental Evaluation: Sociopath, Pyromaniac

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CJ Knight: The King of L.A. (Conclusion)

Nobody could tell you for sure why Michael Keller committed this act of apparent suicide, however, his life was no gem. He began his job as a policeman seeking only justice, but ended up corrupted by his surroundings. He took bribes to look the other way as a force greater than the police did as they so chose with the city he was responsible for. He was in the midst of a divorce, about to lose nearly everything he owned, including custody of his children, to his wife, both of which hated him. This was all on top of multiple mental disorders and a history of violent outbursts. It should have been no surprise that he died violently, but perhaps that he seemingly chose to die violently. Whatever the case, Michael Keller was dead on the ground floor of the textile plant where CJ Knight resided, and the Rampage gang members he was tasked with holding off were advancing up the stairs to Bishop and Kiro.

The aforementioned duo were approaching the last door between themselves and their target as they heard the sounds of footsteps. Bishop motioned for Kiro to watch the stairs, handing him his sawed-off shotgun to better defend them. Bishop paid no mind to the sounds of gunfire as he kicked down his target's office door, quickly taking a step aside to avoid the gunfire he expected to bombard the doorway. He knew the room wasn't empty, however, and took caution when approaching. He fired a few rounds through the wall near the doorway in an attempt to injure any Rampage waiting in ambush. The third shot resulted in a pained grunt as a thug on the opposite side of the doorway exited, spraying gunfire in Bishop's direction at relatively close range. Bishop would never regret his decision to wear kevlar vests on missions. He fell to the ground, his motorcycle helmet-turned identity concealment absorbing some of the bullets' impacts, shattering his visor in the process. The thug's clip ran dry shortly after, however, allowing Bishop to open fire from his position on the ground. Two shots to the chest killed his opponent, and he stood, brushing off his jacket and tossing aside his helmet. He'd retrieve it on his way out. Reloading his Glock, he stepped over the fresh corpse towards the doorway to the office of CJ Knight.

Meanwhile, Kiro defended the stairway with Bishop's shotgun, blasting away the first two unfortunate thugs to run blindly up the stairs. Tossing the empty gun aside, he drew his pistol. The third thug noticed the fallen Rampage, who was immobilized and quickly moving blood. He took cover, only for his exposed leg to be shot. He fell to the side, and Kiro quickly finished him with another two bullets. As more thugs approached, Kiro quickly ran out of bullets, and with no time to reload, Kiro unsheathed his katana. Kiro waited in ambush to the side of the stairway, awaiting the first thugs' arrival. The first was clumsy, forgetting to check his corners, and was met with a katana thrust through the back of his spinal cord. The second was simply startled, too much so to accurately fire as Kiro swiftly severed his dominant hand, following with an impaling thrust to the abdomen. Repurposing the the man's corpse as a meatshield, Kiro descended the stairs, impaling unassuming thugs on his katana, adding to his veritable macabre shishkebab. The Rampage's bullets failed to penetrate the corpses of their comrades, Kiro's charge ending only as he began to lose momentum. The weight of the men on his sword becoming too much for Kiro to handle, multiple thugs simply side-stepped his charge and shot him in the back. After Kiro’s momentum died, he toppled down the stairs, joining the pile of fresh corpses he had created. What few thugs remained began shakily up the stairs, dreading what the one remaining member of the trio would offer.

Bishop, ignoring the screams from behind him, stepped into the office of CJ Knight, making sure to kill the injured thug on the left side of the doorway on his way in. Taking a quick look around, Bishop reached for the vision switch on his sunglasses, only to realize they were no longer on his face. Inconvenienced, Bishop backed out of the room with intent to loot superior firepower from one of Knight’s thugs. Glancing around cautiously, Bishop slowly bent down for an Uzi. CJ took his chance. Emerging from the hidden door to his office’s panic room, Knight charged at Bishop with an aluminum baseball bat. Bishop turned quickly, picking up the Uzi and firing as he did so, only to realize there was a measly two bullets left in the clip. “Serves me right for taking a dead man’s gun.” Were Bishop’s last thoughts before Knight swung the bat, the blow being mostly absorbed by Bishop’s raised left forearm. Bishop followed the block with a counterattack, taking advantage of Knight’s vulnerability after being staggered. Lunging forward, Bishop delivered a bone-crunching left hook to Knight’s lower ribs, followed by a botched uppercut to Knight’s upper jaw as he lowered his chin to his neck, badly cutting Bishop’s knuckles on teeth. Too close to effectively use his bat, Knight tossed the tool aside and swung his right elbow towards Bishop’s temple, narrowly avoiding an attempt by Bishop to knock him to the ground with a kick to the knee during Knight’s stagger backwards from the uppercut. The elbow missed, however, and Bishop once again delivered a hard punch to Knight’s ribs as the failed attack left him open to retaliation. Knight feigned injury, causing Bishop to underestimate him in his current state, leading to the success of a surprise swing to Bishop’s nose, knocking him back and clouding his vision. Knight took this opportunity to charge forward, positioning himself beside Bishop, facing his opponent. In one swift maneuver, Knight placed his right leg in front of Bishop’s left, underhandedly wrapping his right arm around the back of Bishop’s head, ducking under a blind elbow intended to hit Knight’s head, and began to push forward on the back on Bishop’s head, tripping him over his leg.

Meanwhile, Bishop had reached his knife during the fall, and as Knight positioned himself on top of him, Bishop swung it at Knight’s leg, as this was all he could reach while pinned to the ground on his stomach. Little force could be achieved from his position, but it was enough to distract Knight, who delivered a blow to the back of Bishop’s head in retaliation, while Bishop did his best to buck Knight temporarily off of him, successfully rolling onto his back. In a better position to utilize his blade, Bishop began to stab wildly at Knight, who quickly withdrew from his position on top of Bishop and drew his own knife. They both separated from each other, taking a defensive stance and beginning to circle the room. This was the first time the two had been able to get a good look at each other.

“Dooley f*cking Frye.” Knight taunted Bishop. It hadn’t clicked until just now, upon hearing Knight’s voice, but Bishop knew him. Sergeant CJ Knight had been in charge of Bishop during his time in the Marines. A fight between them, in which Knight was victorious, was the last straw leading to Bishop’s dishonorable discharge. “Let’s see what you’ve got these days, Private.”

Knight laughed to himself as a series of feigned stabs and slashes played out, each combatant strategically sizing the other up and forming a plan of action in their head. There was little margin for error in a knife fight. Frustrated, Bishop lunged forward, jabbing in Knight's general direction, a predictable attack that was easily sidestepped. Bishop followed up with a swipe in Knight’s direction, which slashed through his shirt and drew blood, but was a minor injury in comparison to the stab to the kidney which Knight delivered to Bishop’s exposed back. Knight then kicked Bishop, who was attempting to recover from his wound, pushing him to the ground. Knight once again positioned himself on top of Bishop, who had had the foresight to stay on his back. Knight immediately attempted to end the fight with a downward stab to Bishop’s neck, the latter of which caught the former’s arm and impaled it, sliding his blade through the middle of the Radius and Ulna all the way through to the other side. Throwing his knife in a fit of rage, Knight was distracted in pulling the serrated blade from his arm. Upon tossing Bishop’s blade aside, he was met with a crippling right hook to his jaw, knocking him off balance. Bishop used this to reverse Knight’s pin, now on top. He placed his right knee on Knight’s wounded left arm, grinning through his yellowed, crooked teeth as blood gushed from the wound with pressure.

Blow after blow to the pinned Knight knocked him near-unconscious. Knight’s vision was blurred greatly, and blood was in his eyes. His face felt as though it was on fire. Through the haze, he saw Bishop reach for the dead thug’s Uzi. Lifting the empty weapon off the ground, he held it high above his head. Time seemed to pass in slow motion as the Uzi came slowly towards Knight’s face. It’s descent, however, was stopped as Bishop fell sideways. A loud crack in the distance and the sound of shattering glass preceded Bishop’s fall, caused by a .50 caliber bullet that had propelled itself through Bishop’s skull with ease and into a nearby wall, his head becoming an explosion of blood, brain matter, and splintered bone, leaving only a badly mutilated lower jaw and blood-matted hair upon his neck. Knight pulled himself out from under Bishop’s headless corpse as blood pooled under his wound, visibly pouring from throat. Barely able to stand, Knight futily brushed himself off. At this point he was unsure who’s blood was on his clothes. The phone on his desk began to ring, and he staggered towards it, picking up on the last ring. As he raised the device to his face, he looked out his shattered window, training his focus on the glint of a scope on a nearby building. Through bloodied lips, he spoke once before hanging up.

“Took you long enough.”

The next day, the shootout in the cul de sac was all over the news, the deceased were mourned by who little there were to mourn them, and CJ Knight saw to it that the messes were disposed of and his name cleared. A week later, Grant Cade, killer for hire and uncle of Hollywood movie star and vigliante Jack “The Great” Cade was found dead under a bridge, shot three times in the chest, his signature sword missing. He knew too much, and he was too slow on the draw. His sluggishness had cost CJ Knight some teeth and a great deal of pain. And now, his sword lie mounted on the wall of the office of CJ Knight.

The King of L.A.

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CJ Knight: The King of L.A. (Part 3)

"Move." The only word spoken by Bishop as he rolled down the drivers' side window in his armored van and pointed a shotgun out the window. He'd parked the van so that is was a broad target facing outward into the rest of the cul de sac, in the process providing cover for the exiting passengers advancing on the textile plant, which Bishop had parked immediately in front of. As soon as he propped the barrel of his gun on the open window, the Rampage opened fire on the bullet-proof van. Bishop kept his head down and fired buckshot at any and all moving targets in his sights, spraying as much lead into the environment as possible and covering his employees' assault on the textile plant.

Twenty men armed with pistols moved slowly towards Bishop, five more with submachineguns. The van was shaking as a hail of bullets collided with the side. Bullets entered through the open window and exited through the other, crashing into the textile factory's front wall beyond. Bishop needed to hold his position and cover his employees as they cleared the lower floor of the factory before he could move in. With his free hand, he reached for his walkie-talkie. "Status report."

"Moving in." Michael replied, brandishing an M16 assault rifle he had taken from the van's armory before kicking down the door. As predicted, the Rampage were waiting, and opened fire on the empty doorway immediately. The noise created by their gunfire and the confusion created by a lack of a body at the doorway was enough to distract them as Kiro fired two well-placed shots through the front window, eliminating two of the Rampage and breaking the glass, allowing entry. As the thugs turned their attention to Kiro as he entered the window, Michael entered through the bullet-riddled doorway and opened fire on the thugs within, diverting their attention once more as any Rampage not killed by Keller were ended by Kiro, who came swiftly through the window, stabbing and slashing any who stood in his way with his Katana. "Clear." Kiro notified Bishop over his walkie-talkie.

At this, Bishop fired whatever rounds were left in his gun into the oncoming mass of armed thugs, crawling on his stomach over the van's center console and opening the passenger side door. On his feet again, he rushed for the textile plant, narrowly avoiding another hail of gunfire as he reached cover behind the plant's brick walls. "Keller, watch the entrance, Kiro, on me." Michael gave a silent nod as Bishop tossed him a hand grenade and motioned for Kiro to follow him.

As they rounded the stairs, a lone Rampage member who had fled the massacre on the lower level waited in ambush, opening fire on Bishop in particular with an Uzi. As Bishop began to fall backwards down the stairs, he fired a single shot in desperation, the relatively close sawed-off shotgun blast hitting the thug's left leg, reducing it to a mess of splintered bone and shredded flesh. As he fell to the ground, screaming and holding his ruined leg in a futile attempt to tend to his gruesome injury, Kiro took a step forward and thrust his sword through the thug's throat, staring directly into the thug's eyes as his screams were replaced with pained chokes and gargles as his lungs filled with his own blood. Within moments, the thug was dead, and Kiro turned to tend to Bishop, who, to Kiro's surprise, was standing. As he proceeded back up the stairs, the shifts in his olive-colored jacket revealed he had been wearing a kevlar vest, greatly reducing the bullets' power for penetration and dispersing a good amount of the kinetic energy throughout the garment. The multiple, repeated impacts, however, had broken ribs, and the fall down the stairs broken fingers. Inconvenient and uncomfortable, but survivable. Bishop was still well enough to finish the job. Bishop and Kiro proceeded up the stairs.

They had reached the third floor. CJ Knight's office was straight ahead. The sounds of gunfire could be heard below as corrupt cop Michael Keller defended the textile plant's entrance, the building shaking as he detonated the hand grenade given to him by Bishop. He used this momentary pause in the battle to his advantage. Juggling his walkie-talkie with a new clip, he alerted Bishop and Kiro to his situation. "Too many of 'em, they just don't stop. I think they're getting gear from the van, I dunno how long I'm gonna last here." Michael waited on a reply, but got none. This was, in reality, due to the pair's attempts to remain quiet this close to their target, but Michael feared the worst. He'd heard gunfire above him not long ago. With that thought, Michael leaned around the corner he was taking over on, firing aimlessly into the doorway the Rampage entered through. "You sons of b*tches are going to get me one hell of a promotion!" He laughed through clenched teeth as thugs fell to the ground, anger turning to shock as they realized that they had been shot. Michael began to feel a sharp pain in his abdomen, followed by another in his shoulder, but simply ignored the pain as he left cover completely with his gun at his hip, avoiding staggering back as much as he could. As blood began to pool in his mouth, he continued to laugh and scream angrily through his teeth, staining both them and his greying beard red as the thugs took cover. "This is one crazy mothaf*cker!" Was a common comment on Michael Keller's psyche. The corrupt cop had never been known for his mental stability, but what he was attempting today was no different from suicide. The sharp pain dulled, following his slowing pulse as his vision darkened around the edges. The ringing in his ears grew progressively louder as he began to realize his war cry had ended. He was still now, staring blankly at the doorway with his rifle hanging from his hand as the red stains on his clothes growing larger. Blood was beginning to pool in his shoes as a thug peeked out of cover, only for Michael to attempt to raise his weapon with a single hand, firing off a few inaccurate shots as he staggered backwards, eventually tripping on the stairs as he did. The Rampage moved in, weapons at their sides, approaching the fallen Michael, who no longer had the strength to reach his weapon. Every breath was an effort, the back of his throat pooling with blood, spewing out as the air left his lungs.

"Take his gun, this fool's dead."


CJ Knight: The King of L.A. (Part 2)

CJ Knight was a 24-year old African-American man, and quite the imposing figure. Standing at 6'3 and weighing in at 230 lbs. out of gear, he could easily overpower any one of his men through physical might alone, not to mention his skill in hand-to-hand combat. He kept his hair to a buzzcut, only allowing minimal facial hair to grow. When out of his gear, he often wore only an undershirt and jeans, keeping clothing to a minimum as well.

The neighborhood he watched over as the windowless van rolled slowly towards him was the same one he'd grown up in, and it was not a good one. He'd been brought into a gang at a young age by his older brother, he'd killed a man at the age of 13 to prove himself. However, he wanted a better future for himself that he knew his family couldn't afford and that he could not achieve academically, so he put his physical prowess to use and joined the United States Marine Corps. However, his loyalties still lied with his brother and their gang, so he spent any time he could back home, increasing their influence across California. Eventually, he murdered his brother for his position as leader of the gang for a lack of coordination. Renaming his gang the Rampage, he began work on training the men under his command to be the best they could be.

Every high-ranking member of the Rampage has been trained extensively by Knight himself in the combat disciplines taught to him by the Marines, and any members under those have been trained by their respective leaders. Knight struck a deal with an old quartermaster to supply the Rampage with military-grade equipment in return for massive amounts of cocaine. In the short 5 years that the Rampage had existed, they had essentially overtaken Las Angeles' gangland, becoming the ruling force in the city. As trained, organized, and well-equipped as the police, the Rampage boast superior numbers as well as lacking the burden of dealing with meta-crime, pushing their control of the area above even that of Law Enforcement. Now, Las Angeles answered to them. Attempting to kill CJ Knight was on par with an attempt to kill the Governor or Chief of Police.

Yet someone as attempting to right now. CJ watched from the top-floor window of his textile factory-turned office, quietly smoking a cigarette as the van parked in front of him. This neighborhood had the highest concentration of Rampage anywhere in Las Angeles. These men had driven straight into the belly of the beast. There was only one way in, and one way out. From the moment they left that van, they'd be surrounded. Knight admired their courage, but pitied their inevitable and bloody deaths at the hands of the Rampage. These thoughts, however, were interrupted as a group of Rampage approached his office, openly carrying their pistols. "Sir, there's a shady looking van out there. I think they're here to-" Knight cut him off with a wave of his hand, turning and putting out his cigarette in the ashtray on his desk. "Wait on the lower level. Return fire only." The two bodyguards assigned to Knight's office looked silently to him for approval, but remained in their positions after a slow shake of the head from Knight. They drew their weapons and kept their eyes trained on the office door as Knight closed the blinds on the windows and rested an Uzi in his lap.

Any second now.

Shots fired.


CJ Knight: The King of L.A. (Part 1)

"The name is CJ Knight. He's a marine in charge of L.A.'s ruling gang, the Rampage. They're well-structured and militaristic They're more dangerous than your typical streetgang. Come prepared." Bishop spoke on the phone with one of his L.A.-based contacts, Kiro. Bishop was in the process of arranging for backup with Kiro, as what started as a simple assassination became more and more troubling the more he researched CJ Knight and the Rampage.

Kiro was ex-Yakuza, a former enforcer among the best trained of their organization. Well-versed in the art of combat, Kiro now worked as a mercenary in some of the most violent cities in America, selling his skills to any and all who could afford them. But Kiro owed Bishop a favor. During a hit gone wrong, Kiro had been cornered by corrupt cop Michael Keller, who Bishop payed to let Kiro escape. That same corrupt officer would be accompanying them on the mission to kill CJ Knight.

Kiro was a middle-aged man of Asian descent, though his experiences had left him with a worn and aged look as well as many scars. He stood at about 6'3 and weighed in at about 230 lbs, with vibrant green eyes that seemed to glow in the dark. He wore a faded and worn black leather duster with a hood, a scabbard housing his katana slung over his shoulder and a Glock holstered on his hip.

Michael Keller was born in Canada, but moved to America at the first opportunity he got. He joined the LAPD looking to make a difference in the world, but quickly became corrupt as he rose through the ranks. He began taking bribes, working with criminals, and even working as a mercenary of sorts for the criminal underground, using information provided by criminals to raid rival gangs. Now, he would be in the employ of Bishop, happily working for free on the promise of bringing down CJ Knight, the King of L.A.

Michael Keller was middle-aged as well, though his skin was much paler than Kiro's. He spoke with a heavy Canadian accent, and sported shaggy, graying hair and a large beard. When not in his uniform, he often opted to wear a simple brown woolen coat and jeans with work boots. He kept his police-issued Glock with him at all times, visibly holstered wherever he went.

Bishop himself was a Texas-native killer for hire. A sociopath, he feels no remorse. He joined the military so that he could kill legally, but was dishonorably discharged due to a history of mental instability and violent outbursts. Now he uses the training given to him by the U.S. Marine Corps to do the one thing he's good at. He'll take any job, no matter how reprehensible, for the right price. He was the ringleader, the one hired for the assassination of CJ Knight. This was his job, and he intended to complete it. A mercenary's reputation is their most important asset.

Bishop, real name Dooley Frye, was the youngest of the three, as well as the most dangerous. He was quiet, only speaking when necessary, his few words coated in a thick southern accent. His hair was Auburn, slicked back under his hat. He sported a combination of mutton chops and a handlebar mustache, staring at the world through a pair of highly specialized mirrored aviator shades. He wore an olive duster with faded jeans, as well as a motorcycle helmet customized to look like an owl's head when he was working. He concealed a Glock at all times, often taking a double-barrel shotgun with him on hits, keeping it slung over his shoulder with a rifle strap.

"Keller. Kiro's en route. Meet me at the warehouse as agreed." Minutes later, both of Bishop's guests had arrived. They climbed into an inconspicuous windowless van, with Kiro sitting passenger. Michael opened the back door to find that the van was heavily armored from the inside, and the walls lined with a wide array of conventional weapons. "Whatever you need is back there. Take your pick." Bishop spoke into the rear-view mirror as he turned out into the crowded streets of L.A. on his way to the suburbs where CJ Knight resided. Little conversation was had.

CJ Knight's base of operations was an old textile plant in a suburban L.A. cul de sac. Only one way into the neighborhood, and only one way out. CJ Knight's HQ lay at the very end of the cul de sac, ensuring that any attempt on his life would bring the full fury of the Rampage onto the assailant's head. The trio in the van were counting on it. The windowless van rolled down the short road to the textile plant, Rampage gang members staring in silence as it approached their boss' headquarters. As the brake lights came on, the thugs began to brandish their weapons, and the trio braced for what was about to come.

On a count of three, they exited the van.


Character Bio: Michael Keller

Without Helmet
Without Helmet

Name: Michael Keller

Alias: M, Keller, Six

Alignment: Neutral

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2

Weight: 205 lbs.

Age: 46

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Black

Ethnicity: American

Birthplace: Canada

Affiliation: F.B.I. S.W.A.T.

Occupation: Corrupt F.B.I. Agent

Education: High School Education, Military Combat Training

Identity: Classified to Public

Family: Amanda Keller (Wife)

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Character Bio: Bishop

Name: Dooley Frye

Alias: Bishop

Alignment: Neutral

Height: 6'1

Weight: 188 lbs.

Age: 46

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Auburn

Affiliation: Himself, Knight, His Employers

Occupation: Mercenary

Education: Unknown

Identity: Public

Species: Human

Ethnicity: Cajun

Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana

Gender: Male

Unusual Features: USMC Tattoo on Right Bicep

Family: Knight (Brother), Rook (Brother, Deceased)

Work In Progress

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Character Bio: Victoria Hammond

Name: Victoria Hammond

Alias: Vicky, Mk. 6 Prototype

Alignment: Good

Height: 5'3

Weight: 119 lbs.

Age: 16

Affiliation: Diana Hammond, Marvin

Occupation: High School Student

Education: High School Education

Identity: Public

Species: Genetically Enhanced Human

Birthplace: IMCA Research and Development Lab, Los Angeles

Gender: Female

Unusual Features: Requires Smiley Face Necklace Containing Isotope to Live

Orientation: Heterosexual

Family: David Burnwood (Clone Father), Diana Hammond (Adoptive Mother), Marvin (Robot Servant and Best Friend)

Work in Progress

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Character Bio: Gary 6

Name: G.A.R.Y. Unit 012310-060123

Alias: Gary, Six, G6, Mr. 6, The Sole Survivor

Alignment: Neutral

Gender: Male

Species: Genetically Modified Human

Height: 6'2

Weight: 187 lbs.

Age: 48

Affiliation: G.A.R.Y. Project Leaders, The Highest Bidder (Present Day), Himself (Future)

Occupation: Mercenary (Present Day), Survivor (Future)

Education: Private Schooling and Assassin Training

Birthplace: Washington DC

Unusual Features: G.A.R.Y. Project ID Barcode Tattoo on Back of Head, Data Glove Paired Pneumatically Sealed to Wrist, Seemingly Rotted Flesh Ravaged by Lesions and Cancers (Future)

Family: Project G.A.R.Y. Clones, DNA Donors

Power Grid

Intelligence - 5

Strength - 3

Speed - 3

Durability - 3 (4 - Future)

Energy Projection - 1

Fighting Ability - 5


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