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So I am finally getting somewhere with PROBOPOLIS, indie comic, computer game and feature film, possibly in that order.

The animation stuff kicked my ass for a while but now it's smooth as silk which means the 3D artwork for the comic will be flowing like milk out of... something.


More soon including video and such.




  1. Mr. Fixit

  2. Peter David


  1. Radioactive cum

  2. Selling his soul to retcon Mary Jane

  3. Aunt May being deathproof

  4. Clone Saga

  5. Mystic origin for no reason

  6. Radioactive cum


  1. Death of Spoiler

  2. How OLD is he anyway? 100? 120?

  3. Robin

  4. Nightwing

  5. Seriously, what is he, like 98, 99? He is the John McCain of superheroes.


  1. He surrendered in Civil War, thus making the whole awful awful plot even more pointless and illogical. Marvel: why do you let second rate would-be authors write major ANYTHINGs at your company? Beg Stan Lee to come back and write some stuff.

  2. He got assassinated. Bet you a nickel he's back inside of a year, two tops. Sooner if there's a movie.

  3. 9/11


  1. he's pathetic at the best of times, impossible to make him lamer or give him a worse costume. Next.


  1. Civil War

  2. Skrull invasion thingy, being director of SHIELD. Yuck


  1. he's an armed psychotic- but no hero takes him down, ever, even though they easily could

  2. now he has a wet spot for Captain America. sure.


  1. too many books, not enough story

  2. too many porn faces

  3. too many retcons and resurrections

  4. way way too preachy

CAPTAIN MARVEL (the real one)

  1. forced to share a corporatised universe with Superman of all creatures.

  2. DC strips him of his innocence at every opportunity

  3. no one can just restore him to what he was and leave it at that. he has to be shoehorned into some bullshit current continuity

  4. mary marvel drawn like some kind of slut porn nymphette

  5. Kingdom Come was the definitive statement

The Whole DC Universe

  1. Kingdom Come

The Whole Marvel Universe

  1. Brian Michael Bendis - second rate at best.

  2. no more Stan Lee. how inspiring.

  3. radioactive cum

  4. forcing Mary Jane Watson on to us as some sort of sex goddess... then retconning her marriage out of existence. bravo


Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are repetitive.

Echolalia. Echolalia.

R&G are Dead is a pretty cool play, unless you see too many amateur versions of it too close together, but what isn't that true of, am I right?

Meanwhile it hit me that R&G are Dead, is, essentially and undoubtedly unintentionally, the whole of modern comicbooks in a nutshell.

Plots: endlessly recycled and safely predictable. Anyone who claims not to have seen a particular plot twist coming in a comic written in the last... well, ever, is either a liar or retarded.

Life: what an amazing life cycle comicbook world beings have. Dead. Alive. Dead. Alive. Dead. Alive. We can explain the variations in lives as being nothing more than the actors who play them from time to time. Like the different chins and chests who represent James Bond on the big screen. Or like Doctor Who which pioneered the most brilliant form of metatextual recasting imaginable by actually enshrining within its show mythos the concept of Regeneration.

Unlike say, Spiderman, who when not being drawn / written by the latest "HOT" artist / writer (what is hot about someone who helps sell one tenth of what a single comic used to sell by volume back in the day? Nothing, that's what) is busy inseminating people with radioactive cum and selling his soul. And getting his powers boldly reimagined for no readily apparent reason.

Spidercrantz and Guildensuper are Dead. But don't worry, they'll be alive again soon enough.

"There's something awfully familiar about all this"

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The Ages of Comics

Are there really true "Ages" in comics? Or are the Ages really more demarcations between evolutionary steps, as opposed to subcultural "Ages"?

What I am trying to say is, the Golden Age had plenty of violence, casual racism, sexual art, and a whole lot more... but since the audience was kids and then servicemen the genre pandered to its target. The same way the modern age of comics with its endless porn star poses and generic overwritten plotlines is catering to the modern audience, often dismissed as "fanboys".

So if the same audience had remained throughout, ageing and being replaced by the equivalent aged fans each generation, would comics have had Ages at all? Would comics have died out?

I used to take the answers to this totally for granted but now I wonders, I does.

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Beware the beast

"Beware the beast, man, for he is the Devil's pawn. Alone among God's primates, he kills for sport or lust or greed. Yea, he will murder his brother to possess his brother's land. Let him not breed in great numbers, for he will make a desert of his home and yours. Shun him! Drive him back into his jungle lair, for he is the harbinger of death."

--The Lawgiver (as spoken by Cornelius)

God bless him, he was really on to something.

Humans: you all suck. How I hate you.


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