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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Every since I was a kid I've been a big fan of the TMNT. They're funny, awsome, and surprisingly adorable! What's not to love? They've been entertaining us for years with awesome video games, animated T.V series and movies. And it's always nice to take a little break from the big two and read some TMNT!

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  • 2nd Favorite, the genius and master of machines.

  • 3rd favorite, Raphael packs the most attitude

  • 4rd favorite, the leader

  • Unfortunately this was before my time so I didn't get too enjoy it as much as my dad did (who got me interested in TMNT in the first place) in the 80's, but thanks to YouTube I got to watch a couple of episodes and they were amazing.

  • Ah, now this is more my time! I remember when me and my brothers use to watch this show all the time along with X-men: Evolution. This fills me with so much nostalgia :)

  • My all time favorite TMNT animated movie. I loved seeing the 80's turtles ans 200's turtles together.

  • I was a bit ambivalent to even give this show a try, but I'm so happy I did! Even those the show changed some stuff it's still a fantastic show giving it's views action, comedy and suspense.

  • I love the origin story of how Hamato Yoshi became Master Splinter and sensei of the TMNT.

  • Main enemy and definitely a worthy opponent.

  • My favorite turtle, the comedian.

  • She's really cool with the TMNT and has an awesome personality, plus she's a redhead!

  • They may be a pain in the turtles' shell but they are very loyal to their master shredder and his allies.

  • I didn't really know about this character until the new 2012 TMNT T.V series shined some light on her and really made her very interesting character.

  • My favorite human character in the TMNT series. Casey Jones is a bas-a** vigilante and good friend to the TMNT.

  • The chemical that mutated the TMNT and their sensei, Master Splinter

  • Loved him in the 2003 animated series.

  • Was one of my favorite characters in the TMNT animated series (2003)

  • Thought of as the 5th turtle.