Best My Little Pony

They're many things that contrite to MLP being an amazing show: Beautiful Animation, Great Storylines, Beneficial Lessons and the list goes on. But another great quality this show has are it's Villains! And man, has MLP given us some very good ones. But who are exactly the best? Well here's my list of Best MLP villains (Was unable to add Tirek and Gilda because they don't have character pages).

List items

  • Ah, Discord. Do I really need to go into details? Well, I'll just say this: Discord is my favorite MLP villain because he's the kind of villain you just never know what they're going to do, always got a trick or two up their sleeves. The innocent act he puts on while being a pain in the Mane 6's rear is just hilarious. But it is Twilight's Kingdom that boosts my appreciation for this character, if you seen it you know why. And no, I don't support Fluttercord!!!

  • Fooled everypony into thinking she was Cadence and pwned Princess Celestia, need I say more?

  • Sunset is probably the worst MLP villain of them all for the fact there's nothing unique about her. She your typical cliched High School Aplha B**** and nothing more. Plus she's isn't the wisest either, who the hell plans to take over all Equestria with a army of dumb teens vs magical unicorn soldiers and alicorn princesses? *Update: I like the reformed Sunset Shimmer a lot better!